Hinata Days

by AngelChaosGuardian & ElysianKiss

- Courageous Heart -

It was a very wet afternoon in Konoha. The rains had been pelting down on the earth for hours with not a reprieve in sight. Hinata had taken the time to look through the Hyuuga family library. She was looking for a new jutsu in some of the ancient scrolls located there that might help her strength. A loud clap of thunder startled the kunoichi, causing her to drop one of the scrolls in her grasp. It fell to the floor and rolled out almost completely. She sighed and placed the other scrolls she was holding on a nearby table so she could pick up the one she dropped. As her fingertips touched the scroll, something caught her attention. It was a very rare and old jutsu, Yuumai Kokoro.

The description stated that the jutsu gave one the courage to confess their feelings to the one they loved. It also said that the jutsu would not cease to give courage until the one you loved returned your feelings. Even though this was not the type of jutsu Hinata was searching for, it excited her. Here was her chance to confess to Naruto without fear of rejection or fainting! She quickly put the other scrolls away and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She diligently copied all of the information from the scroll on the jutsu and then carefully replaced the scroll, taking the paper back to her room with her. She couldn't wait to try this out. Her hands shook nervously as she opened the shoji door to her room.

She quickly put the paper down on her bed as she stood before it, practicing the hand signs necessary, then whispering the command and studying the required chakra level. Finally, she took a deep breath and began the complicated jutsu for real. As she went through the various signs and applied her chakra she felt a little fear trickle down her spine. It felt foreboding, but she ignored it. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning with a great crash of thunder and the lights in the Hyuuga compound went out. A few minutes later, they returned and Hinata was out cold on the floor.

The rains had finally decided to stop their assault on the defenseless village and permit its occupants some much needed sunshine. But not everyone's day was starting with a great amount of ease for the coming daylight. A certain blond cringed as a single stand of light oozed its way around his scattered dusty shades of his window. The poor blond hadn't gained any mercy from Jiraiya during the monsoon which had exploded down from the sky.

"Hurry up and continue trying to cut that damn leaf in half, Naruto," thundered the sannin over the lightning strikes and the drowning water.

Naruto had been tired from the cold, and his chakra coils had felt like liquid fire was washing through him every time he focused it into cutting the damn soggy plant pinned between his palms.

Slowly azure colored eyes carefully opened up to meet the harsh greeting of the unforgiving sun. True Naruto wasn't feeling any pain from the yesterday's training/torture, however, exhaustion was something he wasn't immune to even with the help of his nine tailed companion. His body remained stuck at first, ignoring his brain's call to get a warm shower, despite the one he inadvertently received the day prior. He got to his feet slowly, not even caring to remove his sleeping hat. In his current state, he honestly couldn't care less if he wore it into the bath with him. His ten step walk to his bathroom was a torture in itself, his muscles felt like someone had wrapped every inch of his body in razor wire and was pulling it tight.

His bathroom was cozy, and he did his routine as always every morning: wake up, stick his hand into the shower, wait until the water reached that heaven between hot and cold, then a quick hop in to wake up and see a new day. However, today was different. Something was off as he stuck his right hand into the still cold water.

"AHHHHHH," a very feminine shriek echoed in the room as a small ebony haired heiress was woken quite rudely by a splash of cold water.

She shivered as it continued to pour on her still semi unfocused self, trying to piece together where exactly she was. The blond boy's squinted eyes soon became giant azure colored disks as he heard the distinctive noise of a female screaming. He blinked twice, staring around the bathroom. His first instinct was to check the window, it had happened before that he left it open and gave the old lady next door a eye full. However, it had the shades down, and the bathhouse was on the other side of village.

"Hmm," he thought shrugging it off.

The blond soon slid his boxers down and lifted his right leg in while placing his right hand again under the steady stream of the now mildly warm liquid.

Hinata looked around just before she was again dunked into this time lukewarm water.

"Hey! Stop that," she yelled in her upset and then shrieked again as she saw a very large male organ beneath her.

She fled from the object and hit a large, hard slab of skin. Her eyes slowly traveled up the massive expanse of tanned muscle with trepidation. Naruto jumped at the sudden demand of a now louder female voice. He stared around in complete wonder as to what was happening.

"Genjutsu," he thought questioningly as his right hand smashed into his own chest with a smack.


He looked down in confusion, wondering when his right hand grew blue hair. Hinata saw a strong chin, whiskered cheeks, azure eyes and spiky blond hair.

"NARUTO-KUN," she smiled excitedly, hugging him, her tiny but shapely breasts cradling the bridge of his nose as she hugged his face happily.

Naruto's eyes went large.

"MY HAND CAN TALK," he froze staring into a small tuft of black/blue hair.

He had to stifle a nose bleed when his eyes crossed and noticed two perky globes of flesh cradling his nose...TWO BREASTS GLOMPING HIS NOSE!? He felt short of breath. He was unsure if it was the moisture in the air, or the fact he felt he had swallowed one of his lungs when he'd gasped so hard. He grabbed his right oddity of a hand with his left, only to turn a deeper shade of red as he pulled it back and focused on a miniature girl on his hand...A miniature female who was topless, and now had his left hand's fingers holding her breasts up at full attention.

Hinata gasped at the contact with her breasts, noticing then that she was topless. She screamed, covering her breasts and turning away abruptly.

"Ah! Don't look!"

Her cheeks reddened but she didn't faint, she merely felt embarrassed and confused. Why was she topless?! And why hadn't she fainted yet? Naruto couldn't help but stare in disbelief before he quickly brought his hands up to cover his face only to have two breasts cover his eyes.

"AHH," he yelled freaked out beyond belief, "It's a dream."

He tried mentally to reassure himself he wasn't going insane seeing a girl on his hand that looked like Hinata

"Naruto! You pervert," she screamed, slapping his forehead with her right hand as her left covered her breasts.

"I am not," he yelled back at his hand making a instant dash out of the bath and taking hold of a towel, which he used to cover up his morning salute and other exposed flesh.

He took a deep breath and stared at the mirror.

"Okay calm down, Hinata isn't on your hand and didn't just call you a pervert," he spoke each word slowly trying harder with each one to convince himself, but the cold hard reality of the situation made itself known as he looked down and got another glimpse of the mini Hyuuga heir's pointy tits.

He closed his eyes and covered up his hand with a wash cloth.

"Hey! I can't breathe, Naruto-kun!"

Hinata struggled, pulling the wash cloth off of her of using it as a makeshift bath towel to cover all of her exposed flesh.

"Hinata," Naruto questioned, taking a slow careful look at his now living right hand.

Sure it was a mini version of the Hinata he knew, but everything matched. Her eyes were still that pale lavender color, blackish/blue hair he wasn't sure what color it was exactly, and as always that blush.

"Is this real?"

Hinata looked down at herself, noticing then where exactly she was. She was somehow attached to Naruto's hand, but it didn't matter much. Sure he had embarrassed her, but she was very happy to be with her Naruto-kun. She smiled up at him.

"I don't know how I got here, Naruto-kun, but it's real. And I'm very happy. I'm very happy to finally be with my Naruto-kun!"

She snuggled up to his chest with a great big smile on her face and a light blush covering her cheeks. Naruto took a deep breath trying to keep himself from possible going into another panic attack.

"Well I guess this won't be so bad, I mean it's not like were stuck this way forever," he sighed, feeling relieved at looking at the situation in that mind set.

But something was bugging him a little. He didn't know Hinata that well. They were comrades and occasional team mates, but nothing more then that. However, even he knew that Hinata always fainted whenever she got embarrassed...so why wasn't that happening now?

He shook off the sudden explosion of questions he had wash over him. How did this happen? Did anyone know about this? What about her real body? He gulped, but felt it be best they get the simple things out of the way.

"Um, Hinata? Could you close your eyes so I can finish washing up?"

Her blush deepened, but she nodded.

"Sure, Naruto-kun."

She held the towel tightly over her body as she closed her eyes, trusting him.

Naruto stepped back under the running water, this time making sure to keep his 2nd companion out of the flow. He felt awkward beyond words as he cleansed his body in silence. Simply because this was the closest and first time he had seen a girl practically naked. He gave a sigh of relief as he finished up, and shook his hair to get any spare bubbles out of his blond spikes. He turned away and closed his eyes, blushing madly, as he pushed Hinata just under the warm spray.

"Alright Hinata, your turn," he gulped, hoping she wouldn't look at him on accident.

Hinata opened her eyes and looked straight forward. She leaned toward the bar of soap and rubbed her hands across it to get some suds before spreading it over her body and cleaning it. She then rinsed off and bit her lip.

"Naruto-kun, I need some shampoo," she said, keeping her breasts covered with her arms.

"Um sure, Hinata," he quivered.

Naruto was already at his wits end. He was clenching his eyes so tight he could've sworn they were going to bleed. He took a deep breath and reached for his shampoo with his left hand, he popped the cap open and moved his right hand near the opening.

"That alright?"

"Yes. Just make sure not to squeeze too tight," she replied, waiting for the shampoo with her tiny hands.

Naruto gulped and turned the bottle, letting it drip out in a slow pour while making extra sure not to over coat her. Naruto was many things, he was spontaneous, unpredictable, loyal, and helpful. But one thing many didn't know about Naruto was how loving and careful he was with whatever he thought was precious.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun," Hinata said, as she got the right amount of shampoo for her long hair.

She began to immediately lather her hair and couldn't help the soft sigh that escaped her lips.

"Mmn...I love the smell of your shampoo, Naruto-kun," she said with her eyes closed, as the suds washed down her torso.

The blond boy couldn't help but blush another shade darker, it was so odd how such a little comment could make him feel so weird. Sure he liked his shampoo, but just the fact Hinata liked it made him start to wonder why she had never told him that before... well, this.

"Are you done now," he asked.

"Almost," she said as she rinsed out the last of the suds from her hair and body. "Okay. Now I'm done. I just need another towel," she said absently as she looked around for one and squeaked as she got another look at his manly parts. "Eek! Naruto-kun is so big!" she said covering her eyes up with a huge blush.


He felt all the blood rush up into his head at that. Just the fact of hearing Hinata tell him he was big and they were both naked in the shower...it made his heart rate spike as well.

"Um," he didn't say another word as he reached out for dry wash cloth and covered Hinata with it, eyes still closed.

Hinata felt the towel and immediately covered her body with it.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun," she whispered, still pink.

She couldn't believe it. She was actually here with Naruto, naked, and they'd just effectively taken a bath together. She could feel the blood rush to her cheeks and face and the familiar swooning sensation, but nothing. She didn't faint. She was just very, very embarrassed. But, my, was Naruto is really good shape, not to mention certain parts that sent a little shiver up her spine. And he was just so sweet! She was bursting with the need to tell him right now.


"Hmm," he mumbled quickly getting his boxers on, and trying feverishly to get his other body parts dried off before she could catch a glimpse and make his face go redder than a tomato.

It was odd, despite the fact Hinata was usually one the one always blushing when they talked, their roles had switched.

"I..I just wanted to tell you that I love you, Naruto-kun," she said, and then hurried onward with her courage, "I have since we were in the academy. I want to be your girlfriend!"


Naruto blinked a few times then brought the miniature female closer to his face almost seeming confused.

"You love me Hinata," he asked feeling like somehow Kakashi or Jiraiya would release him from the genjutsu and start laughing at him because he'd fallen for such a simple joke.

"I...um...," he couldn't draw out his words.

True, he had noticed Hinata usually followed him, and she did watch him during the academy years, but he just thought she was weird like that. But she loved him? She wanted to be his girlfriend? It just felt odd. A Hyuuga heir, the closest damn thing to a living princess was in love with him - the one person who most everyone in the village would have given anything just to not be able to see again. He gulped as his heart dropped into his stomach.

"I... well... you..."

A couple of knocks sounded at the door.

"NARUTO," came a loud yell from his front door, "Tsunade-sama asked me to come by and check up on you after yesterdays training with Jiraiya, please don't tell me your still asleep!"

Naruto immediately was in a frenzy...what if someone else found out about this?

Hinata's stomach seemed to drop then. He hadn't said anything to her confession at all. She tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall, oblivious to Naruto's hurried movements and the female voice from outside the front door. She sniffled and hid her face in the towel.

Naruto dashed out of the bathroom, now only in a pair of orange boxers that had a little fox on his posterior side. He checked under his bed, finding a small dusty medical box he never used thanks to his healing ability. He more than ever needed it now to hide Hinata. He took out the bandage roll, and began to wrap his left hand tightly in bandages. He noticed the small look of hurt and confusion on Hinata's face as he didn't wrap her up.

"Trust me," he struggled, getting some bandages on his face and chest and covered himself up with blankets.

Sakura stomped her foot furiously in impatience.

"NARUTO! Open up this door! Hey! If you don't open this door, I'll knock it down!"

"COME IN," he coughed, "SAKURA-CHAN!"

He felt like this had to be the worse and best day of his life. For one, someone actually cared for and confessed her loved to him. But, literally on the other hand, she was attached to him now. If Sakura found out...he didn't want to imagine the pain. Sakura rattled the door knob and huffed in annoyance.

"Its locked, Naruto."

"Um the spare key is under the mat", he shouted back before pulling Hinata out and looking her in the face. "Please just be quiet for a little while Hinata," he nearly begged her with the fear of Sakura beating him to death which was enough to make him want to grovel for help.

Hinata nodded in understanding and hid under the sheets, pulling Naruto's shoulder down fast. Sakura found the key and opened the door, putting the spare key on Naruto's table.

"Finally. So...how are you feeling," she asked, taking in the haphazard bandages.

"I've been better, Ero-sannin was making me chop a single leaf in two directions at once, and I over did it with my left hand," he raised up the bandaged hand knowing full well when you wrapped something it grabbed attention, that being the exact reason he hadn't wrapped Hinata up.

Sakura frowned.

"Then, I guess I better perform a diagnostic jutsu just to make sure everything is alright," she said, preparing to make the proper hand signs.


Naruto cringed, holding his stomach and immediately jumped up out of bed, making sure to hold onto his covers to hide Hinata

"I gotta go to the bathroom," he shouted dashing past said pink haired kunoichi and locked himself in his bathroom. "Crap why couldn't Sakura leave well enough alone?"

Sakura looked after him suspiciously. Then laughed out loud.

"Nice boxers, Naruto! Well, I'll be back later to check up on you then. You seem to be doing fine if you can move like that. Just try to take it easy," she called as she left the apartment.

Naruto frowned and gave a simple blush, sure he didn't mind getting naked and such. None the less, he was self conscious about his body when it was girls seeing him naked. He sighed deeply, feeling relieved.

"That was a close one wasn't it, Hinata?"

Hinata sniffled and nodded quietly. She could just imagine what Sakura would have done to Naruto if she'd found out. She didn't blame him for hiding her, but she was still upset because he hadn't really accepted nor responded to her confession. She felt a little depressed.

"Hinata," Naruto gulped, remembering he hadn't answered her before their interruption.

Sure he couldn't say he didn't like Hinata, but at the same time what did he truly know about her? He'd spent so much time chasing Sakura and worrying about Sasuke he had missed the shy girl, well not so shy now

"Hinata..are you sure that you love me," he asked, her completely serious in his question.

It wasn't that he didn't want her, but it was just confusing to him. He didn't have a family to love him when he was younger, and if what he felt for Sakura was love...then love really hurt. He just couldn't exactly tell her "I love you" and mean it. He for the life of him had no idea at all what exactly love was like. He thought it would only be fair to Hinata, if she was after all in love with him, to take his time and get to know her before he said something he couldn't give to her.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! I love how brave and strong and loyal you are! I also love how sweet and carefree you are. I really admire you so much, Naruto-kun! You give me the strength to continue, to never give up," she said with her eyes shining like pearls, "I just want to be close to you Naruto-kun. I know for sure in my heart that I truly love you!"

"Hinata-chan, thank you," he started slowly, making sure to say this in a clear way. "I don't know if I'm in love with you, because I know you...but I don't know anything about besides who your relatives are, and the fact you were always blushing and fainting. I...um...I want to learn more about you. Because...because..."

He lowered his head trying his hardest not to cry, it was terrible now, he normally dropped his mask when he was all alone but now she would get to see him for what he really was...alone.

"Because no one has said they love me before."

Hinata's eyes widened and she immediately hugged him to her chest, forgetting her state of undress.

"Oh...Naruto-kun...I'd be happy to let you get to know me. And hopefully you'll come to love me too. Now...how about some breakfast?" she asked with a small smile before she squeaked and covered her bare breasts once again, "But maybe after I get covered up..."

"Yeah that be best," Naruto agreed, making sure to cover her with a bit of the blanket he still had to protect her modesty.

Hinata was letting him get to know her...but the true test of that love would come sooner or later once someone began talking about the nine tails

"So...what do you have to make for breakfast," she asked.

The blond boy could on laugh feeling nervous with his answer.

"Um lets go find out," he gave her a goofy grin as sweat dropped down the back of his head.

Hinata nodded and pulled him by the arm she was attached to as she went to the kitchen. She opened one cupboard and then another and another. She sweat dropped. Every single cupboard was stacked to the brim...with different flavors of ramen.

"We need to go shopping," she said plainly.