I do not own Naruto (I wish) I do not own Naruto (I wish) Chapter 1: Friendship

BANG! "Ow!! Damn hood!!" said Naruto Uzumaki as he banged his head against his '79 Dodge Charger RT's hood as he tuned up the engine. Naruto was one of the best mechanics in Tokyo. He was also one of the best street racers in town. Nobody knew about his secret except for his fellow mechanic and best friend, Hinata Hyuga.

Hinata Hyuga. Naruto's childhood friend and crush. When he first met her, she was such a shy little girl. Always playing with her fingers. Bullies picked her on and some considered her a teacher's pet. Yet Naruto didn't care. They became friends immediately.

As the years few by, they became closer and Naruto started to develop a crush on Hinata. Her shy side started to fade away. Most people think it was because she was hanging around Naruto too much. Either way, Naruto was a big influence in her life. They were separated when they both were in the 7th grade.

Now that they were in college and they were going to the same school, life couldn't be better for the duo. Hinata being the smart one often helped Naruto with his homework. The duo have a bond that cant be broken.

"Hit your head again huh? You know, Naruto one of these days that hood is going to be the death of you." Hinata said as she walked towards him. "More like the death of my brain." Naruto muttered.

"Your brain is already dead." Hinata said as she poked his forehead. "Aw that hurts Hina-chan. And all this time I thought we were friends." Naruto said in a mocked sad voice.

They started laughing together and then a growling sound came from Naruto's stomach. He started to blush in embarrassment. Hinata already had a sandwich ready for herself but since Naruto was probably way hungrier than she was, she handed her sandwich to him. "Are you sure Hinata-chan? I mean aren't you hungry?" Naruto asked making sure she didn't want it even though her was ready to stuff it in his mouth.

"Go ahead Naruto-kun. I wouldn't have gave it to you if I wanted it would I?" Hinata asked. Naruto grinned at her. "Yeah I guess you're right. Thanks Hinata-chan! You're a lifesaver!" Naruto said as he started to eat the sandwich.

"Oh no problem. You owe me a sandwich." Hinata said as she started to giggle. Naruto started to laugh with her. "Well I'll tell you what, when I'm done with the car, we'll go get some lunch. I'll buy.Will that make up for the sandwich?" Naruto asked. "Hmm…I'll think about it afterwards." Hinata said with a smile. "Okay! Now let me get back to work!" Naruto said with a lot of enthusiasm.

When he got back to work, Hinata got in the driver' seat of the car and honked the horn while Naruto was fixing the car. Naruto's head flew upward and hit the hood again. "OW!! DAMMIT!!" Naruto was on his knees holding his head. Hinata burst out laughing when he hit his head. She got out of the car and walked over to Naruto trying to control her laughter. "Are you okay Naruto?" Hinata said as she burst out laughing again.

"Yeah just fine and dandy Hinata." Naruto said sarcastically as he got up off the floor. "I'll get you for that Hinata." Naruto warned her. "Whatever Naruto." Hinata said as she rolled her eyes. They shared another laugh.

"Hinata-chan I'm so glad we met all those years ago. I don't know what I'd do without you." Naruto said sincerely. "Well you'd probably starve at lunchtime without me, you'd be sick in the hospital for eating too much ramen, you'd…" Naruto cut her off. "I get it already. I'm just saying you're the best friend anybody could have." Naruto said with a grin on his face.

Hinata blushed and said, "Thanks Naruto-kun. You're the best friend I've ever had. If it wasn't for you, I'd probably still be the same shy wallflower I was all those years ago. "Well what can I say? I'm a good influence." Naruto said. " Not exactly but okay." Hinata said. "Ouch Hinata you're really hurting my feelings today." Naruto said in a mocked sad voice again. "You'll live." Hinata said. They started laughing again.

"Meanie." Naruto said. "But you love me for it." Hinata said. "Best Buds forever right?" Hinata said as she put her hand out in front of her for Naruto to shake. Naruto shook her hand and pulled her into a hug. "Right."

As much as Naruto wanted to be more than that, he thought that it would be best to stay friend with Hinata rather than going out with her because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. Yet he wasn't giving up on her yet. Maybe in some weird turn of events, she might have feelings for him. Will he ever win her love?