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Chapter 11 of

Falling in Love with the Golden Boy

Just Another Boy who Took my Breath Away

You're the only one I ever believed in
The answer that could never be found
The moment you decided to let love in
Now I'm banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin
The moment we decided to let love in

- Let Love in Goo Goo Dolls

It was boring. The sky was gray and dark as impending clouds rolled across the heavens lurking around the grounds of Hogwarts like an eclipse. I didn't like it. Perhaps I would have never examined the weather on any other day but today was peculiar. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid; damn Trealwaney. I tired not to think about her and pay attention to the essay which Sev had ordained for us to do. The scrolls of parchment seemed to give me a repugnant gleam and I just scowled. Stupid everything. Grappeling at my hair I let out a barbaric growl that would have made any respectable branch of the canine family proud.

"You will hurt the raven greatly ." The bleary voice echoed in my mind, recapitulating itself over and over the letters running through my mind becoming more real with each second. It was consuming.
At first I though the old bat meant some stupid bird and perhaps it is but Pansy got me thinking. Stupid Pansy.

"Honestly your boyfriend should do something to tame those raven locks of his." She said nonchalantly as she looked at the hair of my boyfriend and I could just imagine her mentally reaching for scissors hopefully Blaise's threat would still hold true.

Subsequent to that sentence I had chocked on my pumpkin juice. My abdomen shackling in dread my eyes alight with apprehension. What if it meant Harry? I had then excused myself from dinner not even meeting the emerald eyes that attempted to catch mine as I traipsed out the Great Hall. Three hours later I was if anything even more of a disarray. I couldn't hurt Harry. I just couldn't. He was so lovely in his innocence. Sure he had a vast knowledge of good and evil. He had every temptation of evil presented to him through the paths he's walked in life and has always turned the other cheek for the greater good a feat that I know I would have never achieved. I couldn't shatter that just the mere thought made me physically debilitated.

I let out a groan my crown banging ccerning the redwood desk. Yes it was an inane decision on my part seeing as it just heightened the pounding malady on my left temple. Raising a hand to rub at the ever persistent headache I flung the scrolls of parchment aside knowing that in this state the most I would be able to write correctly was my name and perhaps even that was out of my scholarly aptitude at this instance. Elevating myself of the dingy chair I plopped myself on my commodious bed perhaps a few hours of sleep would help clear my head and the entanglement in my stomach.

Sadly though as I lay down on the bed my ever green (And yes the thought of them being green did cause vile to plummet up my throat.) hangings closed tightly and my eyes screwed shut in anxiety I find that the lady of dreams seemed resolute on not paying me a nightly visit. I tossed and turned, counted sheep's, played a lullaby all failed but diligent attempts. So I lay awake at three in the morning my eyes alert and bloodshot from the much wanted and needed sleep. This would be the death of me.

Tossing out of bed I slipped into shoes my feet the only noise in the dungeon the pitter patting playing a secret tune for just me. I made the walk towards the Gryffindor tower cursing Godric Gryffindor for putting it all the way in the seventh floor. Stopping at the portrait hole I looked around attempting to spot any Gryffindorks- I mean Gryffindors that were out past their bedtimes. Seeing as how that plan had fallen flat I rallied up as much Malfoy grace as I could before stepping towards the portrait.

"Good evening milady." I gave a regal and low bow and from my external visions I saw the obvious content in the Fat Lady's eyes.

"Finally a gentleman." She said in an impressed fashion. I gave her a charming smile.

"Milady I wish to have entrance into the Tower that your Portrait guards from the rest of Hogwarts."

"Ahh, do pardon me young gentleman but I am afraid that your request is just not possible." She seemed genuinely sorry that she couldn't grant me this so I used that to keep me from snapping and cursing her to hell and back.

"But I must talk with someone it is of the highest importance." She brought a blood red painted index finger to her cheek in cognition before giving me a smile.

"If you tell me the young mister or misses you wish to speak of I shall see if I can gather them out of berth for you."

"That would be ever so kind of you I am looking for Harry Potter." She smiled knowingly at me and I knew that before dawn there would be rumors among the portraits of Harry and I having midnight rendezvous to discuss our plans of running away with each other.

While I was musing over this situation the portrait swung forward and out of the portrait came out an adorably disgruntled boy who had stolen my heart. He blinked up at me rubbing the remains of sleep from his eyes. I pulled him into a hug kissing him softly and longingly which was returned from him with a lazy smile.

"Not that I'm complaining trust me. I don't mind being wakened for this but what brings you here? Not that I'm complaining" He spoke into my neck sending an electric shock everywhere as his breath softly lapsed around one of my more sensitive areas tempting my mind into thoughts of a room a light with moonlight and echoing with moans and gasps. God this beautiful boy would assuredly be the death of me and all unperverted patterns of thinking.

"I got to thinking." Harry hummed in acknowledgment his hair tickling my neck as he squirmed around looking for warmth in the arms that were wrapped loosely around his slim waist.

"What if I hurt you one day?" That definitely got him alert his body turned rigid and the lazy atmosphere completely shattered in a matter of seconds. He stepped away from me but not from the embrace his eyes looked into mine and I wondered what he was trying to find and if he would find it. He bit his lip in thought a habit that I was increasingly falling in love with and finally spoke.

"Every things always scary at the beginning isn't it? But I've never been one to back down from fear I like to presume that if I am anything more then a common man it is that I am a brave man. " I wanted to laugh at the mere thought of Harry being common. He was the exact opposite of it but the sheer seriousness in his tone and the way that his eyes were dilated in what I could only presume to be aversion kept me from pointing this fact out.

"I've seen people fall in love and it's such a lovely affair. It's passion and fire and madness all rolled up into one. There's many things in this life that are half ass-ed and I now know that love definitely should not be one of them. I want someone who I can lose myself completely in. Someone who I can give my heart too regardless of the fact that I'm handing them the key to my demise. I want a lust that will shake me and a romance that will melt me. I want it all. I think that you can grant me this and honestly I don't want to live with out it Draco." He took a deep breath and swallowed and I knew by the tremor in his voice that his next words would hurt. "If you hurt me. If you cut me open and I'm left to pick up fragments of the person I will become throughout our relationship I think I'll be okay at the end of it. I'll have been granted something so beautiful. Love. And I think that will make everything worth it. I don't care about being hurt as long as in return I'm given something extraordinary. As long as I'm given you."

I grasped him firmly. One hand sweeped inside his shirt the lingering warmth of his bed mixing deliciously with the coolness that the halls had given me. I traced the patterns of his chest my other hand sliding to grab his butt, pulling his lips tighter against mine. I smirked at the way that his body going all soft against my more aggressive one. The taste of him was like the sweetest taste of sin spicy and wild and all uniquely his. The moans that spewed out of his hot and inviting mouth urged me on as I pulled my whole body into the was as if in those moments I was trying to assure Harry of the fact that our two souls fit together, one completing the other, the two of us forming something brilliant that would live on throughout the depths of time. We burned.

Harry pulled away his lips so close to mine that I could feel the heat of his mouth.

"What was that for?" I hugged him tightly kissing those lovely and forever ruffled strands of hair. Loving every single thing about him.

"It was for being so absolutely perfect, for just being you."