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Chapter 1

Lucas Scott sat on his couch with his head in his hands, trying to drown out the loud voices around him. It had been a long day and all he had wanted to do when he got home was fall into bed and sleep the night away.

But unfortunately, Peyton Sawyer had other plans.

"Lucas, are you even listening to me?"

Her aggravated voice forced him to open his eyes and look up at his fiancée.


"Yeah, I didn't think so." She sighed and sat down next to him on the couch, putting her hands over his. "Come on, Luke, this is our wedding we're talking about. I really need your input."

He shrugged in response. "I honestly don't have any input to give, Peyton. I already told you a million times that it was your wedding to plan. I'll be fine with whatever you decide."

"You say that now, but--,"

"Peyton, give the poor guy some space," Haley interrupted and Lucas couldn't help but smile in gratitude.

Peyton looked at Haley with a mixture of betrayal and annoyance. "Haley, the wedding's in two months! We can't just leave all the details until the week before. Besides, this time I actually need Lucas' opinion. He needs to pick out his tux."

Lucas groaned; this is exactly what he didn't want to tonight—pick out clothes. "Why don't you let Brooke pick it out? She's the expert on fashion, I'm sure she'll find me the best suit possible."

Peyton stared at him with an impatient expression, as if she couldn't believe he even suggested that, before shaking her head in disbelief. "Lucas, Brooke is not picking out your suit! She's already got my dress to worry about plus a million other things. I'm not gonna make her worry about anything else."

His shoulders sagged in defeat. "Fine. Give me the magazine then."

As he scanned through the magazine, looking at all of the choices, which, quite frankly, all looked the same, he found it very hard to concentrate. To say that these past few months had been nothing like he had expected would be an understatement. Three months ago, Lucas had asked Peyton to Las Vegas, where he intended on marrying her. However, after deciding getting married in Vegas simply wasn't romantic enough they had settled on an engagement.

But Peyton didn't want to wait long to get married. In fact, she would have married him the minute they returned to Tree Hill if she had had her way. Luckily, Lucas and the others had convinced her to wait a few more months.

Lucas hadn't been looking forward to planning a wedding at all, after all he had done it all before only a few months before, but after he had time to think about it, he was glad that he and Peyton hadn't rushed into marriage. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but worry that they were rushing into things. He had thought that by getting back together, his and Peyton's relationship would go back to how it used to be. But it didn't and, although he hoped it would as time went by, he had begun to wonder if it ever would. It had been three months and very little had changed between them. He had thought that he had made the right choice by asking Peyton, after all she had came to the airport ready to marry him, but now he was beginning to wonder. And that scared the hell out of him.

"I like that one," Lucas muttered, pointing to a random suit on the page he had been mindlessly staring at.

"Good choice, Luke," Haley said, smiling at him in encouragement.

"See, that wasn't too hard, was it?" Peyton said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Nope," he sighed, standing up and heading towards his bedroom. "I'm gonna hit the sack. It's been a long day."

"I'll join you in a bit, Lucas," Peyton said, flipping through a bridal magazine. "I've got a few more things to do."

"Yeah," Lucas muttered, running a hand through his hair. "See you, Hales."

"I should probably get going," Haley said, standing up with Lucas. "Knowing Nathan, Jamie's probably still up playing video games and eating ice cream or something like that. I'll see you later, Peyton. Come on, Luke, walk me out."

Lucas glanced at her curiously, but followed her towards the front door.

"I'll see you later, then," he said as she made her way outside.

"Lucas, wait," she said, motioning for him to join her on the front porch. He quietly closed the door behind her and waited for her to speak.

"Is everything okay between you and Peyton?" Haley asked softly, the concern evident in her voice.

"What? Yeah, everything's fine. Why do you ask?"

"It's just… I don't know. Maybe I'm reading too much into things but you don't seem very happy. And I just thought that since you were finally back together you'd be a bit more enthusiastic about marrying her."

"I thought so too, to be honest," Lucas murmured.

"Have you ever thought that might have rushed into this too quickly? I mean maybe you should wait a little while longer to get married. Like a full year or something."

"Haley, why are you mentioning this? Weren't you the one who encouraged me to make a choice? I made a choice, Haley, and it was Peyton, and I'm gonna stick with that choice."

"Luke," Haley said quietly, "I didn't want you to hide your heart any longer, so yeah I did want you to make a choice, but I didn't mean you had to do it right away. Look, I love Peyton like a sister. And I love you like a brother. I want you both to be happy, but right now you two barely seem to be holding on. You argue with each other all the time and you don't seem the least bit interested in your own wedding. And you just don't seem happy. At least not the way you should be now that you've made your final choice."

"We're happy, Haley." Lucas turned to go; he was done with arguing tonight and he definitely didn't feel like discussing his and Peyton's relationship with her any longer.

"Are you really, though?"

He paused, his hand frozen on the door knob. "It doesn't really matter anymore, does it?"

With that, Lucas slammed the door, leaving a disappointed Haley behind.