A/N: Just so you know this is a sequel to NiGHTS: Journey on Earth. So if you haven't read Journey on Earth, then read that before this one. Otherwise, enjoy!

NiGHTS: Back to Earth

Actuality 1

"JACKLE!" Reala yelled at the top of his lungs, "give me the Waking Watcher again!" He flew right into Jackle's room, where the orange Nightmaren was play poker with Puffy and Queen Bella.

Jackle just looked at Reala, and then smiled, "it's on the table!"

Reala snatched the crystal ball from the table, and was about to leave the room when Puffy made an observing comment, "This Waking Watcher has become an obsession of yours."

The eyes of Reala glared right at the round ball like Nightmaren, "I do not obsess over anything!"

"Sure you do," said Queen Bella, "for how many of these human years have you been looking at this? You haven't been doing this before we were sent to the Waking World."

The first rank nightmaren just made an annoyed sigh, he couldn't believe this, "I don't know how many human years I've started looking at the Waking Watcher, and I don't care, I don't look at it often."

"It's the third time tonight," said Jackle. "I only touch it once a week; you use it all the time."

Reala just glared at the three, then left Jackle's room. "I'm not obsessed," he mumbled, flying to his own room, "just checking a few things in the Waking World, that all."

The room of Reala's was a notable one, a red and black checkered room with a throne in the middle. He flew over to the throne, and turned the Waking Watcher, "on." He viewed a blonde hair girl playing the violin with a red headed girl who was singing. His eyes focused on the red haired girl.

"In the night, dream delight, I want to see you standing there," Pammy sang out as Helen was playing the tune on her violin. They were practicing on the gazebo for the Open Mic Night at a coffee house near their school named: The Hot Cup. Joy had discovered it about three years ago, only a few days after the school play of "Peter Pan."

Ever since she understudied for Ren, Pammy had been getting speaking roles in the school plays. Last time when she performed in Wicked, she had the role of Nessarose. Pammy had never received a lead, but she was happy with the parts that she got.

Helen was still a violinist; she volunteered to play for the plays that Pammy performed in. Her, Pammy and Joy were a trio for the Open Mic Nights. Joy wrote the lyrics, Pammy sang and Helen played the 

violin. The only exception was the next one, in which it was a song that NiGHTS had taught Helen. Helen was inspired to teach Pammy the words.

"In the night, dream delight, you're the one I've waited for." Pammy didn't really sing out her feelings. She and Devin dated for almost three years, but they recently agreed to break up, and meet new people. They were still good friends, just not together anymore. "I think I have this song down."

"Great," said Helen, "Mum has made some lemonade if you would like some?" It was the brisk of June, and school was almost over. So lemonade was appropriate for the occasion. Both of the girls went inside to grab the pitcher from the fridge.

When Helen poured the pitcher of lemonade into Pammy's cup, in which Pammy immediately added sugar to the lemonade. "You know Helen," Pammy observed, "I often have the feeling like I'm being watched."

Helen looked around, "I have that feeling too, but only when I'm with you." She poured into another glass for herself. "Strange isn't it?"

Reala held the crystal ball in his hand, with an appalled look on his face, "what?" Maybe he was obsessing, if Pammy could tell if someone was watching her. This would be the first time he would obsess over anything. He turned off the Waking Watcher 'off.'

Right when that happened Jackle entered the room, he threw a pair of shoes at Reala, "Wizeman made these; he wants you to use this on NiGHTS."

Reala flew over to fetch the shoes, "why can't you do it?"

"You know that I can't paraloop," said Jackle. "You have to paraloop another creature to send it to the Waking World."

The boots of Reala came off as he put on the other pair. They looked exactly the same as his old ones, "whatever Wizeman wants."

Rebecca had just came to her Nightopia which was a computerized like place. NiGHTS was playing on his flute as Rebecca waved over to him, "hey, NiGHTS!"

"Hi Rebecca!" NiGHTS called back as he waved, but NiGHTS was soon greeted by another.

"Hello NiGHTS," Reala gave a smirk "having fun with those Visitors again?"

"Reala," Rebecca called out, "why can't you just leave NiGHTS alone?"

"Okay, I will leave your friend alone," Reala smirked, "if NiGHTS here wins a battle against me."

"Fine," said NiGHTS, "it's on!"

Reala flew right over to NiGHTS, but NiGHTS grabbed onto Reala wrists. "You seriously think you're going to win Reala?"

Reala kicked NiGHTS in the shin which released a yelp from NiGHTS. Which was Reala's chance, he paralooped NiGHTS, it was a paraloop so strong that it slowly sucked NiGHTS in. "I think I can win, NiGHTS, I am very capable."

NiGHTS tried to pull himself out of the paraloop that was sucking him in, but instead, NiGHTS grabbed onto Reala.

Reala tried to struggle to get out, but NiGHTS was grabbing him way to tightly. Soon enough they vanished.

"What?" Rebecca asked herself in full confusion, "I better ask Owl about this."

Will, Helen and Pammy walked down Bellbridge at night time in the rain. They were walking back from The Hot Cup after Open Mic Night. It was raining very harshly at Bellbridge, but Will brought a large umbrella. "Thanks for watching the show," Helen thanked Will, "I knew that song had a lot of meaning for you."

"It did," said Will, "you and Pammy were very…."

Pammy was looking at her friends, and wasn't looking at the ground, because she tripped on something large. She made a loud scream and landed in a puddle, she looked over at what tripped her, or more precisely, who, this "who" was some black and red jester like creature that had neither a nose nor a neck. "I have to be dreaming."

The creature got up then looked at the fallen Pammy. He took out his hand to help her up.

The offer had given Pammy a lot of thought. She had just tripped over the creature that had deceived her three years ago. Now he was offering her for help to get her back up. She knew that she should just push the hand back and get up herself, but she had some certain feeling that she should just grab the hand then let Reala pull her up.

It took too long for Pammy to think, Reala grabbed her hand and pulled her up along with him. He then harshly asked, "Why do you have to be so hesitant?"

Pammy slightly blushed. Soon the reds on her cheeks faded away, she then spoke up, "well excuse me for just dumping me just because I didn't have any use to you!"

That was when Helen stopped her, "Pammy, Pammy, let's get you and Reala to your house and we will discuss this there."

"And you mind if I come with?" said another voice which seemed like it was above them. The voice belonged to NiGHTS.

"NiGHTS!" Will and Helen brighten up in that rainy night they also both said, "Sure."

So the three teenagers and the two nightmarens treaded through the waters to find anything that was relevant to dry.