The baby was sleeping soundly and did not notice the shimmering light above her. Only when a tender hand brushed her cheek did the infant realize someone was over her crib. She opened her eyes and let out a small giggle as her tiny hand clasped one of the strangers fingers.

The woman smiled gently at the infant. "Go back to sleep little one," she whispered sweetly, "we can't wake your mommy and daddy up." She waved her free hand over the child and she quickly fell back into her slumber.

The woman looked around the room. The castle looked so different than when she was her last. It was still beautiful, but it had a much more comfortable feeling now. She looked toward the bed that was just a few feet away from the crib. There was a couple in the bed, sleeping soundly together under the covers. The woman in the bed was beautiful, inside and out, she could tell.

"No wonder she broke my spell." The Enchantress smiled and looked back to the sleeping infant.

"Little one," The Enchantress said, "you have brought your parents so much joy, and not only have they stayed strongly in love these past years, you have made their love even stronger." The Enchantress glanced once more over to the bed and then back to the crib. "You see, I really do like it when people I "visit" learn their lesson. In fact, I think they did such a good job, I am going to reward them." The Enchantress finally freed her other hand from the sleeping child's grasp. "Little princess, I will protect you when even your parents can not. I will always be keeping an eye on you." The Enchantress then took out a small chain and put it around the child's neck. On the end of the chain was a small glass rose. "As long as you wear this," The Enchantress stated, "no harm shall come to you."

The Enchantress started to glow and she began to fade. The baby's eyes then began to open and she smiled at The Enchantress. The Enchantress smiled back and right before she vanished she said, "Think of this as a repayment for the pain I caused you Your Majistey." With that she was gone.

The baby girl started to whimper. She didn't like it that her new friend had left and started to cry.

The woman in the bed sprang up. "Hope." She said worriedly. She went over to the crib and picked up her daughter.

"Belle," the man in the bed quickly went over to try to help comfort the crying infant. "is Hope alright?"

"Yes Adam," Belle replied, "I think something must have spooked her."

"Well I think she's alright." Adam said to his wife. "Look, she's already almost back to sleep."

He was right. Hope had stopped crying and her eyes where fluttering shut.

"It was almost time to get up anyway." Belle said as she looked toward the window. Outside the sky was glowing radiant oranges and pinks as the sun was peeking up from the horizon line. Belle gently placed Hope back into her crib and tucked her in.

Belle and Adam left the room to leave their daughter to her slumber.

A/N: Alright, I hope you liked this first little prologue. I have to tell you that this prologue is written differently then the rest of the story, just thought I'd let you know. Also, I picked to name the prince Adam. That's just what I've been use to calling him so please don't get mad at me. I hope you like my story and choose to R&R it!