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"Thank you all for tuning in to this exciting new episode of Teen Titans on Maury!" Maury said as he strode up to the stage. The audience enthusiastically cheered.

"Now for the final auditions!" more cheering from the crowd. Raven glowered while Starfire sipped a bottle of mustard next to Robin. And Slade stared creepily at Robin in a way only a pedophile villain can do.

"Now then who will go first? Starfire or Raven?" The audience chanted but Maury interrupted.

"After this commercial break!"

"What!" an audience member yelled "it just started!"

"Well" Maury said " Beep beep beep beep beeeeeeep." Maury stopped talking and glared at the man in control of the beeper button.

"As I was saying.. Beeeeeep!" More glares at the beep man. A bat-a-rang suddenly shot out and hit him in the head.

"Thank you Batman" The camera panned towards Batman as he stoically said nothing.

"Now then, the reason we have so many commercials is because Teen Titans is a brand name…and I want money.. I mean…no yeah I just want money and sponsors…. I have a dark secret…I have a plastic spoon obsession….now on to commercials!" Maury finished with a flourish. The crowd stared in shock at his confession.

-commercial- meow meow meow!

The commercial started with a lawyer looking women walking across a beach with a cop.

"Pedophiles are a very real and scary part of our world." She and the cop stopped in front of Titans Tower.

"They even creep on none other than…" The camera zoomed in on her face "the Teen Titans." Dramatic music played in the background.

"What we are about to show may not be suitable for children viewers have been warned." The cop said.

"Now we have some very sensitive security footage from Titan Tower. Please roll the film." The lawyer said. A black and white video began to play across the screen.

Slade somehow broke into Titans Tower and began tip toeing across the room. The screen cut to Robin's room. Slade began rummaging through his room until he found an old cape. He squealed and greedily began sniffing it. It then cut to Slade wearing Robin's uniform and rubbing boots over his face.

"We hope what have just showed tonight makes you realize the dangers of pedophiles. Thank you."


There was an awkward silence in the audience.

"I….am SOOOO kicked out of the supervillian club…" Slade muttered as he slid down in his chair.

"I…really don't know what to say about this…" Maury rubbed the back of his head and backed away.

"And they didn't even show him trying on Starfire's clothes…" Maury muttered.

"What!" Slade yelled.

"Nothing! Moving on!"

"Why would Slade be wearing my clothes?" Starfire asked.

"Nothing Star." Robin said and held her hand.

"I wish I could be Starfire.." Slade sighed. Everyone turned to him.

"Crap! Did I say that out loud? I mean…umm…uh…yeah I have no good excuse for this one…" Slade then threw a smoke bomb onto the ground and disappeared.

"Where the crap did he go!" Maury yelled "Security! There's a pedophile on the loose!" The security team dispatched…but not the rookie who just turned 18...

"Wait!" One of the security officers yelled "We can use the rookie as bait to lure him out!"

"No!" The chief of police yelled "I don't want to lose another guy! Not again…not like this.." The camera zoomed in on his face, which had a distant look.

"Okay then while they look for Slade let's finish auditions!" Starfire and Raven exchanged looks at Maury's words.

"Now how about Raven…" Raven's eyes turned blood red as she glared deadly at him.

"I Starfire! She can go first!" Maury quickly corrected.

"Yay!" Stafire flew to the stage and began her audition.

She only got through the first few lines when Maury cut her off.

"That…was…beautiful!" Maury sniffled. The audience then gave her a standing ovation. Starfire smiled and flew back to her boyfriend.

"Now, it's Raven!" The temperature went down at least ten degrees. Raven glared and got up.

"You are my sunshine..: She mumbled. The rest was inaudible as she mumbled the rest of the song.

"Beautiful!" Maury clapped. Raven gave another deadly glare at Maury who shivered. She sulked back to her seat and crossed her arms.

"Now we will introduce a guest judge!" Maury announced.

"Wait what? A guest judge?" Cyborg asked confused.

"Simon Cal!" Maury waved his arm as Simon walked onto the stage.

"I hate you all!" Simon waved and smiled at the cheering crowd.

"And another Judge! Frollo!" Maury yelled. The crowd had mixed reactions since nobody really knew who that was.

A man in a fancy purple priest robe came walking out. The look on his face was a mixture of constipation, arrogance, and pure hatred. He sniffed and continued walking.

"Careful you might get a nosebleed with your nose that high." Beast Boy scoffed.

"So who is the girl dressed like a slut?" Frollo asked disdainfully. Robin then looked like he was about to commit murder.

"Wait which one?" Maury asked "We have an audience with teenage girls in it…." The crowed ooohhh'd and booed at the same time.

"The one in the purple." He replied. A bird-a-rang then smack him in the head knocking him unconscious.

"What does slut mean Robin? Is it a good thing?" Starfire questioned.

"For guys it is!" An audience member yelled out. Robin glared at him and pulled Starfire away in an attempt to explain the word slut.

"Well….While we wait for the medics for Frollo and get Starfire into more.." Maury glanced at a glaring Robin.

"comfy clothes.. Here is a commercial."

-commercial- Moo Moo Moo Moo

"This commercial is brought to you by Beast Boy's superhero dating services. Are you tired of your super ex girlfriend throwing your stuff to the moon? Or your boyfriend shape shifting and leaving? Or having to go do 'Business' On Krypton and NEVER returning your calls-""Lois! What did I say about ranting on the commercials!" The producer yelled.

"Sorry! Well then you need Beast Boy's superhero dating site! It matches you based on power, background, good or evil, and personality. So come on down and check it out and see who your perfect match is."


"Well since mostly everyone is trying to kill each other I think we'll call it wraps. Tune for the next new episode of Teen Titans on Maury! When we will begin play rehearsal!" Maury exclaimed. The camera panned out to a scene of total chaos and the stage was on fire.

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