Hopefully this first chapter doesn't seem too boring. It's a slight filler but things will pick up in chapter 2 when she goes to highschool. So far the plan for this story is that highschool is only going to last for five chapters, things happen and then life goes on. Maybe she'll meet someone again when she signs up for an internet dating service.

- Nessa


Who would of thought I'd be moving? I had lived in pheniox most of my life with Charlie and Renee then they had split. I stayed with Renee until the day she stopped breathing. It had happened when I had least expected it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. That's when I had to move to Forks, washington to live with my other parent, my father, Charlie. I already knew it would be very different. My life was going to change for the worse and for the better little did I know it. The fates had dealt me a bad hand before, now...now was the time for me to at least get a royal flush. I let out a bored sigh when I exited from the plane and soon met Charlie who was waiting for me. We said our greeting and made small talk. But despite our efforts, it didn't make it any less awkward. But I told myself I would try and make the best of things. Charlie probably expected me to be bitter anyways, at least in the beginning since it had only been a couple of weeks since Renee's death.

I was actually surprised that my puffy red eyes finally returned to normal. But my pale complexion and the fact that I had dark bags under my eyes made me look like one of the undead. As life seemed to be more boring, Charlie had arrived at his, or rather our house in a matter of a couple of hours. We had driven in his police cruiser since he didn't seem to have any other car. The house seemed to have a warm home touch to it which was better than nothing. It was a simple two bedroom house, Charlie had given me a tour of all the rooms, not like there were many. There was a lovely kitchen which I couldn't wait to start cooking. That was one thing I grew to love when I had lived with Renee, she said I'd need to learn how to cook all I could for when I got older...and for a guy in my life.

Though now it seemed like she just prepared me to be making meals for myself and Charlie. I didn't plan on meeting any boys anytime soon. Dating someone was the last thing on my mind. After I had gotten settled in, placing things where they belonged, my eyes trailed over towards the ancient looking computer that was hooked up on a large wooden desk. Despite it being a rather dinosaur aged computer, it would suffice for whenever I got bored and decide to write something. That's when I glanced at my alarm clock and noticed it was around six, I should probably go downstairs and make dinner for the both of us. But as I walked downstairs and told Charlie what I had planned, he denined.

" No. no, no. i couldn't possibly have you cook for me on your first night here! "

" It's because you don't have any food in your fridge huh? "

I had answered with humor in my voice, I rememebered that Charlie had never been a good cook, he would even burn boiled water! My father answered with a laugh and only nodded.

" You still remember that I can't cook to save my life. How about we just settle for pizza and tomorrow I'll go gorcery shopping so we can have a home cooked meal tomorrow. "

" Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. "

I answered honestly and put a smile on my face. Charlie resumed in what he had been doing before I had came downstairs, watching a baseball game. I chuckled lightly and then sat down to join him on the couch. I was never really a fan of watching sports, but I was just there trying to make the best of things. Though Charlie seemed to have a shocked expression on his face like he had just remembered something.

" Oh! I forgot, I can't believe I did. But tomorrow is sunday, I bought you a vechicle off an old friend. We can go pick it up sunday and spend some time in La push. "

" La push?..."

" It's an old indian reservation. You remember Billy and his son Jacob right? "

" Oh yeah... "

I let my voice trail off as I remembered them. They were pleasent nice folks. That also made me remember that Charlie was old fishing buddies with Billy as well. Ugh. Fishing, I'm glad Charlie hasn't suggested that I go with him or something like that. Time passed, the pizza came, we engrossed ourselves in conversation about how things were and then it was time to go to my room. Tomorrow was sunday, I'd have to pick up probably an ancient vechicle, meet some old friends, go grocery shopping, cook a dinner and then go to sleep again. Fun.fun.fun. But to the worse of my worries, I'd have to start school monday and meet people. I hoped they would just ignore my presence like I didn't exist. But God wouldn't allow that now would he?

The next following day went exactly as I had thought it would. I had taken a shower, did my hair by putting it in a sloppy bun. I never really cared about looking nice for anybody or anything. I didn't have anybody to impress and didn't plan on it. I dressed in a regular plain black t-shirt and jeans. Then we went to La push and to my dismay, my 'vechicle' was an ancient rusted red bucket of a truck. But I would grow on it, eventually. I met Jacob Black that day, we seemed nice and sweet for a fifteen year old boy. He seemed to remember me clear as day though which made me feel awkward. Nevertheless, after everything was said in done, we went to the market, got the food. I made it and everything seemed to go boringly according to schedule. Maybe tomorrow would change things and how my lfie was. Little did I know... I was all too right. Things were going to change to the extreme.

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