.:All We Have Is Hope:.

a breaking dawn drabble series(??)

by grayx3eyedsoul

I noticed Siobahon rubbing her temples, her eyes closed in concentration.

Was she humoring Carlise?

Trying to visualize a diplomatic resolution?

Breaking Dawn, Book Three, By Stephenie Meyer.

"Hope is all we have left," whisper Maggie, our silent conversation ignored by Liam as he started at the trees, ignoring us as we walked across the dirt path in the forest. I nodded, watching Maggie silently as her eyes flicked to Liam as she smiled, happy with my agreement. "Their daughter is well worth witnessing for. Her story is quite impressive." Maggie smiled, and ducked as Liam threw another tree deeper into the forest. We fell into a comfortable silence, dropping the walk and breaking into a quick sprint, our thoughts accompanying us instead.

"Will you try? At all? After Alistair, things have gotten worse!" Maggie's warm voice cut though silence, apprehension coated on every word. Liam growled at Maggie's words, but otherwise made no comment. I frowned, Carlise and Esme's worried face sifting though my thoughts, and eventually the Volturi's blood- red milky eyes made their way to me. But Liam's face pushed forward, and all the moments we shared, all the private moments. Maggie and Liam and me. A coven, but we cared for each other. Maggie was like a daughter to me -- the little girl I could never have. Our travels, hopes and dreams.

The last month and a half flashed in the lids of my eyes, warm and hopeful. The laughs that where shared, the moments where you could cut the tension apart -- bit by bit. Tanya and Kate's vengeful eyes when they spoke of the Volturi, and Bella's scared eyes. You could see it, no matter what we all said. They way everyone held closer, they way it got worse as they snow fell. Even Nessie stood still by the windows, sitting in Edward's lap as he went over Alice's vison, Bella running out and about -- no doubt to do something for her daughter. Charlie even commented on it once, having Bella and Edward laugh, nervously.

When I came back to forest, I found us back in the Cullens' backyard: Maggie's red curls where bouncing, her hands failing wild as she stood and talked to Benjamin and Tia, Edward looking in, Nessie on his lap. I walked across the path, pulling Maggie inside, steadying her in the kitchen.

"I will," I whispered, shaking my head as she opened her mouth, "But you cannot tell anyone. This will only enforce Carlise and he'll want to look deeper into it. And I love Carlise, but now is not the time for this."

She nodded, her smile so bright. "Thank you! Thank you." She whispered, and then enveloped me in a hug. I stroked her hair, echoing her words from before.

"Hope is all we have left."

This popped into my head after I re-read parts of Breaking Dawn. I do have some more drabbles, so I might post them here. But the final draft of this has changed from what I had before. I might put of the "real" one, only because I like that better.