"James! Albus! Lily! Harry!" Ginny leaned out from the back of the porch, watching her family run and play.

"We're coming Ginny!" Harry yelled, just before being tackled by James, who stole the football from him, and kicked it into the makeshift goal they had set up.

"Mum! Mummmm!" Little Lily was running, her blanket trailing behind her from Albus who was chasing her with a small bug. With a sigh, Ginny stepped off the porch, and make the walk to their 'play' area.

"Inside. Now. And wash up, and in five minutes I want you all down to dinner. Or no Quidditch Matches on the Wireless for a week. Even you Lily," she added when the little girl made to protest.

The family made their walk of shame into the house, smelling of summer.

Of sweat and dirt, and flowers and playing.

Of childhood.

Still not my favorite. Not liking these seasons.