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Some time had passed by, I ended up getting the job at the coffee house and worked in the morning. Edward would come there every morning to at least order a drink and either read or stare at me until he finished. Sometimes when my manager wasn't there or it wasn't too busy, we would just talk. It was enough money to get by, though I don't know why I even still had my own apartment, I practically was always at Edward's house. We hadn't actually went out in a while with the whole group so guess what tomorrow was going to be? Shopping of course, oh joy. Then the night would be some club that I hadn't been to.

Alice said she had went with Rosalie last week and decided that all of us should go there. I just cringed at the thought of going to a club, though maybe it wouldn't be that bad... at least I hoped. Little did I know, I would actually enjoy the least until I didn't know what I was doing. Today was a simple day, the last simple day for now with Edward. We cooked breakfast, ate and then spent some alone time kissing. Though at the moment, I wanted to take it farther that it usually ended. I started unbuttoning Edward's shirt, I don't think he caught my actions until I started pulling off his shirt. His hands fastened around my wrist, it was a gentle touch but his voice was a bit stern.

" No Bella... "

" Why not?... "

" Not... yet. "

" When then?... "

" Some day... I want to do this the right way... You know.. go the whole nine yards... "

" Like getting married first? ... "

" Yes... "

" Fine... "

I pouted in a way I thought he wouldn't be able to say no to, he just let out a groan, kissed me on my neck a couple of times, then one last peck on the lips before he pulled me off of him. I didn't understand why he wanted to wait, I wanted him and I was sure he wanted me...At least I think he did. Maybe he just didn't want to sleep with me in that way. I let out a sigh and watched him button his shirt back up. I rose up and decided to hop in the shower. Edward nodded and said he'd go to work for a while just to check in with how the business was. Eventually I got out of the shower, dressed and let my hair air dry. My clothes were simple yet again, since tomorrow would be a day of hell with Alice I made the best of being a horrible stylist.

Though my thoughts drifted back to the words I exchanged with Edward earlier. He wanted to wait til marriage... or was it just an excuse to not go that far with me? I shrugged it off, it wasn't important anymore, he probably wasn't ready yet to go that far... or he was just being a prude prince as always. Why did he have to be such a gentlemen? Sometimes I wished he acted a little more like normal guys... then I regreted that thought and was greatful that he was who he was and that was final. Once Edward came, we decided we'd actually go out to the movies instead of being sloths and staying at home. We saw 'The Dark Knight' which was a rather thrilling movie. The Joker did an amazing performance that left me afraid to run away from anyone dressed like him. Funny I know, but his voice scared me.

Edward then drove towards the beach, I didn't bring a swim suit so I was hoping he wasn't planning to go swimming. I had asked him and he shook his head, we drove to seal beach and walked down the pier hand in hand. Our eyes drifted towards the sunset. The breeze felt good since usually in the day it was rather warm. It could never be as warm as Arizona was so I was used to the warmth. Eventually I noticed some girls that were staring at Edward, I rolled my eyes and glanced as the last of the rays left the horizon.

" It's beautiful... "

" Yeah... though nothing compares to you. "

I shook my head, my hair created a curtain to hide my blush, but it wasn't hidden long since Edward hand my chin in one of his hands soon. He raised my head so I'd look at him and meet his eyes. I was lost for a while in his smoldering entrancing green orbs. We kissed softly then made our way back to his silver volvo. Then the night came and went, and the morning came back for us as well. I let out a groan realizing that I'd soon have to endure shopping and get more clothes that I probably wouldn't wear. I hadn't even touched that one Victoria secret bag, though Edward did bring it up a couple of days ago. He had asked what Alice had bought for me in it and I said one word that made him freeze and then chuckle afterwards. Soon Alice and Rosalie kidnapped me while Emmett and Jasper took Edward to do God knows what.

" Bella!! It's been too long, Edward's been hogg'n you! "

" Now we get to torture you with shopping. "

" Yay... "

It should of been a sin to be so happy about something that I didn't want to spend more than ten minutes doing. But to my dismay the daylight had gone to spending time picking out simple dresses for the night club. They may had looked simple but elegant...but they probably costed a fortune. They never let me see the prices since I'd probably have a heart attack at seeing all the digits. Once the trying on was done, the clothes were bought, we left and went back to Edward's house where Alice had brought basically a store of make-up and hair products with her. I don't know how she managed to get all that stuff in two bags, she must of been magical. Eventually all the make-up and hair was done, the boys were already there when we stepped out of the room. Everyone seemed to approve of the new dresses. Edward flashed his crooked grin towards me and my heart felt like it stopped.

Edward looked sauve himself, though his clothes were simple since guys never did really have to dress up. Edward looked good in anything however. We arrived at the club, Rosalie flirted with the bodyguard which allowed us in quickly. Though the boys got left behind and they had to wait in line. Alice ushered me towards the dance floor, she said we should dance until the boys came. Some song that was being mixed by the DJ was rather disturbing sounding, though once you ignored the words, the beat had you moving.

I used to be bad at dancing until Alice constantly took me clubbing. I eventually got used to dancing and got better at it. Though something i took notice too, Alice and Rosalie were no longer by my side, i glanced around for a moment and didn't see them. I guess they went to the table. But someone caught my eye. His appearance was utterly jaw dropping. I was amazed that no girl had claimed him yet. He had abnormally blone/almost white hair, his skin was probably just as pale as Edward's... Hell his looks rivaled Edward greatly. The male looked like a model, he looked like the rest of my friends appeared... flawless. He smiled over towards my way which got me blushing. Before I knew it, he was at my side.

" Hello... "

" Um... Hi.. "

" I've seen you before... Isabella Swan right? "

" Yes, but I perfer Bella. "

" I see, I'm Skyler Danvers, I remember seeing you at college. "

" Really?.. "

I don't remember his face, he was rather too beautiful to forget, so how could I had forgotten him? Then again when I went off to college I never really talked to anyone. Hell I never even bothered looking nice... So he was probably in for a surprise. Now that Edward was back in my life, i had became my old self again. The song changed, I recongnized it at first. It was 'these boots were made for walking' only it was made for dancing. The beat was changed and picked up. I smiled at the song.

" Yeah, Though you seem very different than what I remember. Can I buy you a drink? "

" As long as it's water... "

" Don't drink? "

" Not after what happened this one time.. "

" I see, I think that's why I avoid the stuff to be honest. "

That sent us laughing a bit as we walked towards the bar counter. He had ordered two waters then turned towards me.

" I saw your friends too, I recongnize the pixie sized one. Well, um... The real reason why I wanted to talk to you was because of a job position. I wanted to know if you'd be interested in being my treasure for my company. "

" Wow... really? i knew I recongnized your name from somewhere... besides college that is. You own a couple of these clubs and your the recent developer of a Microsoft program... not to mention the novel you wrote. "

" Yup, that's me. "

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" I'd be honored to. "

" Alright, it's a deal. "

Skyler took my hand in his and gave it a soft kiss, I blushed lightly, though I'm sure if it had been Edward doing this my face would of been the shade of a tomato. Skyler then leaned in and whispered into my ear.

" By the way you look amazing tonight, i look forward to seeing you start monday, if that's okay with you. "

" Yeah, I'd like that. "

" Good bye. "

He pulled away from me, smiled then took his leave, walking through the crowd and towards the exit. It's almost like he was expecting me to come... maybe... well someone did say about what happened at my old job. My eyes glanced around as some song came on talking about fashion. I did like the beat however. I saw everyone at the table laughing...except Edward... Of course he would witness everything. I hoped he didn't get the wrong idea, though my his face expressions it told me he wasn't happy. I placed the water on the counter and walked over towards the table and sat down next to Edward. He had scooted over for me, he leaned in and spoke.

" Who was that?... an old friend?... "

" Not really, but I guess you could say that. He offered me a job at his company. "

" Oh... Well that's good, what's the company. "

" Microsoft, i'd be managing his account and all that stuff. "

" Where did you meet him?.. "

" College, though I didn't really remember him, he seemed to remember me.. "

Edward just nodded and glanced around the club for a moment and then his eyes went back to mine. Though the tension he had had was gone, I couldn't help but wonder if he had been jealous... Nah, he wouldn't have. I leaned on his shoulder, his arm drapped around my waist. Then everyone went off to dance. I smiled at Edward and stood up.

" Kind sir, would you fancy a dance? "

" Why yes, I would. "

Edward chuckled at our fake british accents and then led me to the dance floor. At first we were dancing simple then the beat picked up and there were no gaps between us. After a few more songs ended I grew tired from the day. Edward seemed happy to know we'd be leaving. We headed out towards the exit and to my surprise Skyler was still in the parking lot. He was leaning against a rather sleek fast looking car that looked possibly as expensive as Edward's Vanquish. Edward's grip tightened around my waist a bit, you could tell me tensed up. Skyler smiled in our direction, We ended up meeting him there.

" Bella. Um, Hello there, I'm Skyler Danvers. "

" Edward Cullen. "

Edward took Skyler's hand in a shake. Though now that I looked at both of them so close together, they could of been related.. Though it seemed that Skyler was the lighter version of Edward due to the hair color. Edward's hand released Skyler then his eyes flashed over towards the car. (picture in profile under cars)

" Mercedes SLR McLaren, nice. You know, I sold one of these the other day to someone. "

" I thought your last name ringed a bell. Cullen enterprises huh? "

" Yes. "

" Yeah, I sent a friend to go pick it up since I had it imported over here. "

" Must of cost you a pretty penny. "

" Yeah a bit, but I love it, it drives really smooth. "

" We should race sometime, I have my Vanquish at home. "

" That's a beautiful car as well. "

" Okay Boys, I'm getting tired of all this car talk... "

" Sorry. "

Though it was nice that they shared something in common, I was ready to pass out. They had apologized at the same time which sent us all laughing. Edward handed me his keys so I could let myself in. He said he'd be there in a minute. i nodded and thought nothing of it.


I watched Bella walk towards my car and then turned to look at Skyler. I really didn't like this guy, hell I had a bad feeling about him. I really truely didn't want him anywhere near Bella but she had already accepted his job offer and I was in no place to start bossing her around.

" Your a lucky guy Edward to have such a beautiful lady on your arm. "

" Yes, I know that..."

My eyes trailed off towards my car for a moment then went back to him, the guy was smirking and I didn't understand why.

" She good in bed? "

" Say any more rude things about her and I'll rip out your tounge. "

" Ouch, touchie subject I'm guessing. I was just wondering... Guess I'll have to find out when she's at work. "

" Don't you lay a hand on her! "

" Oh... I won't have to, she'll come to me when you don't please her enough. "

It took everything I had in me not to just jump on his and kick his ass for saying things. I'd have to let Bella know to stay on her guard, I hate men that thought girls were nothing but objects to fullfill their lustful desires. I hoped to God that Bella would listen and not fall for his tricks. I watched Skyler smirk then get into his car and speed away. i let out a puff of anger and tried to calm myself. Walking back towards the car, I opened my door, Bella handed me the keys and The volvo purred to life.

" What kept you? Talking about cars? haha "

" Yeah... Listen Bella... i have a bad feeling about Skyler. "

" Oh relax, he's fine, you guys seemed to get along. At least work won't be run by some blonde bimbo. "

I just chuckled at her statement. She had no idea that Skyler was just that... only a male whom had his eyes set on my Bella. I wouldn't let anyone come between us. She had taugh Jacob not to force himself on her... but they had been friends. This could be different, the guy was practically a stranger. I tried my hardest not to think about it, the ride towards home was silent. I opened Bella's door and walked back towards home.

" Are you mad?... "

" Slightly... and worried. "

" Don't be Edward... You know I love you and no one could ever take your place. "

" Yes, I know... The same goes for you... I just want you to be safe. Keep your guard up when your around him. Just think of him as some snobby jerk. "

" Easier said than done... Ugh... He's almost as good at dazzling people as you.. "

" Oh?... Now that worries me even more. "

" Don't worry, I said almost, he isn't that great. "

I chuckled at her response and brought her close to my chest. inhaling her strawberry scent, I placed a kiss on her lips. But eventually the passion came and overtook us. With all my might I had to force myself to stop and get a hold of my self. I had to tell Bella once again not tonight... Though it was beginning to get harder to say no. I let out a sigh and undressed myself. I didn't bother with any pajamas, I just sank into the bed wearing my boxers. Bella had changed into simple sweats and a shirt. I whispered to her before she went to sleep.

" Tomorrow we're going on a trip... "

" Where?..."

" That's a surprise. "

Bella let out a groan and soon went to bed. I waited until she started sleep talking until I too drifted off.

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