LOL this started as a joke between my bff and I, but we decided to make it into a story. We do not own Teen Titans or Maury. We only own the plot! This is kinda an inside joke.

It was a sunny day on the set of Maury, and the Teen Titans were getting ready to go on. After a few minutes of preparation, the crowd started chanting Maury and it was the cue to start the show.

"Hello and welcome to Maury, today we have some very special guests. The Teen Titans." Maury said as the crowd cheered. He continued.

" Our first guest is Starfire." Wolf whistles were heard throughout the crowd, and a bird-a-rang flew through the crowd then it was very quiet.

"Hello. Thank you for allowing me to partake in this show." Starfire said.

"Now, I hear that you're pregnant." The crowd said Ohhhhhh. Starfire nodded.

"Now I also hear that you're not sure who the father is." Random statements were heard as well as more ohhhh's and gasps.

"How could you not know who the father is!" Someone from the crowd yelled.

"Well I've only been with Robin but-" Starfire was cut off by the crowd. A sign on a screen above the crowd said to gasp and cuss.

"You've been with that many guys!" Maury exclaimed. Starfire looked scared..

"One is a lot?"

"What would Robin say about this!" Meanwhile Robin was in a soundproof cage trying to break out. Starfire just sat there in shock.

"Ohhhh this doesn't look good, let's bring out Robin." Maury said. All of a sudden Robin comes out doing back flips with his bo-staff in his hand, ready to battle.

"Starfire! Are you alright!" Robin yelled. Starfire sat in a corner rocking, and murmuring.

"Robin take a seat and let's talk." Maury said.

"What Beep did you beep do to her!" Robin looked confused at the beeping sounds before adding

"I wasn't Cussing..."

"So Robin, how is your relationship with Starfire?"

"Well it's going great." Robin replied.

"But little does Robin know-" The narrator was cut off by Robin

"What! What's going on? What don't I know?" He said frantically.

"That his baby might not be his!" The narrator said. Robin had a shocked look frozen on his face, and Starfire still sat in the corner.

"Starfire... what's going on?" Robin asked.

"I've only been with you. Beep, beep, beep,beep." Starfire said. After she said you her mouth stopped moving while the beeping continued.

"What the beep is going on!" Robin yelled.

"I'll tell you what's going on, we'll bring out the potential fathers." Then some muscular men came out dragging Beast boy, and Slade. Then out walked Cyborg with a bucket of popcorn in his hands, who then sat down in the front row with Raven, who sat next to Batman. Batman didn't look too happy to see his adopted son on Maury. The look on Robin's face was priceless when he realized Batman was sitting in the front row.

"Daddy?" Robin squeaked. Batman just gave him the cold shoulder.

"Ohhhh burn!" Some of the crowd said. Robin glared at them before looking at Beast boy.

"You're dead to me."

"I don't even know why I'm here!" Beast boy said trying to defend himself.

"Ohhhh this is getting good!" Cyborg said while shoving popcorn in his mouth. Raven rolled her eyes and said

"Typical TV trash."

"Next we'll have the DNA testing, and lie detector test. Stay tuned!"

-Commercial break-

At Teen Titans East.

Mas e Menos were speechless.

"I can't believe she would do that!" Aqualad said breaking the silence.

"I know! She seemed so innocent." Speedy replied.

"I think the show is rigged." Bumblebee added.

"5 bucks says it's Beast boy's." Speedy said.

"5 bucks says it's Robin's" Bumblebee said.

"5 bucks says it's Slade's." Aqualad said. Everyone gave him a grossed out look.

"WHAT!" Aqualad said.

Now back to Maury.

"Now boys during the commercial you all had DNA tests and were hooked up to the lie detector." Maury said before adding

"And the father is not... Beast boy, or Slade."

"Yes! So it must be mine!" Robin exclaimed.

"The father is..."

Sorry if you think this story is bashing other characters. It was meant as a joke.

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