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Chapter 10: Rescue Me

As Naruto made his way towards Sasuke's hideout, he noticed two familiar faces at an ice cream shop. It was Jugo and Suigetsu sitting at a red picnic table eating vanilla ice cream… with sprinkles. They didn't seem to notice the blonde staring at them from across the street, but they did feel like they were being watched.

"Jugo, is it just me, or are we being watched?" Suigetsu asked as he nervously looked around them.

"I think it's just you Suigetsu," Jugo said as he took a couple of licks of his ice cream cone. "It's just you, me, and these wonderful ice cream cones. Hey Suigetsu, maybe we should open up our own ice cream spot. We'd make a killing and-"

"I'm being serious you idiot! We're being watched!" Suigetsu shouted.

"Oh come on. You're just being paranoid."

"I won't be paranoid when I shove my foot up your ass, now will I?" Suigetsu sent Jugo a death glare.

"No, but you will be hurting when my foot goes up yours," says a voice from behind them.

They both turned to see Naruto glaring them down.

Naruto could swear he saw both of their complexion go pale and their eyes turn into saucers.

"Shit." That was all Jugo could say.

"I told you we were being watched, you dumbass." Suigetsu said as he tried to get up to escape.

Naruto grabbed them both by the back of the collar before they could go anywhere.

"Where's Aya-chan," Naruto said with a deadly calm tone which sent chilled down Suigetsu and Jugo's backs.

"We don't know who you're talking about," Suigetsu turned his nose up at Naruto which caused Naruto to punch him in his jaw, breaking it and making him fall on his back. Naruto then stomped him on his stomach.

"Don't play coy with me dammit. Where is she!" Naruto asked now shouting.

"Okay, OKAY! Last we saw, she was with Sasuke at our hideout." Suigetsu explain.

"Take me there." Naruto demanded.

Jugo sighed. "Fine. Let's go."

"What? Jugo, what the hell-"

"We don't need you getting your ass handed to you again, Suigetsu. Need I remind you of the countless hospital bills that have yet to have been paid yet?"

Suigetsu just pouted and silently proceeded to their car.

When Naruto and Jugo got into the car it soon roared to life and they drove back to the hideout.

Back in the hideout, an unconscious Aya lay still. Tied up with her skirt raised up to her upper thigh, and blood trickling down between her legs and staining her skirt. Sasuke had violated her in the most horrible way in her mind. He raped her, took her virginity away from her. Damn near ripping her apart from the inside. She felt herself fade away as if she was dying. She almost felt as if she was floating. Then suddenly… She felt like the restrictions on her arms from the ropes have been released. She also felt herself being roughly shaken. As she started to come to, she heard someone calling her name. Darkness began to turn to color, and the first thing she saw was yellow. No… Blonde. Sun-kissed blonde spikes.

"N-Naruto.. kun?" Aya weakly stuttered.

"Aya! Thank goodness you're all right," Naruto sighed with relief as he hugged her tight. "What happened to you?" He asked as he looked at her colorless face.

Aya then looked down at her skirt. Naruto followed her line of sight to a dark stain on her skirt. He touched it, and his fingertips came up red. It was blood.

Naruto's eyes widen as he came to a conclusion. "Did he…" Naruto couldn't find the words. He looked her straight in the eye. "Rape you?"

Aya broke his gaze. "He did,"

Naruto's eye's filled with rage. He leaned Aya up against the wall so she could sit up as he called out to Jugo and Suigetsu as he stood up. "Suigetsu, Jugo! Call an ambulance! Aya is-"He was about to start walking away but Aya grabbed his arm.

"No, don't!" Aya said desperately yet weakly.

Naruto looked down at her desperate and beat up face. "Don't leave me Naruto-kun… Please."

Naruto's eyes softened as he sat back down with her.

Jugo called an ambulance as Suigetsu started to walk away. "Suigetsu, where are you going?"

I'm not about to stand here and watch that mushy shit," He pointed toward Naruto and Aya. "I'm going to sleep in the car."

Jugo shrugs. "Suit yourself."

Meanwhile with Naruto and Aya, Aya's hand dropped and balled up into fists on her lap and tears fell onto them. "He hurt me Naruto-kun… he took what innocence I have left away from me. I wanted to save that for the perfect guy. He even took my first kiss, Naruto-kun. It was all supposed to be special … Now I won't get that back. I'll never know that special feeling,,," She kept rambling in a panic.

Naruto listened while guilt welled up inside of him. First Hinata, the one he loves, gets hurt trying to protect him. Now Aya, the girl which he has unsettling, yet growing feelings for, gets raped and scarred trying to save his life, and all he can do is listen. He felt so torn.

Naruto looked at Aya's lips as she rambled. He felt so bad that her first kiss AND virginity was taken so roughly. He had this sudden urge to make it up to her. He felt himself inch closer to her as she was talking. He gently put her hands on cheeks making her stop talking and her breath getting caught in her throat. Naruto surprised himself by closing the gap between them and kissed her soft. Aya was tense during the kiss. She started to relax slightly as he pulled away.

Aya just stared at him in shock. "W-Why would you.."

"I wanted you to know how a first kiss should feel. It's all because of me that you're in this mess. I don't think there are any words to express who sorry I am."

"Don't do this to me Naruto. You know how I feel about you shouldn't have kissed me. I know I can't have you. You love Hinata. You don't need me. As a matter of fact, why did you come for me? You should've let me die here alone…" She weakly stated as her vision started to blur.

"I couldn't just do that, Aya-chan. Not after what you did for me," Naruto said softly as he looked into the distance. "Even though you betrayed me, and lied to me, I realized what you felt for me is real. Also I realize that I have grown to-"

Before Naruto could finish his sentence, he noticed Aya's head drooped down. She was unconscious again. He shook her, but she didn't move. He began to frantically shake her. Still no response. He swore as he heard the ambulance sirens outside. He picked her up bridal style and ran outside.

He explained to them that she wasn't responding. They then put her on the stretcher and rushed her into the ambulance truck. Before Naruto could move toward the ambulance , he was pulled back into the hideout.

Someone's hand went over his mouth and then whispered into his ear. " Naruto… We need to talk."

Naruto's eyes widened. He knew exactly who it was.

It was Sasuke.

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