Syaoran must protect Sakura from a dangerous future they will share, but, at his current level he cannot do so properly. The solution? Send him to England for strict study under the ever confusing Eriol. Hopefully this won't end badly, but, judging by the way things are going…it just might.

Warning tags: E/Sy, swearing (tags will change with each chapter)

Author's note:

This was an idea my roommate and I came up with after I regaled her with tales of my old forum RP horrors. I told that one of the best RP's I ever read there was one where Syaoran went to England to train. It was short and sweet (no longer than three pages) but it was amazingly done and posts were beautiful. I told her I was sad that hardly anyone tackled that concept or at least went through with it all the way. So, the next day, we began our RP. I played Eriol and she played Syaoran.

Now, before you run away, this is not in RP format. I've cleaned it up, formatted it and made it look like fanfiction, but with RP come certain pluses and minuses. Compelling dialogue is one of the minuses, and so, in later chapters I will be amending certain sections to make them more readable. I have kept most of her writing in tact so if the style's differ, then you know why.

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Rated 'M' for a reason. Sexy stuff to come, also, cursing, violence, bloodshed and many other things children shouldn't be looking at. One more thing, please don't complain about Syaoran's cursing. Try rewatching the anime with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and take a shot every time he yells 'damn', 'dammit' or 'shit' and you'll be plastered by episode 20. Besides, we're all mature adults here. If you can handle Yaoi, you can handle a little God Damn cursing, right?



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Yelan Li sat, legs crossed on a silk ottoman awaiting the arrival of the one she had called. Her son, the youngest of five children and the heir of the clan was late, most likely due to drifting thoughts. He had been a studious child, but the Clow Mistress had changed him in that respect. He had become more slipshod. Not so bad, but more like an actual child might. While Yelan was happy that her son was acting more like regular people his age, she would prefer to keep that fact a secret. In truth, she had called him, not to scold him, but to inform him that he needed more training. He wasn't as strong as he could be, and this needed to be remedied.

She took a sip of the bitter green tea in front of her, swallowing the bitter flavor as the scent cleared her thoughts. "He's taking too long, Wei. Would you fetch him for me." She added an slight impatient edge to her tone. "He's most likely training. I can't think of anything else that would distract him from his duties..." Except maybe Sakura-san.

Wei nodded, bowing deeply before exiting the tea room.

"E-Eh. No Sakura, I'm not going to be back to Japan for some time. My sisters are telling me something about a vacation and Wei is saying something about duties so I don't know what's going on." Aforementioned brunette was sitting cross-legged on his bed, cordless caught between his shoulder and head whilst he polished his sword meticulously. He glanced over to his clock and in an instant was cursing. "Oh God, I'm late! She's gonna kill me!" After pulling himself off the floor he scrambled onto the bed and picked up the phone he'd dropped. "Sorry Sakura I have to go, my mother was expecting me downstairs almost an hour ago. I'll talk to you later, bye!" With that, he hung up and tossed the cordless on the mattress next to his half-polished blade and bolted out of his room, passing Wei as the elder male came up to get him. There was the sound of him skidding to a halt in front of her tea room, hands resting on his knees as he hunched over and panted. Once he composed himself he entered, bowing deeply. "I'm sorry I'm late mother there was something you needed to discuss with me?" He questioned in a respectful tone whilst inside he was screaming: What the hell does she want to do to me now!?

Yelan did not look up from her tea, allowing the silence to grow until it became uncomfortable. "Why are you late? What were you doing?" Another sip to stretch to moment. "Take a seat, please. We have much to discuss." She poured a small amount of the green tea in another cup and offered it. I wonder how he'll take my idea. He never did care much for Eriol. This could be interesting. "The tea is fresh and still hot." She allowed her gaze to fall on her son's face, piercing him with her eyes.

He felt his eye twitch but quelled it as he nodded hastily and took a seat before the tall refined woman, taking her up on the tea she offered. His thoughts lingered on why he was brought in, but thought it best to answer her unless he wanted to deal with her wrath. "I was speaking with Sakura and polishing my blade. I didn't mean to lose track of the time. Now, mother, what is it you wanted to tell me? You only call me in here when there is something important." He questioned with a serious expression.

She held back a smile. "Sakura-san. Such a sweet girl, and powerful in magic. I suppose we have Clow to thank for that. But, you have Clow's blood, which is why I am now taking it upon myself to bring you to your full potential. After all," She took another sip. "You can't expect to protect anyone at the level your at now. You need advanced training. You may not have the cards, but you have your bloodline and that is enough."

"A-Ah, yes. She is, and I'll do everything in my power to protect her." He replied though he felt the heat rise to his face at the blatant mention of his lack in skill and power for one of Clow's descendents. With a heave he shook his head and took a sip of the tea, grumbling under his breath.

She paused, letting the moment stand, before considering her next move. I'll have to be gentle with this. "Seeing as you're a descendant of Clow, I thought perhaps you should have your training under Eriol." The statement came fast as she braced for her son's response. Even if he respected her, he would not take the idea sitting down.

It took a moment for the initial statement hit, but when it did, the floodgates opened whide. "Excuse me?!" He was on his feet glaring at his mother with both hands balled into fists. "I refuse to train under that lecherous old man!" He growled out before realizing who he was yelling at and gulped, hastily sitting back down staring at his hands on his lap.

Yelan widened her eyes at the shouted statement, again forcing a smile away. "Lecherous? Eriol-sama is a wise and powerful mage that could greatly help you with your magic." She placed the cup onto the table in front of her before continuing. "Besides, as they say, I am your mother and you will do as you're told. You know as much as I do that your power needs to grow. He is the best teacher, and has already agreed to house you in England while you study." She allowed her eyes to form a sharp gaze that once again pinned her son to his seat.

The young warrior grumbled and growled, attempting not to get up and shout at her again for fear of being smacked senseless. "England!? I don't want to go to England! I would rather go back to Japan." He exclaimed, giving his mother a pleading look. "Can't he come here and train me under your watchful eye?" Again it was a plea made in vain as he England was the last place he wanted to be, especially with Eriol of all people.

"No." Her tone was decisive and final as her reply cut the air. "You are to pack your things and go to England immediately, understood? I don't want any more arguments. Eriol-sama is as good a teacher as any and I will not let any petty grudges get in the way of your family duty." She ignored his pleading eyes as they appealed to her motherly nature. "Now, I don't want to hear any more on the subject. You leave tomorrow morning for the airport, understood?" The tea's aroma continued to fill the air.

"But…" He paused before sighing. "Yes ma'am." He hung his head in defeat and rose, bowing before taking his leave to go pack his things.

"Why...Of all places...and of all people." He snarled as he folded his clothes and stuck them in his duffel bag. Along with his sword and talismans he also packed the Rashinban, 'a habit I suppose', and his Shiki-fuku, though he was sure Eriol would have robes available there for him to use. "I don't want to go, I don't want to go, I don't want to go..." And yet as he was getting ready for bed he dreaded the morning that would come and the intolerable male he'd have to spend gods and ancestors only know how long with in a country he knew nothing about. "Damn…just…damn."

Still in the tea room, Yelan Li contemplated her decision. "Do you think I was a bit harsh, Wei? I know he doesn't get along with Eriol-sama, but..." She lowered her eyes in thought. This is how it has to be.

"I know you're doing what you think is right, Li-dama." Wei bowed, taking the cooling tea and discarded cups with him as he left.

"Yes, but, what of tomorrow? What will it bring with it?" She stood up, approaching an inconspicuous mirror. "What of that, Clow?"

Eriol smiled from the other side. "He's stubborn and strong willed, but you were right in trusting him to me." Despite sounding polite, the chesire smile leaked through, presenting itself.

"I trust you'll take good care of him and actually teach him what he needs to know?" Her eye brow dipped. "I'm not sending him there for a play date."

A rich laugh filled the room. "Of course not, Li-san. See you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow..." Yelan folded her hands together. "This should be interesting."

Chapter 1 - Games

"I don't. Want. To. GO!" The statement was heard ringing throughout the mansion as he was being dragged down the stairs by one of the youngest of his older sisters. "Let me go Feimei! I'm not going! If you like him so much why don't you go!?"

"Oh don't be such a baby, Syaoran. This is a golden opportunity and Hiiragizawa-sama is so sweet and intelligent! You'll learn a lot from him!" The smaller form struggled as he was shoved out the door and to the limousine waiting for him.

"That's bullshit. He's a perverted old man. Enough said. He doesn't want to train me he wants to molest me!" The girl giggled as she folded her arms in the window and smiled. "Stop laughing! He's a pervert and you know it!"

"I don't see any problem with that."

"Of course you don't." He growled.

Another laugh was given as she stepped away and waved. "Alright Wei he's all yours! Have fun, baby brother!" She called as he whined and slumped in his seat, wishing he was anywhere but there at the moment. Wish I wasn't related to the bastard is more like it.

"Where is Syaoran, now?" Eriol's visage was once again searching through the mirror in Yelan Li's tea room. "I need to know when to send my guardians."

Yelan had the mirror propped on a table so she could communicate sitting down. "He is on his way to the airport. He'll arrive in thirteen or so hours, tired and bitter from the long flight, no doubt." She added the last bit more to herself than anyone else.

"I see." His deep voice echoed. "Well, the room I've made up is to his liking, I hope. The bed is big and the colors match his tastes."

"I'll remind you again, Clow-sama. This isn't a play date. I want you to train my son to become a strong warrior like his father."

"Of course, Li-san. But please, don't call me Clow." A tall feminine creature pressed her face next to Eriol's

"Who're you talking to? Is that Syaoran-kun's mother!? Nihou!" Nakuru waved frantically. "When's he getting here?"

Yelan allowed a small smirk through for the first time in days. "In thirteen hours." Looks like his patience will be tested as well. Hopefully this experience will make him a more well-rounded person.

As predicted the young Syaoran was very tired and very bitter. All he wanted to do was sleep. That was attempted the first few hours of the flight, but he was unfortunate enough to end up next to some Scotsman who was coming back from a vacation to China. The man talked his ear off in an accent so thick that it took all his brain power not to focus on the muddled statements. Finally, he was able to get quiet at least after the European fell asleep, but the rough flight left him wide awake. Now that jetlag was setting in he just wanted to do nothing more than collapse on a bed and sleep for a day or two. "Augh...I hate flying...I feel so sluggish and my internal clock is so thrown out of whack..." He paused as he stood at the gate watching and listening to the people around him, a member of the flight crew asking him if he needed help. "Ah..well...I don't..." He stared at the poor woman like she'd grown a second head. 'I don't understand English!' His mind screamed as he tried to explain to her he didn't understand, in turn causing her to stare as she tried to tell him that she didn't understand Chinese or Japanese. "...This is going to be a looooong day..." he whined and trudged along carrying his dufflebag, his rolling one being pulled behind him.

"Syaoooooooooooraaaaaan! Nihouuuuuuuuuuu!" Nakuru bounded through the airport shouting a mixture of Japanese and Chinese and causing people to stare at her, bewildered. Spinel was tucked in her collar and remained still so as to not call attention to the two. "Syao-chan! Over here!" She waved at the brunette as he pulled his luggage along. "We need to get the rest of your luggage at baggage claim, Syao-chan!"

Spinel twitched slightly. "Just tell him when you get close. No need to shout."

He felt an eyebrow twitch in irritation. Gods, that thing... Now he really wished he wasn't there as he was getting just as many stares from the bystanders as Nakuru was simply for being the one she was calling to.

The gender-confused guardian skidded to a stop in front of the Chinese boy, gripping him in a tight hug. "You've grown so much. You've gone from adorable shota to molestable jailbait!" Her grip on him tightened. "Eriol-sinsaang will be so happy to see you!"

"Ack, let me go dammit...And what the hell do you mean jailbait!?" He snapped as he fought his way out of her grasp and straightened his attire, picking up where he left off as he was making his way to the baggage claim with she showed up.

Nakuru titled her head to the side. "Well, in England, age of consent is 16 in some areas, 18 in others…" She placed a finger to her lips in though. "Or was that America? Anyway, you're only 15 so you're definitely still jailbait."

"...That wasn't…what I meant." He sighed before spotting the other guardian, nestled in Nakuru's shirt. "Spinel, I'm surprised you're here too. Where's that perverted old man at...I thought he would be here too?" He asked, amber orbs narrowing as he looked around cautiously.

Spinel squirmed his way to the front of the other guardian's garment. "If by perverted old man you mean our master, then no. He is back at the manor, awaiting your arrival." Nakuru pushed her forefinger against Syaoran's forehead.

"Once we get back you'll need your rest, despite it being in the middle of the day, hee hee." She skipped toward the conveyor belt and began checking tags for the brunette's name. "Anou, Syao-chan? I forgot how your name looks in Chinese!"

Spinel sighed. "Use your power to sense his aura, you dolt." He then ducked into her shirt as a woman nearby glanced up to see the source of the voice.

"Oh right!" Nakuru giggled before resuming her task. "There's one, and another and another..." She began pulling up pieces. "How much did you bring?!"

"Tch. I brought enough. I have no idea how long I'm going to be stuck here... " He grabbed an empty baggage cart and loaded his things onto it, there being about six altogether with his carry-on and rolling suitcase. "Your master," he almost spat out the beginning bit. "…never told me the length of time I'd be here, and, unless he told you, then you're going to have to deal with it. Now let's go, I'm tired as all hell and want to go to bed." Those were his final words prior to the group taking their leave to the car that Eriol had provided them.

"Eh? Eriol never specified to us either." Nakuru answered as they all got into the vehicle. "I'm assuming it's 'until your ready to leave'." She pondered for a moment before letting Spinel out of her shirt.

"...Ready to leave. That would be now." the brunette muttered under his breath as he rested an arm on the window, his lower face being buried in it as the wind blew his bangs. His expression could only be described as 'filled with contempt'.

"Anyway, seeing as how you're in such a good mood, let's hope Eriol's spells will get us there quickly." Spinel floated over to the icebox in the car and removed a can of fruit juice. "Our manor is large enough that you won't have to deal with Nakuru all of the time."

"Hey!" Nakuru kicked her leg in the air aiming for Spinel's head. "I'm not that bad."

Spinel dodged the kick before sighing. "Eriol-sama, please make the car go faster."

The ride was not too long, as the spells allowed the car to travel through buildings without being noticed, so in cutting down traffic. It only took ten minutes before it finally came to a stop in front of a brick and wood paneled manor.

"Eriol-sinsaang will be so happy!" Nakuru squealed as she skipped to the front of the mansion.

"Leave your baggage here, Li-san. Our master will take care of it." Spinel instructed before huffing angrily and following after his other half.

Syaoran begrudgingly got out and made his way to the front door, being as alert as he physically and mentally could in case the 'master of the house' decided to make his appearance. It was rather difficult, however, when he was so tired. "So where's my room? I want to go to bed." he demanded in an irate tone.

"Your room is in the west wing, upstairs, second door on the left." A new, deeper voice echoed as the front door to the manor was opened. "I hope you'll find it comfortable, Syaoran-kun. I wouldn't want such an esteemed guest to find anything wrong during his stay." He stood, in slacks and a blue pullover, looking as groomed as ever. His outstretched arm directed the brunette to the proper direction. He opened his eyes, letting his gaze travel as a smile forced its way to his face. "My, my, how you've grown, Syaoran-kun. It's been far too long. And don't worry, your training won't begin until tomorrow after breakfast."

The moment the young warrior heard the voice he went rigid as he made a choking sound in the back of his throat. After regaining his composure, he lofted a brow, twitching as he let his gaze meet that of his ancestor. Without words, he stalked up the stairs, staying as far away from the blue-haired teen as he could, almost having to cling to the wall to do so. "...Thanks." it was the only reply he gave, sighing heavily as he made it to the safety of his room.

"Well...he's a rather pleasant and considerate guest, isn't he Eriol? Honestly, what do you see in such a stuck-up snot nosed know-it-all little brat. He obviously can't stand your presence. So why are you so infatuated with him? There are plenty of other, sweeter fish in the sea..." Spinel heaved as he floated over to a small shelf and propped himself there, staring lazily at his creator.

Eriol's smile never faded as the boy left the room. "Oh, Spinel. It would seem you know little of human interaction. If I were to pursue a mate that agreed with me, then I wouldn't have any opportunity to play games on said mate, now would I?"

Spinel tilted his head. "Are you telling me, master, that you enjoy his rude behavior?"

"In a way, yes." He sat down in a large chair, facing the main fireplace. "After all, love is boring when it's predictable."

Spinel sighed. "I'll never understand humans, least of all you, master. But, how do you expect 

to keep him here when he gets wind of your plans?"

Eriol chuckled. "As part of his training I have made the house react to his emotion and feelings. I want him to control them better, or at least understand them. As a consequence, anytime he wants to leave the manor will become an impossible labyrinth and will grow until he no longer feels a desire to leave."

"And what if he feels that desire while outside?"

"Impossible." The mage stared into the crackling flames. "The house will not let him leave as long as there is even a remote possibility that he will run away."

As soon as Syaoran made it to the bed he threw himself on it and dozed off. It felt like an eternity before his eyes fluttered open and he groaned. "Man, how long was I out?" He lifted his head to look at a clock on his nightstand. "I shouldn't have asked." He muttered before deciding to wander the building, hoping to get a feel of his surroundings. "Hmn...This place is big, but it's not that big..." He mumbled as he sneaked down the hallway, looking for all of the ways out while at the same time places he could potentially hide from his new 'teacher'. "There's no way in hell I'm staying here to be his little toy...Soon as the chance arises I'm gone."

Eriol watched the boy wander from the all-seeing portal in his master room floor. "Oh, Syaoran-kun, you make this too easy, but, now would be as good a time as ever to begin your training. Seeing as how you're so eager." He began moving his arms, directing his fingers and wrists in a methodical manner and a slow, steady stream of magic flew from him. "I suppose we should start with your biggest weakness."

"Syaoran-kun..." Sakura's sweet voice echoed through the halls. "Syaoran-kun." Eriol moved his arms in a swift motion and soon the Clow mistress stood before the Chinese boy, wearing her trademark smile.

The warrior heaved, finding no end in sight to the mansion when the sound of the voice instantly caught his attention. "Sakura?" he blinked a few times, tilting his head in wonder as he knew she was in Japan, and yet there she was. Could Eriol have invited her without his knowing? 'Yeah right...' He stopped a little ways away from her and stared, his expression going blank. "...What are you doing here Sakura." he asked in a rather skeptical tone, he form becoming more alert than before. What's the old man up to.

She giggled, her expression remaining the same. "Eriol asked me to come help you with your training." Sakura placed a finger to lips in thought. "Something need to control emotions...I don't know. Eriol can be so confusing."

"Ah...I see. I figured as much if you're here, then it must have something to do with this...'training' he's talking about. I honestly don't believe him."

The Clow mistress put her hand behind her taking a few small steps forward. "I miss you, Syaoran-kun. You never come to Tomoeda, any more. Not even to...Tokyo."

He blinked, a little surprised at the sudden change in topic "I miss you too...I'm sorry I haven't been visiting, but I have obligations and duties to uphold within my family. I promise once those are fulfilled I'll come back."

She ignored him and instead wrapped him a warm embrace. "We all miss you so much, especially me. That's why I wanted to come here." She glanced up, a small blush on her cheeks. "I-I-I'm not...I'm not a little girl anymore." She almost whispered it. "I'm not as innocent as I used to be." Sakura's eyes closed as she leaned in, pressing her smaller body against the boy's.

"Eh? S-Sakura..." Her last comment made him flush, his arms having awkwardly slipped around her waist as he gaped at her, unsure of what exactly he should do. "N-Now isn't really the time to be talking about something like...l-like this...Who knows what that lecherous old mage is up to...he's probably watching us right now..." He commented and pulled away, taking her by the hand. "I think what we need to do is find a way out of here. This place gives me the creeps...And I have a feeling you're in danger if you stay here..." He murmured and started walking once more, the grip he had on her hand not letting up.

"S-Syaoran-kun." She nodded, although a glum look replaced her happy one. "I understand. If you really think I'm in danger then maybe we should find a way out. As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy." She reached for his wrist rubbing it lightly. "But, could you...I mean...we haven't seen each other in so long...could we, uhm." Sakura nervously pawed the floor with her foot. "Couldn't we kiss a little...since it's been so long, you see?" She looked as though she was about to burst from embarrassment. "Hoe, that sound weird no matter how I say it..." She leaned in again. "Just once, please don't make me ask again."

"Huh?" Really...Even she should understand that her safety is a little more important than that right now. It's not like we'd never see each other and again and there'd be plenty of time for that after we're out of this mess. Why is she being so...I don't know...Almost selfish. He pondered, though it was hard for him to think something of the ever clueless and somewhat air-headed magical girl. There was a pause in his steps albeit the uneasiness that something was out of place still settled in his stomach. "Sakura...I...Hnn...I suppose just one. We can't waste time here, who knows what traps are hidden in this place." he uttered as he turned to her and tilted her chin up, blushing lightly as he leaned in and kissed her gently.

Sakura smiled as their lips touch. "Fool. And this is where you die."

"Sakura...?" The boy barely had time to react at all as a knife formed in her hand before she plunged it into his neck. He let out a cry of pain and confusion as he watched her face warped into that of a demon, unrecognizable to anyone who knew the Clow mistress personally. As her laughter faded so did her visage until all signs of her presence were gone, including the 'knife wound' she had inflicted.

"An illusion." Eriol had now materialized beside the brunette. "Had you been more powerful you would have known immediately that she wasn't real. You allowed your feelings to cloud your judgment. Even if you had not kissed her, she would have killed you at a moment she felt right. You trust too easily, Syaoran-kun." The chesire smile once again presented itself. "And if this had been real, had that been a real enemy, you would have died."

The shorter teen jumped upon hearing Eriol's voice and spun around to glare at him. "You bastard!" He pulled out his sword and pointed it at the magician, looking a little more than pissed. "Don't smile at me like that! I know you're planning something and it's going to piss me off. I can't wait to smack that stupid fucking smile off that cocky face of yours. You'll get what's coming to you old man, I promise! Now how the hell do I get out of here!?"

Eriol chuckled. "The way to get out, Syaoran, is win the game."

"Tch. I'm not here to play your stupid games, Clow!" he snarled and clenched his fist.

The mage placed a finger on the sharp tip of the sword, pressing down on it. "I hope you don't plan to slice me with that thing. That wouldn't do at all. How are you supposed to learn with a slain teacher?"

"I wasn't, but it sure as hell would make me feel better."

Eriol turned to face the hallway, breathing in deeply. "The way out is through the understanding of your own heart. That is something you have not yet mastered. You may hate me now, but in time you'll come to understand my methods."

Syaoran felt more than a little confused as the answer to his question. "What in the Hell do you mean by that?"

Eriol ignored the curses, and instead leaned forward, gripping the sword around the blade, although it did not cut into him, and wrenched it to the side. "And when you do come to understand me..." He reached out and held the young warrior's chin in his hand. "You'll thank me, Syaoran...kun..." He slowly faded, replaced by wisps of smoke that wafted throughout the hallway.

Syaoran felt a blush creep up to his cheeks, but promptly pushed it down. With a snort he rubbed where Eriol had held him and huffed as he continued venturing deeper into the labyrinth. "I will hate you no matter what the outcome you lecher! Nothing's going to change my mind!" he added as an afterthought, now being more cautious than he had at first, not trusting anything that was owned by his ancestor.

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