Title: Theme #13 : colors in a life's spectrum

Author: Val-Creative

Genre: Tragedy/Drabble

Characters: Suzaku, Euphemia

Rating: PG for mentions of previous character death. SPOILORS for season one, episode 22.

Disclaimer: CLAMP owns CG.

He would be forever haunted by the color.

Of bottomless, martyring, dynamic, and irresistible— pink.

What made it so— the white of her refreshingly childish purity; Euphemia's last unfaltering grin despite her sinking, shadowy circumstances and the more red; her innocent days that escaped, flowering so beautifully from her body.

There was a great deal more red in this world then Suzaku could stomach as weeks went by without her, much more then her white ideals. If only the world could have waited for her, maybe the people would have comprehended her advantageous, her goodness.

Other then Zero's darkness.