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Frak Deculture

Chapter 7: Variable Devices

Variable Fighter

A variable fighter is a fighter that transforms into two or more modes. It usually has a humanoid form called Battroid and an in-between mode called GERWALK (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint), in which the fighter has a pair of reverse-articulated legs extending underneath to enable VTOL.

The reason behind the development of the variable fighters' Battroid mode was the discovery of the existence of the Zentradi race, a giant humanoid race created by Protoculture for proxy warfare. Although at the time the humans had not met any actual Zentradi, the discovery of the SDF-1 Macross and its accommodations for humanoid giants justified the development of a weapon that could enable mankind to fight the aliens in land and aerospace combat. Thus, research into Overtechnology culminated in the development of the variable fighter for the U.N. Spacy.

Variable fighters are commonly nicknamed "Valkyries" after the first major, mass-produced variable fighter of the U.N. Forces, the VF-1 Valkyrie

However rogue Zentradi, rebel Anti-UN forces even the Protodevlin developed their own variable devices to compete with Valkyries.

Loschier Company Smuggler Asteroid Field

Loschier is probably the most wanted arms smuggler in the entire New UN. Selling weapons such as warships, Valkyries, Destroids and Zentradi mecha to criminal groups, even stolen reaction weapons. The only reason he and his operation isn't caught yet is because his smuggler base frequently moves via space fold before authorities such as NUNS or its local planetary Galaxy Patrol can catch them. Of course Loschier can't get caught for the penalty for smuggling reaction weapons is death. Being the top dog arms dealer in the galaxy his customers includes Zentradi insurgents, pirates, poachers, the Mafia and even the late terror groups the Vindirance and Critical Path corporation who tried to take over Earth under UN Spacy commander Wilbur Garland.

Wherever humanity is there is war. Where there is war there is profit. Indeed as the old Zentradi warhorses once said that battle is where life has meaning. Loschier is merely providing for that. Indeed the Protoculture itself had a never ending warfare. As much as people of Earth celebrate culture they tend to forget that war is part of culture itself.

Loschier watches as mercenary personnel and military hardware board a Pirate space carrier, which is also used for illegal space whaling. A Vandal class gunship is going through its final checks. An armed to the teeth Hatchet class destroyer would be lead attack ship in the operation.

Several very special variable fighters are transferred on the Hatchet destroyer. A green Zentradi Variable Glaug, a red Fz-150 Feios Valkyrie and great number of modern rogue Zentradi mecha. A Fz-109F Elgerzorene variable fighter and FBz-99G Saubergeran variable fighter bomber with dozens of Fz-109A Elgerzorene and Az-130A Panzerzorene variable fighters are loaded with the pirate cruiser.

Fz-109F Elgerzorene, FBz-99G Saubergeran, Fz-109A Elgerzorene and Az-130A Panzerzorene were stolen variable fighters from Varauta. The Protodevlin's own twist to the variable fighter technology of UN Spacy. After the Protodevlin war Varauta opted for the VA-14 Vampire as their main fighter. With many bad memories of Protodevlin control and to stop the proliferation of Spiritia draining technology they were meant to scraped. Loschier being an opportunist hired pirates and bribed corruptible military logistics men to acquire them and mass produce them himself.

"Are they ready?" asks one of his clients

"Yes Mr. Garland the synthetic clone pilots are perfect. NUNS will never know what hit them. Please remember our agreement that Loschier Company will develop technologies reversed engineered from our targets." said Loschier

"You are nothing but a pirate Loschier."

"That may true sir but without me you wouldn't have been able to reorganize your organization. Acquire the necessary equipment. The New UN government believes you are dead with the destruction of Battle 13. As for your associates they much persona non grata among New UN Spacy." said Loschier

"The New UN are fools. Letting a civilian governments have autonomy and control over the military is the worst that can happen. When we need to be united to face threats like the Vajra." said another of Loschier's clients former UN Spacy Colonel Barton.

"Not to mention we can't trust cyborgs. They are destroying the purity of our race." said Abraham Baceron , a former UN Spacy Zentradi conspirator who wanted to revive the Zentradi as a militaristic race.

"Yes sir I myself don't like the corporate cyborg bastards of Macross Galaxy. Good riddance to them." said Loschier of his competitors assuming they were destroyed by the Vajra.

"With both the Zentradi synthesis cloning system and the Cylon's resurrection technology we will have am unstoppable army."

The small fleet fold in to their next destination… Macross 7

Macross 7 Fleet

It has been two weeks since the Colonials joined the Macross fleet. Supplies are given to the refugees such a food and water. Some of the civilians were transferred to City 7. The purpose of which is three fold. Allowing the Colonials some breathing space. It has been determined by Earther psychologists that an Earth like colony ship is best for long term exploration. Being cooped up in ships with hardly any space for three years has been stressful for the Colonials. This would also allow repairs on their ships. Lastly allow them to acclimate with the Macross 7 natives. City 7 was chosen because it is a mostly human city. City 5 being a city of miclone Zentradi may be too alien for them. City 1 being an area for giant Zentradi , which is mostly Meltrans, reside. There is even a mall called Folmo mall and park called Basara park in it. In several days the SDF-5 South Ataria will be arriving. While not as open wide as a Megaroad or a City block it will still allow the Colonials to create their own city in it.

Colonials are amazed at the technological level of creating an artificial environment like in the City ships. Some on the other hand are disturbed at the level of technological reliance of their human cousins, the Cylon rebellion being in their mind. But they do admit the common sense of Earthers of not building non-humanoid machine servants. Vending machines and street sweepers won't be a threat like the Cylons.

As for the Cylons they were transferred to Megaroad 13's holding facilities. To start a rapport with them and also to avoid any conflict with the Colonials. Some Quorum members and their supporters are calling for a war crimes trial for Gaius Baltar and the Cylons once they learned they were there. The fact is the New UN government that has the Cylons and Baltar in custody not the Colonial government. President Millia Jenius won't give in to those demands though. As she sees the Cylon prisoners as bargaining chips to peace talks with the Cylons. Some of the Cylon models asked NUNS interrogators about the religion of the people of Earth. Much to their surprise Earth is made up of a diverse number of religions unlike the wholly monotheistic Cylons or the polytheist Colonials Olympian religion. Some are even atheist a little satisfaction for the Cavils despite their contempt for humans. The people of Earth tried much to preserve and keep alive their culture and traditions but unfortunately much have been inevitably lost due to the holocaust of Space War 1 and the era of colonization. Gaius Baltar on the other hand is kept under quarantine.

Three Valkyries equipped with Sound Boosters, a VF-11D Jamming Bird, VF-11MAXL Custom and a VT-1C, also Quadraluun-Quilqua are in formation around the recovering Galactic Whales which were injured. Healing the Val Elna.

Love is like water

Sadness now flows

Because I can't catch up with you, I want to keep chasing you

When I've caught a glimpse of eternity, we'll meet again

The flying fish soar in the evening sky

When I remembered it, make it, I became kinder…

Sings Elma Hollie Love is like Water while her pilot partner Pedro strum a silver guitar in their VF-11D Jamming Bird.

Whoa whoa Flash in the dark

I want to keep looking

Anyone can see it shouldn't be just a dream

Even if it's an illusion, or something

I'll definitely find out

Believing in that time

I'll keep on walking

Emilia Jenius in her custom Quadraluun-Quilqua singing Flash in the Dark.

Love will save

Your heart

The honest eyes sketching dreams

Love will save

This world

Someday we will see the light

Mylene Jenius sings Light the Light in her custom VF-11 MAXL

While Billy is strumming his bass interface in his red VT-1C equipped with a Jamming Bird sound booster.

The sounds and lights makes the Whales sing themselves.

Mrs. Kim Saintlaurent Chiba former UN Spacy bridge operator of Battle 7 and Dr. Chiba's wife monitor their progress in a civilian Stellar Whale Liner converted into a private research ship.

Zolan scientist Lawrence takes readings on the science station monitoring with sound energy dectectors.

Laiza Hollie on the other hand is at the helm joining Lawrence's endeavor.

"I'm detecting abnormally high song energy reading of 1,000,000 Chiba units at coordinates N567 S778." said Lawrence

"What? That's practically on the other side of the galaxy." said Laiza

"There is one person I know that can produce that much song energy…." said Kim Chiba

"It's him isn't it?" said Laiza putting it together

"Yes, we get burst of Song Energy from him from time to time." said Kim

Mylene Jenius hails the Stellar Whale.

"Kim it's Basara isn't it?" said Mylene Jenius

"Er…Yes it is."

"Give me the coordinates."

"You do realize that if you start a search you'll be having half the fleet tagging along with you, right?" sighs Kim

There are a number of females particularly Chlore and the Meltran fleet that would go after Basara. Really turning an entire female Zentradi fleet into an army of fangirls is the most ridiculous thing ever heard. When UN Spacy Headquarters heard about it they believed the Macross 7 fleet was pulling their leg. It was all thanks to both Basara and the bluff skill of Advisor Exsedol with UN Headquarters that a war was averted.

"Aww C'mon just tell us where he is!" chimed Elma

"That's perfect just when mom was bugging me about getting a man." said Emila Jenius in her Quadralunn

"Oneesan!" screamed her younger sister Mylene

Suddenly Lawrence raises his voice in alarm

"I'm detecting fold energy build up! It's the Whales they're…"

The three whales suddenly accelerate at high speed then folds out.


"Uhh… Guys we have a problem…" hailed Billy

"The girls went with the Whales."

Cylon Refugee Fleet

When the Cylons allowed Basara in the baseship they did not know what to make of him. He was obviously human but he did help them escape by creating an energy barrier of some sort protecting the fleet from that energy blast of the alien ship. They could not understand his language however. It is not a form of Colonial dialect they have ever heard. Not to mention they never before encountered a craft like his before, a variable fighter that can transform to a humanoid like giant Centurion. It doesn't even seem to use a Tylium. The cone like attachment has been determined as some sort of FTL drive. They could not make out the other boom attachment at the back torso and shoulders seem to be giant speakers of some kind. Strangest thing about it is that it has a guitar mechanism as controls.

If there is one thing strange about Basara is his persistence in singing. Some of the humanoid models particularly the Cavils are suspicious of him wanted him put in the brig. Natalie Six and her model line opposed this.

For several days the fleet has been jumping as frequently as it can to avoid being attacked. This however puts a strain on their FTL jump engines and resources. Thus it was decided to scuttle four basestars. Taking their FTL drives , fuel and old raiders leaving them two functional basestars. The original basestar class and the second basestar Guardian class.

As of now in an asteroid field they are being attacked by Ghost fighters. Piloted raiders fight in a battle in favor of the enemy. In the midst of this chaos Basara sorties in his VF-19 Fire Valkyrie. Plunging into the chaos singing, distracting the ghosts and protecting the raiders. All of without firing a single shot.

Pulling force crushing repetitive barrel roll maneuvers that even a humanoid model Cylon would be hard to duplicate.

"Nekki Basara!" shouts Natalie as Basara's Valkyrie is hit taking the missiles meant for the basestar. Fortunately he has a pinpoint barrier system that manages to deflect them.

"Missiles are stupid! Listen to my song! "

If you become the wind, I want to become the endless sky

When you're petrified by the sound of the violent rain

Strumming my guitar, I'll calm your heart

Come on people, I want you to feel it

Because it's all right if you don't understand right now

Come on people, I'll go on protecting you

With my life- my soul for you

If you lose your way, I'll light the darkness with my smile

If it would heal your sadness

I'd sing until my voice withered away

Come on people, I want you to believe it

I'll never change

Come on people, like the sun

I'll shine on you- my soul for you

His Valkyrie shines due to the Song Energy flash effect.

"I'm reading multiple jumps on the DRADIS" said a Number Three D'anna bewildred

Galactic Whales dozens of them fold out with them are two Valkyries and one Quadralunn-Quilqua cumstom battle suit. Among the Whales is the great White Whale which is several million years old. Very much older than the Protoculture itself.

"It's the fuel creatures!"

"Basara!" Mylene flying her VF-11MAXL Custom as she sees the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie

"A Battle? Hey those are the same ships Komilia-neesan and Moramia-neesan caught!" said Emilia as shoots down several ghosts that are attacking Basara.

"This is interesting…Lets go! Fire!" says Pedro he observes as Basara has made new friends. Strumming his guitar interface.

"Bomber!" his co-pilot Elma who took control of the VF-11D Jamming Bird earlier

The Ghosts are destroyed their bio-neural circuitry are affected by the Galactic Whales' emitted electromagnetic energy.

"Thank God…" said Natalie relieved

That is not the end of it as dozens of unmanned AI controlled Neo Glaug variable fighters appear as a second wave. Armed with reaction weapons.

"Multiple contacts!" says a Sharon model in horror at missiles

The missiles did not hit however as the Whales jumps taking the Cylons and Sound Force with them in their warp bubble.

Macross 7 Fleet

"This is Diamond Force leader Gamlin Kizaki ready to launch" said Gamlin inside a VF-22S Strumvogel II, as it rises inside one of Battle Macross' magnetic launchers. Gamlin's squadron members are 19 year old pilots Eve McMillan and quarter Zentradi Guld Fang Lone. Eve pilots a VF-22 while Guld pilots the original YF-21 prototype given by Algus Selzer , head designer and founder of General Galaxy, for him to pilot.

Fleet Captain Maximilian Jenius with his wife President Millia Fallyna are present in Battle Macross' bridge. Present also was Colonial President Laura Roslin whose tour of the Macross was cut short because of an emergency involving the Macross 7's fleet commander and president's daughter. She is welcomed and given a seat inside the large bridge, which is quite spacious compared to a battlestar's CIC. What surprised her is Advisor Exsedol's giant head sticking out and the bridge personnel are composed entirely of women.

"Captain defold reactions detected!" said a bridge operator

"Sound Force?" said Max

"Negative three warships, one whaling pirate carrier, one gunship Vandal class and one Hatchet class destroyer."

"Anti-UN?!" said Millia

"They are launching attack squadrons!"

"Gamlin change of orders. Take on those enemy units! " said Max

"Roger Diamond Force launch!" the three Valkyrie launch to meet the attack force.

"This is fleet commander Maximillian Jenius condition one! Shell down all civilian vessels." said Max accessing his fleet communication console

"Advise all the citizens to go to shelters. At once!" orders Millia

"Yes sir!"

"Launch Angel, Vermilion and Apollo squadrons."

"What is Anti-UN?" asks Roslin

"Anti-UN is what we call rebel terrorist forces whether they are human, Zentradi insurgents or both. " explained Exsedol

"Captain I have Admiral Adama on the Galactica is hailing us." said Sally Ford

"Galactica actual, Captain Jenius what is going on?" asks Adama

"Admiral , Anti-UN forces have just arrived and launched attack squadrons. We are sending our fighter squadrons to intercept." said Max

"Can we assist?"

"Negative Admiral our forces are better equipped to deal with them."

"SMS Blue Wind Squadron has also launched."

Blue Wind Squadron can be said as Zentradi traditionalists in terms of preferred fighter units, using Glaugs officer battle pods, Reguld battle pods, Nousjadeul-Ger battle suits and Gnerl fighter pods. Named after the group of Zentradi intelligence officers that started the Zentradi culture revolution and part of the private military contractor Strategic Military Services or SMS, which is primarily owned by Richard Bilrer who is with the currently missing Macross Frontier fleet.

Most of the Anti-UN Forces attack squads are composed of the more angular and modern Stealth Glaugs, Reguld custom battle pods, Stealth Fighter Pods, Stealth Quel-Quallie fighter scout pods, Az-130A Panzerzorenes , Fz-109A Elgerzorenes and the large Annabella Lasiodora mobile weapon pods.

The enemy lead are several variable fighters a single green Zentradi Varable Glaug, a red Feios Valkyrie, a Fz-109F Elgerzorene and a FBz-99G Saubergeran.

NUNS Valkyrie squadrons intercepts them. Angel squadron is composed of teal VF-17S and VF-17D Nightmares are also on the intercept. While the Apollo squadron is composed of Varauta built VA-14 Vampires, the more armored version of the VF-14. Vermilion Squadron have VF-11B and VF-11C Thunderbolts

"Querugadras!" shouted the lead Zentradi Variable Glaug pilot ordering an attack.

The SMS and NUNS squadrons fire a barrage of missiles at the Anti-UN forces.

As they were striking distance of the enemy forces the missiles fly off course and explodes harmlessly away from them.

The Anti-UN forces slaughter some of the first wave Valkyries and Zentradi mecha with beam weapons and missiles.

Max realized the anti-firing control system they are using.

"This is …"

"Sound Jamming System! This is Raven Alpha-1 to all units do not rely your targeting systems. I repeat do not rely on your targeting systems." said Aegis Focker as he and his fellow VFX Ravens Squadrons moves in to support. Eight years ago he defeated Critical Path corporation Manfred Brando's Sound Jamming System with sheer skill eventually allowing the fleet to destroy the Vindirance hijacked Battle 13.

Flying his new VF-25S Messiah with Armor Pack, Aegis' fellow VFX Ravens Alpha squadron is composed of a VB-6 Konig Monster and VA-3M Invader.

VFX Ravens Black Rainbow squadron has upgraded VF-1X Plus versions of the VF-1A, VF-1S, VF-1D, VFJ and VEFR-1 Valkyries.

Van, VFX ace pilot of the Vahalla III, is flying a Super Pack RVF-25 Messiah accompanied by three AIF-7 Ghost fighters.

"This is Purple Skull Roger that. Dancing Skulls lets do this the old fashioned way!" said Moaramia Jenius, Captain of the Dancing Skulls. Her new purple VF-27 is accompanied by a VF-9 Cutlass, a VF-4G Lightning III, a VF-3000 Crusader, VF-14 Vampire and a NUNS Variable Glaug.

"We're coming in." said Laiza Hollie as she leads Galaxy Patrol Zola Squadron in her VF-5000T-G Star Mirage, the rest of her squad flying VF-5000Bs and VF-5000Gs.

Also joins the fight are the NUNS Marines Black Bombers squadron with VF-171, RVF-171 Nightmare IIs and one new VF-171EX piloted by Shiba Midou.

General Galaxy received the VF-171EX design specs from Frontier's lead weapons manufacturer LAI prior to loss of contact with Macross Frontier. General Galaxy asked NUNS for Shiba Midou to pilot the VF171EX for combat evaluiation. Alongside his squad is Mahara Fabrioh with her Red Valkyrie Squadron composed of VF-19 variants.

Chlore also orders a sortie of Quadraluun-Rau and Quadraluun-Rea battle suit squadrons to protect the fleet.

"This is Eagle-1 Girls lets give them hell!" instructs Isamu Dyson to his two new Meltran subordinates Carno and Rolin in SMS Eagle Valkyrie Squadron, who are flying respectively VF-25F and VF-25G Messiahs with Super Packs, while Isamu is flying a YF-24 Valkyrie.

NUN forces clash with the Anti-UN in a chaotic firefight.

The Hatchet class destroyer transforms to its attack configuration fires its weapons at the squadrons. The Vandal class gunship also fires its energy main gun at the nearby NUNS warships causing panic and confusion.

The NUNS fleet despite its numerical advantage their weapons are useless as long as the Anti-UN's anti-FCS is active.

"Captain! The Battlestars Galactica, Pegasus and Valkyrie are moving into the combat zone! " said Sally Ford

"What?" said Max

This also surprises Millia and Roslin.

"Sir we are being hailed."

"This is Galactica actual. We are going in for a close range barrage of their warships." said Adama

"No Admiral you could get killed." said Max

"Don't worry about us we can handle it. We are more experienced in manual targeting solutions than you because we don't use computers that much. " said Adama

Laura was a bit reluctant to send her people in a fight like this but they now in this together.

"Captain I trust Bill can do it." said Laura

Suddenly from the SDF-3 Alus Komilia contacts them both.

"Admiral Adama, this is Captain Komilia Jenius of the Alus. Have all your ships corner the Hatchet destroyer. The Alus will transform and take out that gunship. " said Komilia

"Komilia you can't be serious of doing a Daedalus Attack!" Millia worried as a mother despite her eldest daughter being in the military for decades.

Indeed even if the Alus can protect itself with a full repulsion field but the moment they drop it for a Daedalus Attack punch, gathering the super dimensional barrier energy in its ARMD carrier they will be vulnerable to the Atlantic class's point defenses and main gun. Unless…

"Very well… Battle Macross will join you when you make the charge." said Max

Komilia realizes her father's plan and understands it.

"Yes sir copy that." said Komillia

"Millia you and President Roslin return to City 7."

"Max…" Millia wanting to at her husband's side and also worried for her four daughters.

Max kisses his wife.

"Prepare to separate Battle Macross!" said Max

Meanwhile Aegis, Moaramia, Isamu and Shiba in their VF-25S, VF-27, YF-24 and VF-171EX Valkyries each engage the enemy ace pilots. They have noticed the high kill count of the Zentradi Variable Glaug, Feios Valkyrie, FBz-99G Saubergeran, Fz-109F Elgerzorene.

As Aegis engages the Fz-150 Feios Valkyrie in a dogfight he notices the rival pilot's way of flying and fighting style. Something that should be impossible as Aegis killed him eight years ago. The Vindirance ace All Kill Wizard Timoshie Daldanton.

Both fighters rush at each flying past each other. Both Aegis and the Feios receive damage on their fighters. Aegis' left turbine being hit.

Shiba Midou the Black Bomber , once rumored as the heir of Max Jenius, is in at the tail of the green Variable Glaug. The enemy pilot meets a cluster of enemy Zentradi battle suits ordering them to attack the VF-171EX Valkyrie.

Shiba transforms his Valkyrie using his pulse energy gun pod destroys the battle suits one by one. Until one battlesuit grabs his arms.

The Variable Glaug targets them with its large bore beam canon, medium bore guns and rotating hip laser canons at both of them.

Shiba quickly fires his head laser canons at the battlesuit holding him. Out of the Zentradi's grasp immediately transforming to fighter. The Zentradi is insanely killed by his ally.

"Why did you do that!" shouts Shiba angry at him for killing his own side

Weaving and shooting each other with beam guns in battroid mode.

"They don't call my former self as the Ally Killer for nothing." Responded the enemy pilot

Moaramia is has the lavander FBz-99G Saubergeran thrusters at her sights and suddenly targeting warning system kicked in telling her that she is being painted from behind.

The Fz-109F Elgerzorene is shooting at her. She can take either one but the other one would finish her off.

"Yo Moramia! I'll take care of both of them for you!" said Isamu Dyson coming in tailing the Fz-109F Elgerzorene

"Well aren't you a bit over confident Boyaaa… Isn't he DD?" chimed the enemy female pilot of the FBz-99G Saubergeran cutting to their communications.

"Yes Nora lets show these little chicks what real piloting is…" responded the pilot of the Fz-109F Elgerzorene.

Using vectoring veniers they immediately turn and transform their fighters into battroid mode at high speed and shoots at the VF-27 and YF-24 with their guns.

Both Moaramia and Isamu transform their Vakyries as well to counter fire them.

Meanwhile Gamlin's Diamond Force squadron is taking on squads of Fz-109A Elgerzorene and Az-130A Panzerzorene.

"Formation F!" Diamond Squadron transforms their Valkyries to Battroid mode and obliterates the enemy in front of them.

Van aka VFX in his RVF-25 Messiah with a radome tries to pinpoint the source of the Sound Jamming system with the help of his three AIF-7 Ghosts.

"This is VFX, I've located the source of the Sound jamming system! It's at the radar section of the pirate cruiser!" Van broadcasted to his allies

The pirate ship is heavily guarded by Annabella Lasiodora mobile weapon platforms, Stealth Glaugs, custom Regulds and Stealth Quel-Quallie fighters.

"I'll take it out give me cover!" said Van

"Roger that VFX this is Diamond leader to immediate units let us give him cover. " said Gamlin

NUNS and SMS Valkyrie and Zentradi forces try to give Van cover fire.

His RVF-25 and Ghosts slipping through managing to fire his sniper gun pod at the target destroying the Sound Jamming system.

But the pirate fires several large missiles that penetrate the empty captive Cylon basestars and resurrection ship.

At the same time the Galactica, Pegasus and Valkyrie encircles the Anti-UN destroyer in a barrage of kinetic weapons fire. Despite taking hits themselves. Their heavy armor buckling at the strain.

AUN Stealth Fighter Pods try to strafe the battlestars but they met with opposition by Vipers, Valkyries and Quadralunns.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace is in competition with Chlore who also launched in her Quadraluun on the number fighter pods they bring down.

"Hah! That's five!" said Kara

"Well I got six." said Chlore non-chalantly

Finally the Hatchet destroyer breaks up in explosions due the battlestars attack.

Meanwhile the AUN Vandal class gunship is repeatedly firing its main gun at the SDF-3 Alus, storm attacker mode, it's repulsion field taking the brunt of it. The Battle Macross also in storm attacker mode is right behind it charging it's gunship on its right arm. The repulsion field of the Alus protecting it also.

"Now!" shouts Komilia, the Alus veers off a little allowing the Battle Macross a clear shot.

"Macross Canon Fire!" orders Max

The super dimensional canon destroys the AUN ship at point blank range.

At the same time the missiles fired by the Pirate ship penetrate the six Cylon vessels burrowing deep within them.

"Captain! The Cylon ships are folding!" said a bridge operator to Max.

The AUN pirate ship sends a recall signal to all its fighters.

"Mission accomplished. Fun time's over." said Timoshie Daldanton to his fellow pilots, his Fz-150 Feios Valkyrie breaking off from its engagement with Aegis Focker.

"Tsk! Just as when it is getting more enjoyable." said Quamzin transforming his Variable Glaug from Gerwalk mode to fighter mode., leaving Shiba.

"Roger" said Daisy Ivanov and Nora Polyanksy leaving their prey. The Fz-109F Elgerzorene and FBz-99G Saubergeran fly away from the YF-24 and VF-27 Valkyries.

They all reach the remaining AUN ship as it folds in a flash disappearing to flash.

"Blast it they got away!" said Isamu

Quite frustrated at the enemy pilots that were puling circles around him and Moramia.


Ginga Jyuniichi reports the incident to the leaders of Macross Galaxy and more...

Connected to the cyberspace network is an old man, middle age man, a young girl, a young man and Grace O'Connor.

"What are your orders?" said Ginga

"The Cylon ships in the hands of the AUN have no consequence as we are near to the fulfillment of our plan. Even they can't stop us." said Grace O'Connor

"But Nekki Basara is…" said the old man

"The man said to make the impossible possible huh?" said the young man

"The legendary Anima Spiritia who took on the Protodevlin." said middle age man

"This is unexpected. Basara is known to produce massive song energy but this is the first evidence that he too can produce fold waves." said Grace

"According to UN Spacy Galaxy Patrol records Basara came into contact with Galactic Whales twelve years ago… It is likely he is infected from microorganisms from them. Perhaps even directly. Though it appear to have achieved an immunity to them." said the young girl

"Then he is dangerous to the plan. We have determined the reason why the Vajra does not venture to Vahl Elna migration territory. The Whales' song despite being in a different fold wave frequency disrupts and cancels out Vajra fold network consciousness. " said Grace

In one voice they all say

"Agent 21 will find Nekki Basara and assassinate him."

"By your command"

A variable fighter that looks like an antique SV-51 prepares launch with its active stealth on, to avoid being detected by NUNS as he leaves the fleet.

Despite its appearance it in fact a new variable fighter that has all the advancements Macross Galaxy did with the VF-27. Carrying also a high quantum energy beam gun pod and equipped with the latest LAI fold booster technology.

The SV-51 Omega jumps into fold space to Nekki Basara's last known coordinates.