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Penn's Annual Halloween Party

"Serena!" Blair screeched. "I'm not wearing that!"

"Come on! It's my turn to pick the costume theme, and after last year I'm milking it…"

"You got a fucking flaming sword; you've got nothing to complain about," Blair smirked, taking the costume box from her girlfriend. "What is with you and the whole superhero thing?"

"We got to be heroes, now we're villains!" Serena answered, pulling her hair into a ponytail. "Get dressed, we've got to be there in an hour and a half."


"Bloody hell," Chuck grinned at Dan. "And you said they couldn't one-up last year…"

Dan quickly ran through his "calming words"- puppies, baseball, grandma's Christmas dinner. It was no use. Luckily, he was dressed as a Twinkie that year, so he doesn't have to make a mad dash to the bathroom right away…

"Hey guys!" Blair called, strolling over with Blake.

"Hi," Dan squeaked. "Umm, I have to go…check on the caterers. I'll be back."

"What's up with him?" Serena asked.

"I think you finally broke him," Chuck laughed, pulling a compact mirror out of his pocket and licking chocolate icing off of his vampire fangs. "So…Harley and Poison Ivy? It was Serena's turn to pick the costumes, wasn't it?"

"What makes you think that?" Serena huffed.

"I'd just be really surprised if Blair was the closet comic book geek of the two of you."

"Okay, you know us way too well…" Serena told him as Blair laughed.

"Let me show you the jack-o-lanterns," Chuck nodded towards a table with huge pumpkin sculptures.

"He's really into this, isn't he?" Blair shook her head.

"Oh, this isn't half of it," Chuck told them. "He's got a whole Halloween carnival out back."

"What?" both girls asked.

"They've got a bunch of candy booths, Pin the Hat on the Witch, Mummy Wrapping, and a lot of other games. I'll show you once we see the pumpkins."

Alright, Blair thought, We officially have too much money to waste…

Someone had carved likenesses of the entire senior class out of pumpkins and other assorted gourds. They'd gotten her hair wrong, and hadn't been generous enough when forming pumpkin!Serena's chest; but other than that, the models were quite good.

By the time they got out to the carnival, the party was in full swing. Grabbing a cotton candy, the two girls parted from their costar and began inspecting the insanity that Dan had set up that year.

"Serena, win me something," Blair pouted, pointing at a dart game.

"Serena? Who's Serena?" the blonde grinned. "I'm Harley tonight, babe."

"Fine, Harley," Blair smiled and rolled her eyes. "Win me something?"

"Of course, Ivy."

"Step right up, ladies!" the worker at the dart booth called. He handed Serena three darts and said, "Go ahead, pop some pumpkins. One pumpkin is candy, two is a small stuffed animal, and three is a big stuffed animal."

Blair went ahead and mentally chose which big toy she wanted. Serena had the aim of a sniper and reflexes like a mongoose; three pumpkins would be cake for her. Sure enough, fifteen seconds later, they were walking away from the booth; Blair carrying a large bear-frankenstien under one arm.

"Thank you Harley," she smirked, just barely restraining the urge to give Serena a kiss.

"No problem Ivy," Serena smiled. She leaned closer to Blair and whispered, "You owe me later…"

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