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Zack slowly opened his eyes; he vaguely noted that he was laying on his back, in the mud, somewhere where there was traffic and noise. Groaning, he sat up and tried to recall how he got there.

He was dead.

He got shot and he died, but he was very much alive now. Zack racked his brain harder and then he remembered the planet talking to him, telling him that he plays a part in stopping Sephiroth. Yes, that's right... but there's something missing. What could it be? He stood up and looked around the dark alleyway her was in, at the exit he could see a few cars passing by and it was night. He took a step in the direction of the exit but came in contact with a lump on the floor and immediately fell and landed on the thing that had tripped him over.

The lump groaned.

Tifa's sight was all blurry, without opening her eyes she tried to lift her body – but couldn't. Something heavy was on top of her. She opened her eyes and was met by two extraordinary blue orbs; Tifa bit back a yelp of surprise.

"Tifa?" Zack asked puzzled, the lump he had fallen over was Tifa. She just laughed at the confused look on his face and then looked down at how they were positioned. Zack was pinning her down, with his hands either side of her head and his face only inches away from her own. She could smell his exotic yet sweet scent and she blushed when she realised how close he was. They gazed into each others eyes, completely entranced, neither quite willing to pull away. After a moment, Zack seemed to come to his senses and swiftly got off her laughing in embarrassment, Tifa laughed too. Damn he was hansom.

Quieting for a moment, Tifa stated the obvious. "Err, Zack...where are we?"
"Well...We appear to be in an alley way, dear Tifa." He replied flatly. She pushed his shoulder in annoyance despite her laughter.
"Yeah... I kind of gathered that you twit. But seriously, what happened?"
Zack shook his head and walked forward without talking. As soon as they reached the opening of the alley, their jaws hit the floor. They were in a town. A real town. With real people. Real living people! Without hesitating Zack ran up to the person closest to him, who happened to be an aging woman with grey hair, and grabbed her by the shoulders.
"Where is this place? Are you alive? What's this town called?" He asked her excitedly, shaking her by the shoulders slightly. The poor old dear slapped his hands away and gave him a weird look.
"This is the town of Edge, and I was still alive the last time I checked...you need your head sorting out young man, stay of the beers perhaps?" She started to turn around but before she could get very far, Zack once again stopped her.
"Edge?" He persisted, obviously confused.
"Yeah, you know, the town built on the remains of Midgar? Jesus, where have you been living these past three years? Pfft..." And she walked off, rather quickly.

He just stood there, dumbfounded. Then before he knew it, Tifa had ran into his back throwing her arms around his middle.
"Zack, we're alive! We're really back!"
He hugged her arms tightly. He couldn't quite comprehend it.
'Cloud Strife lives in the town of Edge at the Seventh Heaven. Go find your destiny, my dear children.' The planet voiced in their minds.

"Cloud!" Tifa squealed. Grabbing Zack's hand, she dragged him forward to look for the Seventh Heaven.

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