I must warn you. In this chapter is the longest and worst prophecy on the entire PJO section. Just keep in mind that I can't rhyme to save my life.

The next day, in my Archery practice, I was definitely distracted as Cody helped me.

As he was placing my arms in the right way to hold a bow, I felt the tingly sensation that I had felt before when our faces were close. Michelle told me that it associated with true love. I tried not to think about it and focus on my archery.

Ignoring the tingly feeling, I said to Cody, "Have I ever told you that I'm nearsighted?"

Cody laughed and said, "No, you haven't told me. Dyslexia and bad eyesight? That must be murder to read signs!"

"As if it isn't hard enough already," I smiled. I let the arrow go and it landed five feet from the target. "I'm definitely getting better."

Cody laughed again. I realized that he had an infectious laugh. If he laughed, you couldn't help but laugh along.

Telling myself to shut up before I thought of something weird, I told Cody, "I'm tired of archery for today. Two hours is long enough."

"I agree," he told me.

"Well, you don't suck."

"I used to. I just had a lot of practice."

"So, if I work my butt off every day I'll get good?" I asked sarcastically.

Cody said in a dreamy voice, "Sarcasm doesn't affect me, Emma."

"What's with the tone?" I questioned, confused.

He shrugged and said, "I dunno."

We both laughed.

Later that day, I was talking to my goat friend Kyle.

"Hey, Kyle," I told him.

"'Sup Emma," he greeted.

I rolled my eyes. Kyle always tried to act cool.

"So you're part goat," I said conversationally.

Kyle looked worried for some reason. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner," he said frantically. "If you knew, we'd both be monster food. And I'd never fulfill my lifelong dream."

"Relax, Kyle. I understand. Anyway, what lifelong dream?"

"After my cousin, Grover Underwood, found the lost god Pan, which, by the way, was my first aspiration, I decided that I wanted to live on Mount Olympus with the very best satyrs."

"Live on- Why? Who's Grover?"

"You know Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon?"

I nodded.

"Grover was his guard, to get him safely here. And I want to live on Mount Olympus because it's one of the most nature-istic places left!"


"Mortals are destroying the world. But they can't destroy Mount Olympus! And to live there, I'd need to do something big and exciting."

I cocked my head to the side. "Like what?"

"Like accompanying a hero on a quest! I already got you here safely, so now I need to come back alive-"

"Most don't come back alive?"

"Except Luke, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, a cyclops, and some heroes from a few hundred years ago."

"I've got to go," I told him, not wanting to get depressed by the talk of death.

"Later, Emma!"

As I walked away, I, for some reason, wanted to talk to Chiron.

I found him sitting on the Big House porch with Mr. D.

"Um, Chiron?" I asked.

"Yes, Emma?" he inquired.

"Kyle told me something about about a quest. What's that all about?"

"Emma, quests are intricate and dangerous. It would not be wise for Kyle to talk you into going on one."

I had my defense strategy all planned out. "But Chiron, Kronos-Luke is going to invade camp! I have an idea to drive him back until Percy deals with him in a few months!"

"Not wanting the spotlight, eh?" Dionysus butted in.

I shot back, "Percy has the biggest prophecy for a few millenia. Why would I want something bigger than that?"

Chiron gave Mr. D a look and said to me, "Very well spoken. You remind me of your mother."

I was taken aback a bit. It was the first time anyone had ever compared me to her. "W-what?" I asked.

Chiron smiled and told me in that scholarly way of his, "Very wise of you to not want that kind of power."

"Power has never really interested me. I prefer doing something great, but out of the view of everyone."

For some reason that I still don't know, Chiron told me, "I think it's time that you consult the Oracle. Please come back alive."

The next thing I knew, I was standing outside the attic door. Hesitantly, I pushed it open. I didn't know what would happen. I don't usually like to admit it, but I was scared.

When I got in, my jaw dropped and I cringed. In front of me was the most revolting mummy I had ever seen. It had an awful Hawaiian dress on and looked all shriveled up.

Like a quiet tiger poised to attack, an eerie presence filled the room. I instantly knew what to do.

"How can I save Camp Half-Blood?" I asked.

A rasping voice filled my brain, drowning out every other thought and piece of knowledge I ever knew. In front of me appeared what looked like my step-mom, her eyes glued to an invisible soap opera. Like the creepy, murderous, live doll in that one weird movie, her head swiveled of its own accord to look at me.

When it opened its mouth, my step-mom's bubbly way of talking didn't come out. Instead came out a sound that you'd think a snake would make if it spoke to you.

The image recited,

A satyr, an
archer, a thief
plus a lover,
and a wise owl
all must find cover.
Aided by twins,
Everyone wins.
Scourged by the dark,
Death like a lark.
Flying by horse,
Staying on course,
Avoiding Time,
There is no crime.

Drive back what is driving
All hope and love away.
Keep all of the striving
From murdering the day.

My mouth was hanging open and it took me a few seconds to regain my mind. I have an incredible memory, so I remembered the whole thing. I stumbled downstairs like a sleep walking person.

At the foot of the stairs, centaur-Chiron was smiling. "Ah Emma, back I see," he said.

I said something like, "Uh-huh."

I recounted every line of the astonishingly long prophecy to Chiron.

At the end, he nodded and said gravely, "That is most troubling. But it seems you know who to bring along based on the first few lines."

"Kyle, Kate, Cody, and Michelle," I said tonelessly.

"And 'time' seems capitalized. Do you think you know why?"

"Kronos, the Lord of Time. I have to... avoid him? But then how do I stop-"

"Do not try to solve the prophecy now. They often lead us to make horrible decisions if we try to stop what's happening."

I nodded. I said, "Flying by horse? That must mean the pegasi!"

"It is probable."

I stumbled out of the Big House feeling more confused than ever.