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The six cages each held a weak looking child. When the door clicked open, they could barely turn their heads. "Jeb? Is that you?" rasped one. "Shhh." He answered. "I've come to take you out of here." At this, the children found the energy to press themselves against the bars of their cages, eager to be free of them. Jeb hurriedly unlatched the first one and a tired looking female of about eight crawled out. Jeb then continued to unlock the cages. After the fifth, he straightened up and gestured the children toward him. They headed for the door.

"Jeb!" cried the little girl from the only cage left occupied. Jeb turned and looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry." He said. Then turned away and continued to the door. One boy of about 11 hesitated. "But..Jeb…" he said, gesturing toward the crying girl.

"Hush. Come on now. The alarms will sound soon." Reluctantly, the boy followed Jeb, the toddler, and the 11, 8, and 6 year olds out the door. The little girl was left behind.