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Meet The Uchihas

Chapter 18: Pop The Question

"You see, Sasuke, there's this guy," Sakon started, the creepy smirk still in place, "Orochimaru. Ever heard of him?"

"He's your… Biggest fan." Ukon chuckled at his own choice of words.

"I know who he is." Sasuke answered, frowning, "I can't believe he went as far as hiring two dumbasses to do his dirty job."

"Ah, such harsh words for such a sweet guy," Sakon placed a hand over his chest dramatically, "And don't try to deny you're sweet, because we've seen ya. Especially to that blonde guy of yours."

"You've said it yourself, there's a blonde guy." Sasuke's eyes narrowed, "So go tell Orochimaru to get through that thick skull of his that I'm taken and that isn't gonna change."

"Really now?" Ukon taunted, "I have sources that tell me he was more interested in others rather than you."

Sasuke's fists clenched.

"It must've hurt. I mean, he told practically everybody except you. Are you sure he even loves you?"

Sasuke didn't strike anyone as the pacific type, and he really wasn't. But he never took a fight further than hurtful words, unless he was really pissed off. Right now, he was. It had been one hell of a trip to see his family, with lots of questioning and feelings, and just when everything was alright, this dude came out of nowhere to make him unsure again? Nu-huh. He punched Ukon right in the face. The other didn't react immediately, shocked.

Ukon touched his bleeding lip. And before Sasuke knew it, he had been punched as well, hard enough to make him turn and hit his head on the bridge's rail. The Uchiha didn't have time to do anything when Ukon grabbed him by his jacket and shirt, threw him against the hard and icy sidewalk, and started kicking him in the stomach.

That didn't last long. Ukon was suddenly on the ground next to him, groaning in pain and gripping his waist. A familiar blonde made the twin turn and sat on him, grabbing his hands so he couldn't move with one hand and with the other dialling a number on his cell phone.

"Hidan, yeah?" Deidara said, "I've got a Christmas present for you and Kakuzu, yeah. Let's just say it's a couple of people you've been looking for a while. Yeah. At the bridge, yeah. Bye!"

"D-Dei?" Sasuke mumbled, his voice breathless, "What the…?"

Deidara grinned wildly. Sasuke's eyes searched into the night for Sakon, not finding him. It didn't matter--- a few seconds later, Deidara was being pulled by the other twin from Ukon, who tried to stand up, but Sasuke threw himself on him to keep him from escaping.

He watched as the blonde struggled with Sakon. Deidara wasn't exactly winning, and Sakon wrapped his hands around Deidara's throat. Sasuke's eyes widened as the blonde struggled to breathe. He closed his eyes, he couldn't look at this.

And then, there was a strange and loud bang sound.

Sasuke dared to open his eyes again. He stared with surprise and relief at the scene.

Sakon had fallen unconscious on the street. Looming over him was Naruto, jacket-less and checking his guitar wasn't damaged from the blow, as police sirens were heard coming closer in the background.

"On the way to the bridge I ran into a woman. She looked really frustrated with life and all, and when I saw her guitar, I was stricken by the idea of serenading you. So I asked her if I could borrow it and she told me that if I gave her my jacket, she'd give me the guitar." Naruto sneezed and sniffed at the end of the explanation.

Sasuke just smiled at him softly. The doctor finished up the last of the stitches on his temple, "All set. Let me just bandage you and you're good to go." He looked at the blonde on the other bed, "You sure you don't want anything for that cold?" Naruto nodded.

"A cold is the least I deserve."

The doctor patched up Sasuke's wound, "There you go. You two can leave now."

The brunette nodded, "Can we stay here just the two of us for a while? I'm not ready to deal with them."

Standing outside of the room were all Uchihas, sick worried. The couple could practically feel how many questions they wanted to ask. Through the glass, they could see Fugaku scolding Deidara for something, even though he had been the main responsible to arrest two wanted criminals and saved his son. Shisui, Tekka, and Inabi had their faces pressed against the glass, and the doctor put the blinders down to give them more privacy.

"Sure you do," He said with a grin, "Just don't stay for the night--- we're gonna need this beds any moment. Christmas is one of the busiest times."

And with that, he was out. Naruto stood up from his bed and sat next to Sasuke on his, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. You?" Naruto shrugged.

Neither added anything else. Sasuke let his head rest on Naruto's shoulder, and closed his eyes, tired. It had been an intense day, to say at least.

"I'm… Sorry." The blonde began, "For everything."

Sasuke searched for his hand and squeezed it affectionately, "You're forgiven. I haven't been a saint either."

"You have been," Naruto retorted, "You've been more than a saint, you're an angel." Sasuke laughed quietly and shrugged, "Well, I think you've been an angel, regardless of the past. It's in the past for a reason."

"Come again, babe?" The blonde had never really used endearments with Sasuke. It seemed like a good moment to start.

"I'm just glad we're okay finally." Sasuke answered, smiling, "Took us a while, but now we can be together in peace forever."


"At least on my part," The Uchiha teased, "I'd be with you forever."

Naruto felt a pleasant warmth spread all over him, "You really mean that?" Sasuke nodded, "I love you. And I want to be with you forever and ever. I can't leave your side without dying."

"I want to be with you forever and ever, too." Naruto said, smiling brightly. He pressed his lips to Sasuke's briefly.

Now's the moment, kit! Ask him!

Should he? After his chat with Shisui, he had decided he would pop the question, but he hadn't planned it to do it during their trip. He would wait a month or a year on the worst case scenario. Butterflies started fluttering frantically in his stomach, and he looked over at Sasuke.

He hadn't pictured asking him to marry him in a hospital room after a street fight with his whole family waiting outside. It wasn't the most romantic it could be, and he didn't even have a ring, but he just had to ask.

"Sasuke…" The brunette opened his onyx eyes, staring at him with expectance. Naruto brushed a few ebony bangs from them, "I…"

"Don't say you're sorry again. I already forgave you, moron." Sasuke said. Naruto swallowed.

"Would you… Would you marry me?"

Sasuke looked at him, stunned. Naruto knew he could only wait now. Slowly, a grin made its way into the Uchiha's features, and the blonde was sure he had never seen him as happy as now, and he stored the image of Sasuke in his mind.

"Oh my God, YES!" The brunette threw himself into Naruto's arms, and started kissing him. Naruto felt like doing a victory dance.

The two of them were like that for a while, kissing and hugging lovingly, happiness radiating from them.

"Naruto…" Sasuke started, still smiling, "…Can we keep this secret for a bit? I wanna enjoy it just with you some time."

Naruto nodded, grinning, "I was actually about to ask you the same thing. We can wait until I swing you around and tell the whole world you're gonna be my wife."

Sasuke laughed, "Then we gotta start thinking of sad things. With these grins we have, they'll know something's up."

"Sad things, alright." Naruto said, nodding gravely and with a frown of concentration. He came up with one in seconds, "We're leaving to Konoha right after we open presents in the morning."

Sasuke groaned, "Idiot, that's good!"

"Hinata-chan! We're baaack!"

The pale-eyed girl smiled at both of them as she opened their apartment's door, "H-hi, Naruto-kun. Hi, S-Sasuke-san. W-welcome b-b-back."

"Good to be here." Sasuke mumbled, entering his home and dropping the luggage on the entrance carelessly. He immediately went to throw himself at the couch.

"Thanks for taking of everything, Hinata-chan," Naruto grinned foxily at Hinata, "We really appreciate it. Don't we, bastard?"

"Yeah, whatever."

"Asshole." Naruto muttered under his breath, "How are Mr. Ikku and Pakkun?"

"E-excellent." She answered, signalling to the plant and the dog. Naruto tilted his head to the side. There was something different on Mr. Ikku… And why was Pakkun looking like he had been retrieved from the pound? Ah, well.

"Did you get Sasuke's car from the garage?" Hinata nodded, "I-it's in the p-parking lot."

Sasuke took the TV's remote and turned it on. It was on the news channel. Wasn't that his mechanic Suigetsu? Someone had broken into his garage and stolen one of his client's car. Ah, well.

"Great," Naruto grinned again, "Thanks, Hinata-chan. I owe you."

Hinata said it had been no problem, said good-bye, and left. Naruto turned to his fiancée ---he loved being able to call Sasuke that, fiancée--- with a smug look on his face.

"See? Everything turned out fine here with her taking care of the house!" Sasuke snorted, "Yeah, well, maybe you were right. Loser."

"Your loser." Naruto added, dropping himself on top of Sasuke on the couch. He kissed Sasuke deeply, who made a nice pleased sound into the kiss. When they broke apart, Naruto nuzzled Sasuke's neck.

"God, I love you." Sasuke smiled, "I love you, too. I would love you more, though, if you went outside and retrieved all the bags and your new guitar from your car. I promise I'll give you a prize if you do."

"Hey!" Naruto protested, pouting, "You tricked me the same way in Oto! I'm not falling for it this time, you prick!"

"In Oto the circumstances wouldn't let me give you your prize," Sasuke said, running a hand through Naruto's hair, "Tell you what. You go do what I told you and when you come back, you'll get two prizes."

Naruto grinned in a perverted manner.

On the way downstairs again, Naruto's cell phone rang and he flipped it open, "Hello?"

"Hey, Naruto." Kiba's familiar voice greeted him, "Hinata said you two were back."

"That's right!" Naruto replied cheerfully.

"Great. So how was everything in Oto?" Naruto sat on the stairs, completely forgetting what was his task in the first place, "Pretty crazy shit happened there. Sasuke's mother is a total MILF."

"Really? How does she look like?"

"Look, all you really gotta do is imagining Sasuke, right? And now give him breasts, a much kinder face, and long, long hair."

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