Author's Note: Hey guys! Well, I've kind of developed an obsession with writing drabbles, I decided that I might as well put them up on fanfiction. Just in case you don't know, drabbles are supposed to be exactly one hundred words each. Which is why they're so short.

Also, I don't own Class of the Titans, but I'd be thrilled if I did.


1. Graduation

His confidence is an act. His charm, a charade. He is broken. He is nothing.

He is alone.

His teammates, at least, have families. And they may be boring or strange or dysfunctional but they're there. And when Cronus has been destroyed and this crazy adventure comes to an end, they will have people to laugh with and cry with and celebrate with, even if- heaven forbid- they no longer have each other.

But there's nothing-no one- awaiting his return from New Olympia with bated breath.

And it is for that reason that Neil Avery Einarson is terrified of graduation.


I don't know why, but I've always seen Neil as being the 'troubled' one- more so than Archie, even. There has to be some reason for his bow-down-because-I'm-the-king-of-cool attitude, and we don't know anything about his life outside the team other than the fact that he models. So...yeah. Ideas were born. xD

Anyway, that's the first chapter! I have no idea how many chapters this story will have, but I can pretty much guarantee at least ten. Drabbles are really fun to write!

Also, reviewers are amazing people who deserve candy and lots of it. :)