Title: Candy Hearts
Fandom: Port Charles
Pairing: Rali
Rating: G
Word Count: 252
Disclaimer: I don't own Port Charles or any of it's characters. If I did it never would have been canceled.
Summary: Rafe has a special Valentine's Day surprise for Alison.
A/N: This is pure Valentine's Day fluff. I claimed Alison at a writting community on livejournal. So you can expect more Rali fic from me in the future. Though they may not all be as happy and fluffy as this one is. Anyway feedback is appreciated.

Alison walked through the door, throwing her jacket and purse in the chair. She smiled when she saw the bouquet of pink roses, her favorite, sitting on the table. She bent down to smell them and read the card.

To my Angel,

Happy Valentine's Day


"Aww Rafe." Alison said to herself.

Rafe walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and kissed her neck. "Rafe I love them. Thank you." Alison said. She turned around and kissed him.

"Close your eyes." Rafe said.

"Rafe!" Alison exclaimed. She wondered what he was up to now.

"Just do it." Rafe told her. Alison did as she was told; closing her eyes she waited for Rafe's instructions.

Rafe dug around in the closet until he found what he was looking for. "Hold out your hands." Rafe told Alison. Alison held out her hands. Rafe placed the box in her outstretched hands. "Ok open them." Rafe said. Alison opened her eyes to see a box of candy hearts resting in her hands. "Open it." Rafe told her.

Alison opened the box and dumped a few out in her hand. She read the inscriptions on them. She'd never seen ones like these before. She looked up at Rafe, questioningly. "I had them special made just for you angel. Each one will remind you just how much I love you." Rafe told her.

"Aww Rafe I love it. Thank you." Alison said, kissing him. It was the best Valentine's Day gift she'd ever gotten.