Standing Still Pt V

By Chrissy aka Angel

Rated PG-13

A lone blue haired figure sat atop of a roof, staring out into the deep, ominous looking clouds that were rolling in from the horizon. The bright sun fought against the on coming storm, it's warm rays peeking through wherever possible. Sighing deeply, Kaori brushed her hair from her face with the back of her gloved hand, and turned back to the once, extremely large hole in the roof. When the sun had been unblocked, the top of the Briefs household had been like a slow cooker. The sunlight bounced off of the metal roof, baking Kaori to a golden brown. Turning back towards her task, she slowly began nailing another piece of metal in place. The patch job was pretty shabby, but for someone who didn't know the first thing about roofing, she didn't do too badly. Pulling another nail from her the leather pouch around her waist, she began to pound it in. The job wasn't easy, seeing how the roof was more in the shape of a dome, which made it hard for sitting, and patching, but somehow she was pulling it off. The first problem was easily solved with the fact that she could fly. The second, however, took a bit of manipulating but wasn't impossible.

The sound of a hammer hitting metal, echoed along the still air, echoing across the still land. The noise was annoying, even Kaori had to admit that, but the rumble of thunder in the background was all the reminder she needed to keep going. Earlier, her job wasn't so bad; after all, she did get to see Bulma see her son for the first time in almost a year. The sight was enough to bring a tear to her crystalline blue eyes. Pausing again, she exhaled deeply, the thick air around her not moving the slightest bit. The weather had been unbearably hot that day, in particular. The humidity was high, and there was no breeze, making very nasty weather for all of those that would be out trying to do the same thing Kaori was trying to do. Tightening her lips, Kaori ceased pounding for a moment and glanced towards the horizon again. Slowly, she set the hammer down, her hands aching from either holding a hammer, or holding her weight up on that strangely shaped roof. Falling wasn't really an option, seeing how she knew how to fly and all, but sliding against hot metal really wasn't something she'd place high on her 'fun list'. Hearing a small crunch in gravel, Kaori glanced over one sweat-slicked shoulder abruptly. Her tank top was soaked, the flimsy material clinging to her as if it was a second skin. Wincing slightly at the soreness in her neck, Kaori made a silent note not to turn that fast again. She still wasn't really used to the thought that she was actually safe up on the roof. Well, about as safe as you are in a world with out androids. Mumbling softly under her breath, Kaori tugged her right hand out of the moist leather and rubbed at her left shoulder.

"Well well… if it isn't Hero boy. Reunion over?"

Trunks just continued standing, his arms crossed along his chest, his aqua eyes gazing at the hole in the roof, and the girl next to it. He let the silence carry on for a bit longer before finally speaking up.

"Yeah, Mom's tired. Kaya… that is the shittiest roof job I've ever seen."

Pulling her lips together tightly in offence, Kaori narrowed her eyes and thought about that hammer that was just in her reach…

"Well excuse me if I didn't get a license in roofing while you were away. If you think you can do better, get your ass up here."

Trunks just shrugged his shoulders, trying to show indifference, but it was obvious by the light in his eyes he was just trying to get to her. And he was rewarded by an aggravated sigh from Kaori. Throwing her arms up in frustration, she glanced over towards the hammer, which was still just within her reach. With a shake of her head, Kaori turned back to work, trying to ignore the man standing on the ground, still staring up at her. Exhaling deeply, Kaori blew a few strands of hair from her eyes and finally turned around back to her work, her eyes closed as she tried to keep her temper. Another rumble of thunder sounded, this time, closer then before. Kaori turned her head up just in time for a single drop of rain to fall and land on her nose. The clear drop trickled along the contour of her cheekbone, leaving a cool path over her heated skin.

"It's going to rain soon."

A voice spoke from directly behind Kaori, and she slowly turned around to be face to face with Trunks. He must have flown up there, since she didn't use the ladder either. Letting out a shriek of fright. Kaori's left hand flailed out, shifting her balance violently and sending her to the left, which just happened to be towards the ground. Her body tumbled roughly, each time she rolled again, another part of her body hit the hot metal, scraping and bruising her skin easily. Her hands reached out in vain, trying to hold on to anything she could, but it wasn't going to happen on a dome roof. As she reached the end of the roof, her face was twisted in a grimace of pain; her eyes squeezed shut and her lips opened in a silent scream. Just as she went into a free fall towards the ground, there was a surge of power that went past her and a moment later, she found herself no longer falling.

Gasping for her breath she clung to the cloth next to her face, wincing from the pain and the lack of air in her lungs.

"Kami girl! Why the hell are you so clumsy?! You scared the shit out of me!"

Trunks' voice raised in concern and anger as he floated easily, one arm around Kaori's waist, the other under her legs.

"You loser… This is your fault, I wouldn't have fell if you hadn't snuck up on me…"

Kaori's voice was soft and breathy, but she managed to still make it sound rude, not that Trunks expected any different. Rolling his eyes he just sighed, trying to sound disheartened. Kaori closed her eyes as Trunks slowly descended towards the ground, the cold breeze lifting her hair and sending it floating across her now flushed cheeks.


"Anytime Kaori."

Opening her eyes just slightly she was amazed at how quickly this boy could change his tone. Even she, the queen of moodiness, had to admit she was confused. Maybe that drumming of her heart in her ears was the cause. Who knew? A drop of water fell and splashed on the tip of Kaori's nose. She crossed her eyes, trying to get a view of the single drop of water. As his feet touched the ground, Trunks glanced down at Kaori and laughed.

"Attractive face."

"You know you like it."

"You know I do."

If Kaori had missed the first change in his voice, she couldn't miss this one. Trunks had gone from sounding angry, to making his voice sound nothing above a purr. Leaning down further, Trunks pressed his lips to Kaori's nose. As if on cue, the moment Trunks' lips touched Kaori, the heavens cracked, and torrents of water fell down over the two. The dark clouds let forth sheets of warm summer rain, washing over every inch of the earth. It was almost as though Mother Nature was cleaning the slate, giving humans a second chance. Some would say that was the moment of change, the moment everyone everywhere knew everything would be all right.

Laughing, Trunks encircled Kaori's waist with his hands, and in the pouring rain, swung her around and around. His actions were rewarded with a squeal and laughter as drenched with happiness as they were with water. The rain pelted against Kaori's face and arms mercilessly, but that was far from her mind right now. Slowly, Trunks stopped spinning and lowered Kaori until her feet rested against the ground. Pulling her against him, Trunks wrapped Kaori it what could only be called a possessive embrace. Both of them laughed giddily, partially from the fact that they were dizzy, but more from the fact that they were in each other's company. With her arms draped around his shoulders, and his arms around her waist, the two shared their second kiss. In that second, Trunks swore that this would be the girl he would marry, and Kaori knew that she would be complete. The future wasn't quite so frightening when they were together. Honestly, who cared about tomorrow, when today was just fine? Things were so simple now…

Bulma was curled up in her favorite chair, a lazy-boy chair that didn't open anymore. It was the chair that Vegeta used to sit in. If she closed her eyes, she could have sworn that she could still smell his scent on it. A thick family photo album rested on her lap. Turning through the stiff, plastic covered pages, she couldn't stop her eyes from misting slightly. Smiling softly, she paused on a page that showed a photograph of a ten and eleven year old Trunks and Kaori playing in the rain. Lifting her head, she listened to the rolling thunder and the sounds of the rain pouring down against their roof. Her soft smile was replaced with a slight frown as the sound of water hitting the floor grabbed her attention. Glancing upwards, she noticed that Kaori didn't quite finish patching that hole in the roof. Pressing her lips together, she pulled back the drape in the open window next to her, about to yell out that her floor was getting wet. Her words were caught half way out of her mouth, and all anger flooded away as she watched her son and Kaori kissing in the rain. Shaking her head slightly she just flopped back into her chair and let the drape fall back into place. Sighing with a smile, Bulma glanced back at the photo and closed the photo album. Setting the book aside, Bulma stood up and walked to the kitchen to get a bucket. They'd lasted this long with that huge hole, they could last another day with a smaller one. As she walked back into the room with a sweater and a bucket, she pressed a button and turned the radio on before making sure that her floor wouldn't get any wetter then it already was. Curling back in her chair, Bulma couldn't help but peek back out the window. It would be a lie to say she was surprised to see that Kaori and Trunks were no longer there. It was also a lie to say that now things would go back to the way they were before. Nothing would be like before…

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before


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