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First and foremost it is slash and there will be a bit of Ginny bashing just a bit if you don't like tootle loo. Secondly a little key point yes Dumbledore is dead in this story; Remus is not, and as for Sirius -laughs a laugh that would make Fred and George proud- . It will take place a year after the war with the reopening of Hogwarts and the students of Harry's year coming back to finish their studies that's why the respective ones are eighteen. Well enjoy :D

Chapter One of

Falling in Love with the Golden Boy

It was always you

Anywhere you go

Anyone you meet

'Member that your eyes can be your enemy

I said hell is so close and heavens out of reach

But I ain't giving up quite yet

I got too much to lose.

Hold me down sweet and low and I'll carry you home

Augustana Sweet and Low

It was a cool summer night as screams broke the stillness of the night. In a dungeon filled with the scent of fresh blood and old corpses a boy of eighteen lay sprawled among the mess as a tall and foreboding man sneered from above of him. The boy's screams were being wrenched from a place deep inside where only despair lies.

"Hush my sweet dragon you wouldn't want mommy to hear." The man accentuated his hush by placing a long calloused finger to his thin lips.

The whimpers that spewed out of the boy's mouth ceased at the mention of his precious mother. He would bear this pain and forever keep it a secret to spare his mother. No harm would come to her as long as he lived.

"Now I think this was enough for tonight."

"Sweet dreams dragon dear." He leaned down and gave a soft and gentle kiss too the boy's platinum locks as a father give's to his new born child and with that swept out of the dungeon his cape billowing behind him.

With great caution the young boy lifted himself from the cold floor. Using the walls for support he trudged towards his room.Once arriving he flung himself on his bed, a grunt escaped his bloody lips as he slowly took off his once white shirt. Muttering soft spells that he had engraved in his mind from watching Madam Pomfrey he gradually felt the worst of his pain leave his body.

"And just two days before school starts."

Since the death of Voldemort and the clearing of the Malfoy name thanks to one Harry Potter the beatings that the young Malfoy hadn't endured in two years came back with a vengeful flourish. As he laid down thoughts of emerald green eyes and unruly midnight black hair filled his mind. With a stern toss of his head as though that would make the thoughts leave his mind he leaned against the soft black silk sheets of his bed.

"It's always you Potter." The ghost of a smile adorned his face and within the minuet the lady of dreams had lulled him with a sweet lullaby.

The soft pitter patter of feet awoke the boy. As he blinked in the new day he quickly shielded his gaze from the unwanted rays of sunlight that had managed to seep through the silver drapes. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he began to stretch to relieve himself of the kinks in his shoulder and neck and let out a fertile growl when he still felt the soreness on his sides. Not allowing these thoughts to keep him from attending to his normal duties he jumped off the bed, with a swift elegance that you wouldn't expect of someone who had been beaten within an inch of life just the fortnight. Grabbing a cashmere blue sweater he slipped it on as he made his way toward the door.

Unbolting the grand mahogany door he came face to face with his mother who held her hand up as though she was just about to knock. Her mouth was formed into a small "o" until a radiant smile only held for him broke across her face.

"Good Morning Draco dear!"

"I know it's still early but. . ." Her voice trailed as she took notice of his sweater.

"Oh sweetheart you did like it!" In one sweep she held her significantly taller son against her.

"Of course I did mother." He said in the most normal tone he could muster as she squeezed him.

Though many would never believe and would most likely have you emitted to the psyche ward in St. Mungo if you ever said it Narcissa Malfoy was a very expressive and emotional person. But as she once said to Draco I bought curtains for my eyes. (1) With another quick smile she continued her chatter as Draco absently nodded and agreed with all her demands of shopping and brunch in France before he left. He knew it was futile to argue when she went off like this not that he ever would. A mama's boy he was.

"Mother where has father gone away too?"

"He's off on business but not to worry dragon he promised to meet us at the Platform."


"That reminds me Draco, Blaise is waiting in the dining hall he seems quite excited about something or the other so tend to him; I'll be in my study waiting." With another smile she gave Draco a quick kiss on the cheek and left her heels tapping against the marble floor.

As Draco leisurely walked toward the dining hall he only thought of what could be of such urgent news that his best friend could not wait until tomorrow or simply send an owl to inform him of. Glancing into the hall he noticed then youngest Zabini pacing a maddening grin on his face as he remained oblivious to Draco's presence. Leaning against the entrance he smiled at his overly excited friend before clearing his throat. Immediately Blaise's head popped up and if possible his smile grew even larger.

"Dray!" He yelled and darted towards the slightly shorter man, and grabbed him up into a fierce embrace only to begin twirling his fair-headed friend around as his guffaws rang through the room.

Once placed on the ground Draco brushed away imaginary dust and wrinkles from his attire and flashed a glare that would have any man quivering at his feet. Fortunately for Blaise he had grown immune to said glares.

"Blaise explain why you have just twirled me around my house as though I was a girl."

"I did it Draco I did it!"

"Would you please be more specific as too what you did."

"I asked her to marry me and she said yes!"

As he said or rather yelled this Draco's eyes widened before a warming look settled into the mercury pools. Blaise's eyes shone brightly as he spoke and there was such passion in his voice that all the anger Draco had for being spun around instantly faded.

"That's wonderful Blaise though we all knew Pansy would never say no."

"It didn't change the fact that I was shitting in my pants when I asked her."

"Always the eloquent one Zabini." His trade mark smirk was in place as teased his long time friend.

"I still don't understand why this couldn't wait until school knowing Pansy she would want to announce this during dinner or something of the sort to create a scene."

"Well true we were going to wait but I had to ask you something now Dray."

With a soft motion of his hands to continue he saw his friend take a deep breath.

"Do me the honor of being my best man as well as walking Pansy down the aisle."

Shock filled the contours of the blonde's face before a huge grin that only three had ever seen aligned the face.

"O-of course, it'd be my honor Blaise."


"Well Dray I have to go the Mrs. is waiting I'll see you tomorrow." His eyes sparkled.

"Give my regards to Mrs. Pansy Zabini."

They hugged, and with a pat to blond locks, and a stream of obscenities, the mocha man was gone with a crack.

"Dragon what has Blaise screaming at the top of his lungs like some Gryffindor?"

"Pansy agreed to marry him."

"That's fabulous of course she'd never say no oh Draco we must buy them something maybe a house!"

"Mother please don't get ahead of yourself . . . again."

"It always good to plan ahead." The mischevious glint in her eyes made the boy step back, his mother was a tad scary.

"Now dear let us go to brunch."

A second later found mother and son in a stylish restaurant with a waitress waiting at the entrance. The young waitress escorted them to a quaint table and with flirtatious eyes directed towards Draco let them know she would help with anything they needed. Draco scoffed at her attempts to seem seductive. It seemed to him as if the girl had suddenly developed a twitching problem

"Dragon though you may not like women it does not excuse you from being polite." She smacked his hand softly as she berated him though the mirth in her eyes did not go unnoticed.

"But mother dear it is so fun." He said with a wicked grin.

The rest of the meal continued in soft babble until Narcissa suddenly grew solemn.

"Draco if there's ever anything bothering you please let me know."

Draco chocked on his water and sputtered at the random statement from his mother and with a gentle smile he did the only thing he could do reassure her.

I could on no account tell you mother because then it would hurt you and that would bother me even more. Those were the boy's morbid thoughts as he fleeting looked towards the serene sea.

Once brunch had ended and his mother had filled his arms with shopping bags Draco was left to his own devices. It should be noted that when Draco is left alone it never brings upon good things.

"Number of times I've repacked: 12."

"Number of times I've thought of Potter: 42." He habitually ran a hand through his hair.

With a soft groan he banged his head against his desk before yelping.

"You Draco Cygnus Malfoy are an idiot."

For the next few hours Draco showered, ate, repacked eight more times and thought of Harry Potter 37 more times before finally falling asleep.

The next morning found Draco Malfoy bright eyed and bushy tailed as he ate a strawberry muffin while impatiently waiting for his mother so they could finally leave Though patience had never been an attribute belonging to him he was even more impatient because of the excitement that bubbled in the pit of his stomach. It wasn't because it was his last year of school though if Voldemort hadn't taken over Hogwarts he would have graduated last year. Nor was it the fact that he would be seeing his friends after months. God knows he saw enough of Blaise and Pansy. It was the simple the fact that he would be seeing Harry Potter. Four years ago when he was still in denial he would have grown disgusted at this fact but now he at least knew why he enjoyed Hogwarts so much. The soft sound of heels against the floor made him aware of his mother.

"Come, you mustn't be so slow or we'll be late." Narcissa said as she walked into the room.

A perfectly shaped eyebrow was raised and the grey eyed one's thought pattern ran along the line of speak for yourself mother.

As they arrived at King's Cross Draco was amazed at how inattentive muggles were. Honestly how could you not notice people vanishing through a wall? As he walked up to platform nine and three quarters Draco internally smiled at hearing the whistle that came from the red train. As by instinct his eyes sought out Potter who he swiftly found among a group of Gryffindors beaming as the Weaslette hung from his arm. Draco unconsciously sneered which caught the attention of the Weasel who tugged at Potter's sleeve. Averting his eyes towards his mother he felt a hand rest upon his shoulder. He recognized the long burl hand so well that he needn't turn around to know it was his father who stood behind him.

"Draco." He gave the boy a hug which to most would look affectionate but was too stiff to be comfortable.

From over his father shoulder he saw his mother nod in approval and then turn to continue gossiping with Blaise's mother.

"Now Draco that's no way to welcome your father we will have to remind you of your manners before you leave for school."

His father spun around and Draco followed without a though. In a corner placed far from the crowds of family his father loomed over him.

"Now sweet Dragon how do you greet your father."

Draco sneered down at his father thanking his growth spurt for giving him a significant amount of height over the man. This obviously did not make Lucius Malfoy happy and with a quick movement plunged his cane into his son's sides.

"Now Draco I leave you, I love you son."

With courage that would have made a Gryffindor proud he remained soundless. He knew that his silence would set his father into a fit but he needed to hold on to as mcuh dignity as possible.

"Fine then, Lucius smiled ever so sweetly, Crucio.

As Draco yelled and toppled onto his knees his father left his robes catching the wind in a way that made Draco remember his godfather Severus. Once his father was gone from view he lifted his head only to perceive the shaken honey colored eyes of Hermione Granger staring straight at him.


You know how they say eyes are the windows to the soul well by buying curtains for the "windows" you hide your soul perfectly.

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