Ch. 9:

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Max POV:

Okay, so I'll admit last night was a little weird. But I'm not going to get myself all worked up about it, like some people would.

Anyways, I have other, more important, things on my mind.

Like, we SERIOUSLY had to get out of here, fast. The erasers were on our tails…wings…and they found us once; they'll most likely find us again.

I heard the bed next to me squeak and I turned my head. Angel was awake.

"Hey, sweetie." I said. Instead of smiling back at me, she looked panicked. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Max we have to get out of here. Now." She said, just as one of the walls exploded. I gasped and jumped up. Everyone was awake now, and in fighting position.

When the dust cleared away, I could see that behind the destroyed wall, were about twenty erasers. Armed. I heard footsteps thundering up the stairs and soon the erasers were joined by another fifty.

I slowly started backing toward the opposite wall. There was a window there that we might be able to escape through. As I backed up, the erasers advanced.

Without warning, I spun around, kicked the window so it shattered, and jumped out, with the flock close behind me. We began to rise, and then thought better of it as we noticed another twenty erasers perched on the roof.

We sped forward as all the erasers took to the air. We slowly sped up, until we were pretty far in front of them. We had almost lost them, when I felt like a railroad spike had been driven into my skull. I clutched my head, tucked in my wings and plummeted towards the ground, wishing for death. (a/n so this is described a lot, it's just that Max can't have had one of her brain splattering headaches yet, cuz she's been in the school the whole time. So just say this is her first…). I could feel the ground rushing up on me and I willed it to come faster. But then, strong arms scooped me up and lowered me to the ground. I opened my eyes a slit to see the flock standing beside me and the erasers pressing down from above.

"Go." I whispered feebly. "I mean it. I'll be fine." I most likely wouldn't…for a moment, Fang looked like he was going to refuse, then thought better of it and gestured to the others. They began to run, and so did Fang, but he grabbed me first, dragging me behind him. I could tell he was frustrated that he couldn't fly in this thick greenery.

"Fang!" I yelled once I had the strength. "What the heck are you doing?! Just leave me there, I'll slow you down."

"You're crazy." He answered, speeding up.

I looked back and saw the erasers gaining. When they were almost upon us, we broke through the forest into sunlight and space and took to the sky. I jumped from Fang's arms and unfurled my own wings. We caught up with the others pretty quickly.

We gradually sped up, until the erasers were nothing but specks in the distance.

Would it never end?

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