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Summary: Bella joins the Cullens to play a game...Who will win? And who will be to chicken to complete their task?

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Chapter 1

You Game?


I woke up to the quiet ringing of Edward's phone. I sat up in bed rubbing my tired eyes as he quickly flipped it open and shot me an apologizing look.

"What Alice!" he growled. "Ok fine tell him we'll be over in 30." He rushed towards me from his place at the rocking chair and said, "I'm so sorry about that love."

"It's ok Edward I need to get up anyways." I said with a yawn. I stretched and had my human moment. When I returned to my bedroom Edward was looking through my bookshelf but he quickly stopped when he saw me. He picked me up bridal style and carried me down the stairs. I looked at him with a questioning look on my face.

"What?" He said, "Am I not allowed to carry you down the stairs?" I just shook my head and grabbed the box of Lucky Charms from the shelf. After I was finished eating I asked Edward what Alice wanted on the phone.

"Apparently Emmett really wants to play a game with all of us today." He said to me with a frown on his perfect face.

"Uh... is that a bad thing?" I asked looking at him. Just as he was about to speak the front door crashed open.

"EDWARD ANTHONY MASON CULLEN!" Alice screamed from the now opened front door. "I told you no clues about today!"

"Good morning Alice." I said with a hint of annoyance in my voice. I just woke up and she was already barging into my house. Edward was looking straight at Alice with a terrifying look on his face.

"Alice…is it really that hard to wait until we come over?!" He said a little louder then normal.

"Well," she said with a pout on her angelic face, "if I hadn't come then you would have ruined all of Emmett's plans for today!" Edward was concentrating really hard on something when he gasped, "No…" and ran towards me.

Alice beat him to me and she swiftly grabbed me in her arms and said, "You already agreed you would play!"

Before I even had time to comprehend what was happening I was in Alice's arms and she was running at vampire speed towards the Cullen's home. I looked up at Alice and said, "Alice if Edward kills you I'm not going to feel bad."

She just laughed at me and replied, "Oh he won't kill me I've seen it!"

I just looked at her and shook my head. It was going to be a long day. In no time at all we were at the house. Alice quickly set me on the couch and locked the doors.

"Um Alice…I don't think locked doors are going to…." I was cut of by an ear-splitting noise which happened to be Edward running straight through the front door. Alice gulped and backed into the corner of the room while Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper rushed into the room.

"Whoa, dude Esme is going to…" Emmett stopped talking when he heard Edward's frightening growl echo across the room.

"Alice, I swear on all that is holy if you EVER take Bella from me again I will hunt you down and tear you apart." Edward was terrifying the way he spoke. However, it didn't seem to bother Alice. She just smiled her sweet smile and bounced right up next to me and said, "Ok well who's ready to play the game?"

HELL YES!" Emmett yelled as he jumped up to the ceiling. Edward shook his head in defeat and came to where I was sitting on the couch.

"Bella are you ok?" he asked with an unsure look on his face.

"Of course," I replied. I knew Alice wouldn't hurt me

"Count me in," Jasper said from the staircase.

"Yeah whatever," Rosalie said as she started painting her nails a blood red color. Emmett took the love seat with Rosalie as Jasper sat on the floor with Alice in his lap. Edward sat next to me on the couch and pulled me into his lap. I really didn't like the look that Emmett was giving me. His huge smile told me something bad was going to happen. All of a sudden I wasn't so sure I wanted to play.

"Having some doubts there Bella?" Jasper asked me snickering. Crap I thought, of course Jasper would 'feel' my doubts. Ok think happy thoughts think happy thoughts. While I was trying to get my mood up Emmett cleared his throat.

"Well now that everybody is here we can start playing!" He said with so much enthusiasm I didn't know how one person could have that much.

"Um Emmett," I asked, "What exactly are we going to be playing here?"

Emmett gave me a smile that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and Edward tightened his hold on me. Alice was about to bounce right through the roof and Rosalie was still oblivious to the world and painting her nails to perfection.

"Dare or Dare." Emmett said mischievously.

"Uh Emmett," I asked, "Isn't it Truth or Dare?"

"Pshh," He said laughing, "Truth is for wimps! We are playing Dare or Dare Cullen Style!" Oh boy this can't be good I thought.

"Well Bella," Alice called from her place on Jasper's lap, "Why don't you start us off?"

"Umm….ok then." I said unsure of what the outcome of this game was going to be. Though I didn't think it would be a good one. "Well, Emmett dare or dare?"

"Hmm," he considered his options for a second, "How about dare!"

"Oh good choice!" I said my voice dripping with sarcasm. Edward quietly laughed under me. I thought about what I could make him do for a couple minutes. Then suddenly Alice fell off of Jasper's lap onto the floor laughing uncontrollably. We all stared at her including Rosalie. Once she was under control again she looked at me and said, "Bella you are brilliant."


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