Wow. It's actually drabble one hundred! In all honesty, I didn't think that I'd make it this far without giving up. And, seriously- to everyone who had reviewed and read this story, I can't thank you enough! Your feedback has been so, so helpful, and it's very nice to get reviews. :) Again- THANK YOU!! :)


100. Finale

Once upon a time, Jay had dreamed of becoming a hero. And now that dream had been achieved.

He had been thrust into what seemed an alternate universe and had found himself hopelessly disoriented in the presence of the very monsters that had haunted his nightmares as a child. He had died and been resurrected, and had almost lost the girl he loved.

But he had gained something as well. Six somethings.

His best friends.

And, working together, those same best friends had achieved the impossible and taught Mr. Responsible to smile.

And, for once and forever, Cronus was forgotten.


For a very long time, I wasn't sure of how to end this. Eventually I decided on a Jay centric drabble, because he's the leader of the team and because he was technically it's founder. Hopefully it was a decent finale!

Of course, thank you all so so so so so much for reading! :D I really hope you enjoyed it.