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First Annual Halloween Party

Dan's mouth dropped open at the flood of hotness that had just entered his house. Costume parties were officially an annual Halloween event, thanks to Serena and Blair. The two girls had just shown up dressed as Superwoman and Batgirl, respectively; and they were turning more than a few heads. Gathering his wits (and glancing down, just in case…) he made his way over to them to say hi.

"Ladies," he smiled.

"Hey Dan!" they chorused.

"The paparazzi are going to have a field day with you…"

"We know," Serena grinned, wrapping an arm around Blair. "Why do you think we did it?"

Laughing, Dan pointed out the drinks and the chocolate bar and made his way over to mingle with the rest of the guests.

"You know he's right," Blair smiled as they examined the different chocolate sculptures. "We're never gonna live this one down."

"At least the fans'll enjoy it," Serena laughed. "Did you see Chuck?"

"Who the fuck told him he'd look cool as a Spartan warrior?" Blair rolled her eyes.


On a scale of 1 to 10, Blair gave this party an 8. She hadn't started to get bored until just recently, which was saying something. Especially for Dan's parties. Somehow she'd lost Serena in the crowd and hadn't had the time to find her; reporters had found their way in. Apparently she and Chuck were a couple again, and she'd had to deflect PR-mance questions for a while. If ignorance was bliss, the media was in a constant state of orgasm. She and Serena couldn't possibly get anymore obvious, and still no one had figured it out.

Turning around, she scanned the crowd again and finally spied Serena on the staircase. Fuck, she was giving her the look again. The "you've got exactly 3.37 minutes to find somewhere private before I take you right on the dance floor" look. With a smirk, Blair made her way up the stairs to Serena.

"Hey you," she smiled. "Somethin' on your mind?"

"Just giving myself a pat on the back for picking out your costume," Serena said quietly. "Come talk to me?" she nodded toward the guest bedrooms.

Come talk to me. Universally accepted Waldsen Code for "Do me right this instant." Blair led the way…


Serena was facing a very tough decision. On the one hand, she wanted Blair naked. Immediately. On the other, her girlfriend looked hot as all fuck in the Batgirl outfit. Deciding that checking "Bang Batgirl" off of her list of things to do before she died was a must, Serena figured she'd work around the small skirt.

"Se—Serena," Blair moaned, feeling the blonde's hand on her. "Rental—can't get…anythinonit…"

"Fuck renting, I'm buying this for you," Serena mumbled into Blair's neck.


Where the hell were Serena and Blair? They were going to miss the Monster Mash…

Dan walked down the guest hall and paused. There were noises coming from the last room on the left. Strange noises…


Dan wondered, before heading back downstairs, what his tabloid girlfriend was doing to Blair…

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