Me: Welcome all to the new show "Ambrosia and Nectar for the Soul" with me, your host, Moonray9. Before I explain this little show we have here, I would like to announce that I do own PJO! Just kidding, I do not own PJO or any of its characters. -sniff-

Percy: Just get on with this idiotic show.

Me: Thank you for that Percy, I will make sure to pay you back later. -gives evil smile- Anyways in this show I want you to write reviews talking about your life and troubles, and the PJO crew and I will laugh at your misfortu- I mean do our best to give helpful advice!

Thalia: How do I know this show is going to be pathetic?

Annabeth: This sucks.

Nico: Talk about it.

Me: Will everyone just shut up or do I have to force you to by ripping out your voice boxes and shoving them down your throats and then…

Thalia: Stop right there.

Me: Ok to make this more interesting I'm going to bring in more characters!

Audience in sarcastic voices: Yaaaaay.

Me: Be right back -leaves room-

Percy: I wonder who she is getting.

Annabeth: Probably Grover and some random side characters like Clarisse, Silena, and Beckandorf.

Just then Moonray9 entered the room followed by Kelli the empousa, Luke, Tyson, and the Stoll brothers.

Thalia: Well those characters are certainly random.

Percy: -Looks at Kelli- Aren't you dead?

Kelli: Aren't you stupid. I'm a monster, I regenerated and now I'm back to have a little snack.

Me: Kelli, you and Hecate are awesome and all but I will have no killing,

Everyone: Awwww

Me: Unless it's Luke.

Luke: Hey! How come I'm the only one allowed to be killed?

Me: Because your ugly and your mommy dresses you funny.

Luke: Why you…

Percy: I just realized something!

Everyone: Gasp!

Annabeth: How could you, Seaweed Brain, have possibly noticed anything that is important enough to be announced out loud that none of us have already stated?

Percy: I'm not stupid!

Me: Forget what Annabeth just said. Tell us what you realized!

Percy: Ok, what I realized is that shouldn't-

Percy was interrupted by a loud and obnoxious drumroll.

Annabeth: Thalia!

Thalia: Sorry it was so tempting.

Percy: Ok back to what I was saying. Shouldn't Lu-

Thalia:with iPod headphones in her ears Don't want to be an American idiot,Don't want a nation under the new mania And can you hear the sound of hysteria?The subliminal mind f America.

Everyone: Thalia!! (this was followed up by the noises of someone being beat up.)

A few minutes later...

Percy: -Looking at the tied up and gagged Thalia- Ok now that is taken care of I will continue. Shouldn't Luke still be possessed by Kronos?(Bum bum buuuum)

Everyone: -Looking at Luke-...

Luke: Ummm... that's a long story...

Me: Well?!

Luke:Well I'm kind of half Kronos...

Kronos/Luke: Shut up, you foolish mortal! You weren't suppose to tell them that!

Luke:Well sooorry if I thought they should know.

Kronos/Luke: Did you just use sarcasm on me. You shall be punished for your insolence!-Starts punching himself-

Luke: It's my body! I get to do what I want!-Continues punching his self-


Me: Yeeeaaa... I'm just going to end this before things get any more strange

Grover: -bursts into room- Coffee, coffee, Oh wonderful, caffineful coffeeee!O.o!!

Nico: Too late...

Percy: Can we go now?

Kelli: The cyclops is poking me...

Tyson: Lady has furry leg.

Travis and Connor:Are we allowed to talk?

Everyone: No!

Me: Yea people send reviews telling us your problems and we will try to help you. -sounds of a fight beginning-Yeeaaa bye.


Kelli: Will someone shut him up!?

Me: sigh