The Young Jedi

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars.

Natasia: Hey folks I'm back and man am I happy!!

Megan: This is a little different from most of Natasia's stories.

Natasia: Yup I went to Disney Land and you know the jedi training school?

Megan: Yeah Natasia's brother was choosen!

This is a story of a young boy named Nathon Tokado; he was a six year old child who had left his home planet to become a jedi. His older sister Natasia Tokado had already finished her youngling training and was a padawan to Luke Skywalker.


"Natasia, your brother should be coming today; are you excited to see him?" asked Luke. "Well I suppose, I haven't seen him since he was still a baby; he must be very tall now." Responded Natasia.


Luke and Natasia were waiting for the new younglings along with Natasia's little ewok and Luke's sister Leia.


"The younglings have arrived into the city." Said one of the padawans. As the shuttle car came into the landing dock a group of twenty children no older than eight walked out and stood before Luke and Natasia.


"Welcome new younglings, we have awaited your arrival to the city." Announced Luke. The children looked at Luke and Natasia and bowed their heads in a show of respect.


And thus the new younglings have arrived and the dawn of a new jedi knight has been opened.

Natasia: Short I know this is just a prologue!

Megan: Or your just getting lazy.

Natasia: Come on don't you love me anymore?

Megan: Of course I do!

Natasia: (Brings Megan into a deep kiss)