Standing Still
By Trinity_Angel aka Chrissy
Rating: PG-13

Trunks' long lavender hair floated weightelessly though the cool night wind. He hurt like hell. His body, being pushed to it's breaking point was letting him know. And the consequeses were NOT making him a happy camper. He sighed as he looked over the death ravged city, his ice blue eyes finally coming to rest on the place of death of the last fallen android. No more. It was finally over. Closing his eyes he let out a deep breath and again the wind blew, brushing a few strands of hair away from his wandering eyes. Looking down at his hands he slowly removed the white gloves and let them fall towards the dry earth beneath him. Tilting his head upwards he looked at the sky where the clouds were floating aimlessly away, letting the golden, warm tones of the beginnings of a beautiful sunset change their colors from a stark white to rich shades of red, pink and orange. Trunks smiled, out of happiness for the first time since his home had been attacked, up at the sky where he hoped his father could see him. Maybe he was proud...Oh what he wouldn't give to make his father proud...

"I did the best I could father..." His eyes opened, a childlike hope sparkling in the ice blue orbs. His tenor voice was soft and almost trembling with emotion. "I've avenged you...Are you proud of me?" Trunks stared at the sky for a few more seconds as if he was expecting his father to appear and give him an answer, before turning his eyes downwards with a soft chuckle. With the strangeness of the situation Trunks couldn't help but laugh. So he did, and it felt wonderful. Shaking his head he turned away from the spot and began walking slowly towards home, the orange and gold tones beating against his back, warming him from the inside out. He smiled again and it slowly turned into a grin, the corners of his full chapped lips pulling upwards untill it was almost painful. He couldn't walk anymore. He leaned over and fell to his knees next to the side of the almost fully destroyed road. Rolling over onto his side, he held his firm abdominal muscles as they contracted in laughter, only adding to his discomfort, but he didn't mind so much anymore. Letting his eyes close, the tears of mirth came and fell down his dirt stained cheeks snaking a path through the dust and dried blood to his chin where they finally dripped off.

A distance off a girl of about 19 had been watching Trunks with extreme curiosity. Upon seeing him fall over she could no longer contain her questions. She knew that with the androids around you just didn't talk to strangers, but something told her it would be alright... Cautiously she walked over to Trunks until she was standing only a foot from the top of his head. Her feminine frame blocked out the rays of sun hitting Trunks' face so he abruptly opened his eyes which were shaded by her slender figure. When he saw her, he immediatly sat up and turned around so that he could see her clearer. For a second he thought it might it couldn't be...Finally the girl spoke.

"So tell me, what's so funny, because in times like these, I want to laugh too."

"Huh?" Trunks stared at this girl sure of two things, she wasn't who he thought, and she was just outright bold.

"Well what's so funny?"

"Oh you mean besides the fact that I...That the androids are defeated, nothing really."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY??" The girl stumbled back a few steps as if the wind had been knocked from her chest by brute force. She was too stunned by the words that came from his mouth to notice the words that almost came from his mouth.

"You heard me." Trunks looked at her with amusement in his eyes. The girl stared at Trunks incredulously for a few moments as she tried to catch her breath before her face light up like it had just been plugged in.

"You''re serious!!"

"I am." The girl let out a shrill scream and jumped up and down in place.

"I-I...I-I have..I-..." The girl stumbled over her words like she was speakin in a forigen language for the first time.

"Go." The one word that left Trunks' mouth was all the push she needed. Turning on her toes she sprinted off to spread the news far and wide, her blonde hair floating behind her free as her heart.

Trunks watched her as she ran off and felt a burst of warmth again inside of him knowing that what he had done had helped so many people. Taking a deep breath he stood again and begin to trek towards the location of Capsule Corp.


Slipping in throught one of the side doors Trunks looked around at the place he had called his home for fifteen years of his life. Smiling softly he walked towards his mother's room. Turning through the winding corridors of his home he finally found her room amongst the other sleeping quarters. Grasping the handle of her door he pushed it open to find the room completly dark. Trunks let his light blue eyes adujust to the darkness before allowing them to wander around the room. Eventually untill they finally fell on his mother's bed. Slowly he walked towards her, as silent as a small cat padding across the floor. He stepped over a few articles of clothing and finally stood right next to her bed. Looking down he sighed softly. His mother's aqua colored hair was spooned out around her free of any confinement and her slender body tangled in the purple satin sheets. Smiling he leaned down and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes, Bulma let out a soft sigh and turned a bit. Trunks smiled softly knowing that she would be able to sleep a bit easier now, everything would be okay. He turned to her nightstand where a picture of him, his father and his mother sat. His blue eyes lingered on the picture for a few moments. Turning away he slipped out of his mother's room as sliently as he entered. Turning towards the left, he walked down the hallway he was just in, not really in any hurry to get anywhere, but just wandering down the familar halls. He slowly raised his right hand and let the calloused fingertips trail softly along the smooth surface of the white walls surrounding him. His lips parted and he exhaled slowly, the relief of being home surfacing, turning the once dark and desolate air around him to a peaceful paradise that he wouldn't leave to save the world ...well maybe the world but still the peace was nice for a change. Pausing to look in one of the glass mirrors in the hallway he stared back at a pair of ice blue eyes. His face was dirty, smudges of dust mixed with sweat stained his forehead and cheeks. A small bruise was forming along his jaw, the spot already standing out as a vivid purple against his pale skin. Raising his right had from the immaculate surface of the wall he pressed his fingertips against the forming bruise on his jaw. Wincing slightly he ceased his minstrations and just let his hand fall limply back to his side as he studied the figure in the glass for a few moments longer. Grinning he realized what he was doing. Trunks Briefs the man who had just defeated two of the most powerful beings in his timeline, and helped fight against the most powerful being in another timeline was stalling. He was trying to postpone the time when he'd have to face her... Trunks closed his eyes. Slowly the last few moments they had together floated through his memory like feathers on the still glass like surface of water. Why hadn't he told her what had been on the tip of his toungue the whole time? Why did everytime he looked at her he couldn't find ANY words to say. Trunks let out a soft sigh, his eyes still closed. How did one small demi saiya-jin girl haunt his every thought like she did? Still keeping the lashes of his eyes together Trunks turned away from the mirror and pressed his back against the wall. Tilting his head downwards, his lavender hair falling foward and framing his face, he just rested and tried to calm the sea of confusion that consumed him at the moment. When he was gone she haunted him, literally. Everytime he closed his eyes he could feel her hand brushing against his, behind his eyelids he could see her...all of her...he could feel his fingertips running tenderly over the gentle curves of her lips, her neck, her waist, her hips...her... Trunks coughed and snapped his eyes open as if shocked. His cheeks were a bright pink and he quickly pushed away from the wall. Trying to fade his blush he walked towards the lab. As he approched the door he could sense her ki, it was low and relaxed showing her guard wasn't up, and she was probably asleep. He slowly reached out and grasped the handle that led to his destiny. The door opened to reveal a bright room warmed by the fading sun. The light streaming in through the windows made intricite patterns on the floor. Trunk tood a deep breath and stepped forward. There would be no turning back now. Squinting his eyes he tried to adjust to the brighness of the sun beaming at his face, but though the barely parted lashes he was able to make out a single figure sitting on the window cil.

"I've never felt a peacefulness like this over the earth since...since before the androids appeared...Was this what it was like before Ms. Briefs?" Her voice tinkled in his ears like the soft chimes of crystal clinking together, there was no sound in the world he'd rather hear right now. She sat in the window casually, her blue eyes focused only on the world outside. A soft breeze blew the free strands of hair from behind her ear to across her eyes. Slowly her blue eyes closed and Trunks was sure that he was staring at a goddess. He had to get closer to her, touch her...make sure she was real... Taking only a few steps foward Trunks stepped directly into the the center of the sunlight, the rays catching the blues of his eyes and making them shine brightly.

'Now or never...' Trunks parted his lips, moisened them with the tip of his pink tounge and drew a breath to speak....