So this is my attempt at the 2008 ZA Angels Olympics Drabble Decathlon.
I somehow stumbled onto ZAAngelsdotcom and deciced to give it a shot.
Who knew writing with a 100 word limit was so difficult?

"Troy, I saw a fire truck leave the neighborhood. I swear, " Gabriella's voice called out, "if you 'accidentally' set the stove on fire again, I'm gonna be a widow by the time the sunsets."

Troy stood in front of the foam covered stove, the red fire extinguisher feeling light in his hand. "Then it's a good thing my will is already written."

"TROY ALEXANDER BOLTON!!" she exclaimed as she approached him. "What did you do?!"

"It was the bacon and Chad and then…………I love you!" He pressed his lips to hers.

"You better start cleaning, it's almost sunset."

HA! 100 words exactly!
Thanks for reading!
Wish me luck!
Kae xoxo