3 years after the marriage of Tristian Thorn and Yviane the Star, the village of Wall was still talking about it

3 years after the marriage of Tristan Thorn and Yviane the Star, the village of Wall was still talking about it. How beautiful everyone was and how the kingdom of Stormhold was just fascinating. But no one crossed the wall again. No one knew way, it was just rumored that, if you crossed the wall, you wouldn't return. And the villagers liked their average, normal, mediocre lives. And they certainty didn't like change. All except one. One who longed for adventure, something that you couldn't find in the village, no matter how many wild and crazy things you did. Once it was over, it was over. Nothing remained except a reputation for being a little bit weird. Which is exactly what Emily Travene had. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the village by far, but she was the one that attracted the most stares. Maybe it was the fact that she refused to wear skirts, reasoning that she would just ruin them all with her hiking and other…things. Or maybe it was the fact that her brown hair, which was long enough to reach her waist once upon a time, could now only barely reach her shoulders. In any case, Emily was not satisfied with Wall. But there was nowhere else to go. Or was there?

She had heard about the wedding, but at that time she had only been 13, and had not been aloud to go. Now she was 16 and she wanted to do what no one else wanted to do. Cross the wall. There wasn't a guard, the last one had quit several days before the royal wedding, but no one really knew what was over the wall. And so, they did as people who live in small towns do when they don't know something, they made story's up. Some of the stories were down right ludicrous, tales with monsters galore and witches and other evil things that attacked you at every opportunity. Emily knew better then to believe those stories but some had a measure of truth in them. Stories about witches and pirates and princes. And most of all, Emily loved the story of how King Tristan found Yvaine, and how he became the king of Stormhold, because Tristan had come from Wall, and had led an ordinary life as a shop boy, before his adventures in Stormhold began. That was what fascinated her along with the thought that she could also do something that amazing, if only she could find a way to cross the wall without interference from the villagers.

Emily found her chance on the day of the summer festival. This was the day that all of the people in the villagers stayed up late and partied through the night. No one would notice if she left then. She would just have to leave a note, grab the things that she wanted to take with her, and go. It was really that simple. She had packed her knife, two more pairs of clothing, provisions for a few days, a few coins, and a sturdy wooden staff. The staff was really only for the village men, because on the day of the summer festival, they all got drunk and would stop any girl who they could catch and demand a kiss. A quick smack with the staff to the head would hopefully stop them, or at least slow them down.

Emily made her way through the quiet streets of Wall, maneuvering through the sprawled out bodies with care. She didn't want to wake anyone up, even though most of them were dead drunk and would probably have the worst hangover of their lives in the morning. At one in the morning, she reached the edge of the field by the wall.