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The weather had taken a turn for the worse. Konoha had unfortunately been caught in a peculiar weather system. It had rained two days ago and been pleasant yesterday. However, Kami felt justified to turn up the heat of the sun, which made the villagers not dare venture from their homes. However, there was a duo that felt the inferno like temperature could only add to the fury of the youthful flames.

Guy and his carbon copy Lee had just finished their morning two hundred laps around the village. Both had decided to further their pursuit of youthful strength by the addition of weights to their legs. Although neither felt it to be a problem to add another hundred pounds of weight on each leg and do one hundred laps around the village. It seemed like a silly game they played as each pushed themselves to the next level. Silly or not it had effectively helped them both, since they were both taijutsu specialists and geniuses of hard work.

"Guy-sensei, since I couldn't defeat you in the race around the village, I will do another two hundred laps on my hands"

"Yosh Lee. I shall race you around the village and wear weights upon my arms as well,"

The pair shot back and forth neither seeming to run out of stamina. The gymnastic hand race was about to begin, but the event came to a halt before it had even began. An Anbu member in an owl mask arrived in a burst of smoke.

"Might Guy," he said as more of a statement then a question to the jounin

"Hai" he said rather shocked and childish as he stood there on his hands.

"The Hokage requests you come to her office due to a mission assignment for you," he explained as he vanished in a haze of smoke.

"Lee I must meet with Tsunade-sama. Continue to train until I return."

"Hai, Guy-sensei," Lee shouted back to his mentor and began off on his hands.

Guy seemed to disappear without the extra effect of smoke or leaves as it was far better to just run with his speed anyways. Lee was persisted without another thought, although he was taken aback by the situation at the loss of the one person able to keep up with his bottomless force of will. He neared the entrance to the village when a thought struck him like a solid blow to the head.

"Naruto would be an excellent training partner until Guy-sensei returns," he thought with a sudden gush of fire in his eyes.

"I'll go ask him to train with me," he disappeared in a cloud of dust, taking off with lightning speed even though he was still walking on his hands oblivious to what he was doing.

She woke with a small yawn that she hid well with her left hand and rolled over into the soft pillow, which was the nape between Naruto's shoulder and neck. Hinata took in a deep breath and savored the natural scent of her love. He smelt like the forest with ramen mixed into it.

"Ah," she sighed pleased that she was still in a dream always connected to her Naruto-kun.

Well she knew he wasn't technically her's, however she felt deeply linked to him physically and emotionally recently. Over the past two days they shared tears, laughs, and many smiles over the simple activities many would just see as ordinary. It surprised her to no end that trivial things were vastly more enjoyable when Naruto was there. She couldn't quite explain it, yet it felt like the blonde was like a candle adding just a little more light and warmth to all the places and persons came into contact with.

She had a long stretch as she eyed the clock and relished the rare opportunity to sleep in. The Main House made each of its members try and uphold a standard of both self-discipline and punctuality. Ninja were used to little sleep on missions if sleep was an option at all. It made the opportunity all the more wonderful to be shared with the blonde who was asleep with a rather awkward smile plastered on.

"You look so cute Naruto-kun," she sighed and took the opportunity to kiss him on his cheek, which made him give a pleasured moan.

"I should make Breakfast for Naruto-kun" she thought and felt the urge to take care of the man before her. She lifted herself up and realized she had yanked on her crush's shoulder, and pulled him out of bed with her burst of motion.

"Gah," Naruto yelped as he came to his senses the instant prior to contact with the floor.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata shouted as she came down to look her love in the face, though to her surprise the head trauma he sustained had put him back into a forced sleep.

"Gomen Naruto-kun," she pleaded fully aware of how superfluous the exchange of words was.

Hinata decided it best to wake him, although it would take far too long to do so. That and she wanted to prepare breakfast for the male. She forced his arm to move toward the kitchen as she dragged him across the floor without much effort due to the nice clean surface. Hinata groaned when she reached the counter tops, but she needed to somehow get the body she was attached to up higher. She grabbed a hold Naruto's black shirt and hauled with all her strength. She was shocked when she lifted him up partly, but without the use of his legs the pair flopped back down on the floor like a fish out of water.

"I didn't know I was so strong," she thought and searched about for an object to prop her passed out crush on.

She decided to reach out for the chair at the dinner table. She got a firm grip on one of its legs and yanked it over in a single burst of strength. The Hyuuga girl was rather confused as to how she could be so powerful while she was so small. She knew that she maintained control of the arm she was attached to though currently it felt like Naruto's body was a puppet as she had to perform all his actions.

"Three, Two, One!" she thought and heaved her love up on the chair. He hit suddenly and his legs and arms swayed about like tethers of rope. It took a few more tries before she was able to get him to sit upright and balanced so he wouldn't fall and crap his head.

"Alright one thing at a time," she smiled and slowly dragged the chair to the fridge to find ingredients that she could fabricate a delicious meal.

The bath house was filled with sounds of joy as a group of females relished in the therapeutic properties of the hot spring. A series of splashes followed by giggles and more water activities tempted the white haired man to ignore his objective.

"Akatsuki seems to have gone underground, but the threat on the last three containers hasn't decreased," he thought wondering how it was really possible for that to be true.

None of the known faction members had been located in any of the five elemental nations. He had prayed with some sense of false hope the threat would fade like them into the dark. However, the danger seemed ever present. The rumors around were a series of attempts on the tailed best containers. A "secret" agreement in the Hidden cloud village had made both containers B and Yugito simply vanish overnight.

Jiraiya had to admire the seriousness in which all the current village leaders took towards the growth of the Akatsuki organization. Although, just the thought of an all missing nin group that ranged from Jounin to Kage level was enough to make even a formidable ninja take notice and give a wide birth.

The sannin shook off the trail of thought as he took a moment to arch his back and pop the sore and injured joints from where he had slept last night.

He had attempted the night before to visit one of his houses in the village. He had in the past been called a cautious man even when in his home of Konoha. Many would find him over protective and paranoid.

Jiraiya had after the previous night's incident been happy to have been mistrustful, since when his clone entered his house the living room had exploded into a gargantuan inferno. He had thankfully received the memory safely in the confines of the Hokage's Mansion. Tsunade was sure to kill him if she ever knew he had snuck in and eluded all of her Anbu guards with such a childish trick.

"It's nice to know that the hidden passages still lead into a few of the guest rooms" he snickered as he knew about passages that led to and from the mansion.

He had helped add a few of his own for when he and Minato had needed to work late and he hadn't wanted to worry Kushina. Although, truthfully Jiraiya had knew his student too well and figured he only had those routes put in to allow his pregnant wife an easy escape should an attack happen on their home.

"Where did those pleasant times go," he whispered as he took a long stare at the Yondaime's face on the mountain side.

It had only been recently. As he finally started to take his God-father position seriously and took care of Naruto. Minato's face on the mountain side seemed to have started to turn into an approving smirk and not a smock that made him feel like he was in trouble.

"Gomen," he heard shouted by a green blur with orange hair?

The sannin blinked a series of times and wasn't sure if he noticed that the person who ran by him had been on his hands. He figured it was best to ignore the bizarre site and simply continue on his way to find Naruto and instruct him before they lost most of the day.

"Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun,"

The blonde male felt like the throb in his skull had started to say his name and call him back into reality. He slowly opened his eyes and felt them tear up due to the instant absorption of the daylight.

"Naruto-kun are you alright," pierced through the headache that threatened to split his skull in half.

"Hinata-chan," he asked as he reached back and felt the sore protrusion on the back of his head.

"I'm sorry, how are you feeling," she apologized for the forced nap she had given him.

"I'm alright…what smells so good," he spoke when the sudden smell of eggs and spices reached his nose.

Hinata moved back so she could see face to face with her precious and show him what she had been hard at work with.

" I made breakfast for you, today I decided to make you an omelet with a bit of pepper sauce," she smiled, taking a pre cut piece of the food item and carrying it up to the still sleepy face of her love.

Naruto played along and opened his mouth and relished in that she fed him. From the first bite he knew that all the meals that were to come were bound to be even more blissful. The eggs tasted wonderful and he didn't know what it had been about the spice she had put in, but it seemed to spark on the tip of his tongue and explode outward to the rest of his taste buds.

It was peculiar to him how Hinata's food seemed almost enhanced by her feelings for him. Love, apparently, was possibly the best ingredient that could be added to any type of food. At least that is what he could guess from the few meals he had eaten so far.

"How is it," Hinata cut in, making him realize he had been merrily lost in his trivial thoughts and managed to leave the insecure female before him worried he found displeasure in the cuisine.

"It's wonderful," he glowed and took the fork out of his companions miniature hands and began to eat slowly, by his standards, to consume the delicacy before him.

Hinata smiled taking her own fork and began to eat as well. That was until she found a bit of food being held in front of her face by Naruto.

She blushed a deep red not sure what to do, since at the moment her mind couldn't even manage to open her mouth and take a bite. It was an endearment to have him feed her, yet she had been embarrassed enough as she did the act for him; but to have him do the same for her, she couldn't handle it.

"I…Um…It's…," her mind spiraled to place the letters together to formulate some type of coherent word.

Naruto decided it best to help her, as he expelled a mini sigh and did what only came naturally.

"Say' ah'," he whispered to her and pushed the bit of food toward her lips, and she gradually accepted the offer with a sincere smile.

"Thank you Naruto-kun," she mumbled through a partially full mouth, which felt both improper and fun to do.

"Thanks for breakfast," he smiled back as the pair shared yet another joyful meal and smiles to go along with it.

"Now where was it again," he wondered as he decided it was time to find someone to assist him.

Rock Lee had gone about the small district twice and in his haste forgotten which house Naruto lived in. Well he had no idea if it was a house or an apartment, since he never had gone to greet Naruto at his home. Normally they always bumped into each other at the village gate, a training ground, or at the Hokage's office.

"I won't give that goes against the spring time of youth. I shall find help," he shouted, which caused many of the inhabitants nearby to jump and stare at him with fear and worry that he went mad.

He kept on his path and knew that eventually he'd run into someone who had to know the directions to Naruto's home. He came to a stop when he noticed a male with brown spiky hair, like Naruto. To his fortune the male was headed toward him along with another two. The female had orange hair with almost painted on blush on her cheeks and another brown haired boy with a small drip of mucus that hung out of his nose.

"So why isn't Ebisu-sensei able to train us today," Moegi questioned, since she hadn't shown up to the meeting place due to a loud explosion that had rocked her house the night before.

"The messenger said he caught a fever of some sort, but I think he was just up late with his dirty magazines and didn't get enough sleep," Konohamaru added with his arms crossed on his chest.

"Excuse me?"

The trio came to an abrupt halt and stared at the man before them. They all shared a concerned glance, questioning the sanity of the person before them who was walking about upside down.

"Yes," Udon responded as he was the first to recover from the surprise

"Where is Naruto-kun's house," Lee asked as he started to feel dizzy from the blood that rushed to his head.

Konohamaru wondered who in the world this person was and what he wanted from Naruto. Although, he had to admit it wasn't a bad idea to go and ask Naruto to train him and his team for the day to make up for the loss of their teacher.

"Alright were going to see Naruto-niisan" Konohamaru shouted and lead the odd quartet to their destination

The collective pair started to clean up their meal. Hinata had decided to scrub their plates, while Naruto dried and put them away the best he could with a single hand. They carried out their activity in silence as they had started to grow accustomed to their continual companionship.

Hinata hadn't really thought about what they could possibly do, since they had the entire day to be together and not many options. This was because ninja frequently occupied their time with training and missions; but both of those activities were excluded as needed to protect their secret and each other.

Neither of them wished to ponder what would possibly happen if one of them got hurt or killed. If Hinata were to get hurt or killed, would she return to her actual body and would Naruto get his hand back? That was only one of the problems for them, since both of them weren't really out going in activities.

"Wonder what she is thinking about," Naruto had thought, since the Hyuuga had on such a serious face. It confused him as to what they could do that required such a serious expression.

He for one was actually thinking about a certain movie, which Sakura had put into his mind and he just hadn't been able to shake it free.

"Tranquil Sonata," he whispered, which was loud enough to make Hinata perk her head up and smile.

"You want to see a movie Naruto-kun?"

"Yeah, since that's normally how dates are, right?"

"A date," Hinata yelped feeling overjoyed and also frightened

"You don't want to," he asked innocently, just to see how he could get her to react to the tease.

"No, I mean Yes…I," she couldn't properly assemble the letters into words as she poked her index fingers together to calm herself down and make the blush on her features start to fade.

"I'll just take that as a yes, then," he smirked and put the last of their dishes away and went to his bedroom to dress for the day.

It took a few moments for him to fully dress himself in his usual clothes and make sure to grab Gama-chan.


"Naruto-kun," she replied happy to be on a first date with Naruto. When a collaboration of voices outside of the door made the blonde nearly start to hyperventilate.

"Naruto-kun are you home? I wanted to ask you to train with me while Guy-sensei is busy with the Hokage," Lee shouted as he knocked with one of his feet.

"Naruto nii-san, we need someone to train us for the day," echoed the voice of Konohamaru.

Naruto panicked and dashed for the bathroom since he couldn't exactly think of a plan without incredible difficulty. Although as a ninja it was almost ingrained in him to improvise when dealt with a harsh situation.

"Turn into a hand," he whispered to Hinata

She did so and he immediately formed a hand seal, which made another Naruto poof into existence.

"Just stall them and stay here for the rest of the day," he ordered and slipped out the window to land with a small thud in the back alley.

The clone shrugged and opened up the door just enough for his face to show. It just prayed and hoped beyond logic that the visitors would leave and not ask questions.

"Hello," it asked and pretended that all was well. Although it did have to widen its eyes when it saw Lee still on his hands at his door, which was a concern as his face was fully red.

"Naruto-kun, won't you train with me today?…. A race around the village followed by a spar would be beneficial to…us both," he stuttered as the blood rush made his verbalization suffer.

"No, Naruto-niisan, can you teach us some new jutsus? Ebisu-sensei has become ill," Konohamaru cut in

"Or at least treat us to a meal," Udon added somewhat hungrily.

The clone's mind seemed empty of ideas as it couldn't do any of those things, since any impact would cause it to dispel. It needed to play things off so they would leave him alone and not spread any rumors about his situation. He placed on his most pathetic face in an attempt to appear far worse off than expected.

"I'm not feeling well enough to train I think some of the ramen I ate yesterday must've been a little undercooked," he grumbled and held onto his stomach as he made small cringes to pretend there were cramps in his gut.

"But," Konohamaru started when the door was suddenly shut in his face.

Udon and Mogei both looked rather bewildered why Naruto had run inside in such a fashion and seemed to be ill. The trio all came to the same conclusion of food poisoning and figured it was probably an emergency run to the bathroom. Konohamaru sighed with great aggravation now that the day was just to be wasted without any chance of growing stronger.

"Guess we're free today," he grumbled and left down the stairs with his teammates.

"Yeah, so what are we going to do then," Moegi asked as they continued to debate until they were long out of ear range.

"Food…." Udon moaned out looking paler then a sheet of paper.

Lee was adamant about getting some training in, but this visit had shown him a serious problem. While it was against the flames of youth for Naruto to slam the door in his face and refuse to train alongside him, the situation the blonde was in was dire. Naruto was never one to turn down training, since even when in the hospital he had attempted to get away with some light training. However, he had turned it down so suddenly the only conclusion was that Naruto was dying!

"I'll return with help, Naruto-kun. I won't let you suffer much longer. Tsunade-Sama, Sakura-Chan," he shouted and took off, finally on his feet, in a cloud of dust.

The clone rolled his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief that the disaster had been averted, temporarily anyways. It just could only hope that the real Naruto wouldn't get caught by the sudden wave of "help" on the way.

*Downtown Konoha*

The pair rested easy now thankfully far away from the house and safely concealed amongst the mass of villagers in the business district. Naruto had taken it upon himself to henge into a female with long black hair in an elegant blue and red silk dress that came complete with a small face cover to hide the ever present scars on his cheeks.

It was indeed a risk as far as travel as he went about the village with a disguise on. It was a great way to stand out, since most Chunin and higher rank ninja could sense a henge easily. However, he planned to only use it until they reached the theater and would release the illusion from there. A few more minutes went by and they had finally arrived at their destination. It wasn't a truly glamorous picture theater, it looked more like a restaurant front if not for the pay to enter person at the door.

He decided to walk around back and return to his original form as he figured it was best to do so in a private place to avoid suspicion. He decided to fully drop all the illusions and merely decided to place his right hand into his jacket pocket as they already cut a hole into the fabric for Hinata to breathe.

"Alright, let's do this," he whispered to Hinata as he left the safety of the alley and ventured into the shortest line to acquire the ticket.

The man behind the glass window blinked his eyes to focus on the people on the other side of the glass. From the looks of things it appeared the man had a squint due to absence of corrective lens. Naruto smiled as he didn't care if it was luck or kami's grace to make up for his terrible childhood. He approached and opened up the zipper on his gama-chan wallet and got out enough money for two people.

"Two…I mean one for Tranquil Sonata," he corrected and knew he had managed to ruin a perfectly good chance to take advantage of his opponent's weakness.

The man's brown eyes seemed to glaze over a bit as he searched the boy before him up and down. He seemed satisfied after a few moments and decided it was alright as he tore off a single ticket and reached for the payment. Naruto pushed the money over as abruptly as possible to try and limit all forms of foreign physical contact as it was in his and Hinata's best interest. He took the little piece of paper and made a bee line for the doorway.

"You, in the orange," echoed out from one of the men on guard at the entrance.

Naruto felt like he had been forced to swallow down a brick, since the immediate struggle to breathe had become rather frequent over the past two days. A male dressed in a pair of loose brown shorts and a skin tight black shirt approached him. The man towered over him by nearly an entire foot. He wiped away the sweaty brown hair from his eyes and looked far too serious for someone who worked security.

"Yes," Naruto began, but was interrupted by a sudden kick to his shin.

He jumped around on his unharmed left leg while he shook Hinata about in his jacket, which made it feel like her brain was mixed into a fine mush.

"What the hell was that for," he shouted hard enough to cause some of the man's sweat to fly away from his head.

"Apologizes, I didn't mean you any harm. The business has suffered as many genin stand on each other's shoulders and with a henge get one of them in for free," he bowed deeply and even opened the door for Naruto.

Naruto limped and wondered if maybe there was a sign on his head that demanded everyone hit him in some way. Especially, since he had already, over the past few days, been struck by both TenTen and Sakura. These incidents only seemed to prove his theory that much more. He walked down into the small hall to his destination, which was easy to find as there were only two movies showing at a time.

Naruto took it as a true gift from kami, because the theater was all but empty save for a few older couples. He pumped his left arm glad to see that they had gotten in a bit late and the lights were already dimed. The seat he found was in the back far enough away from any other viewers to be able to speak quietly with his date.

"Things seem to be well," he whispered to Hinata as he brought her out of his pocket so she had a clear view of the screen.

She gave a relieved sigh as it had been like a sauna in the small nook.

"Is anyone around," she asked and peaked about with his sleeve held up on her face so she could survey the area.

"I don't think anyone can hear us now."

"That's great," she smirked. Hinata decided to get comfortable and leaned back on Naruto's chest.

Naruto felt a wave of relief flow about himself, because it was a relief to return to a normal lifestyle. Well he at least lied to himself that it was normal.

"Best to just enjoy the movie," he thought feeling it best to clear his mind to absorb the film.

He really didn't know if it was a coincidence or if he was smart enough to predict his target's actions. He had decided after the "incident" the day before he would simply go and confront Naruto about the issue. However, he hadn't expected to meet his female teammate while on the way to the blonde's home. Neji was still a bit flustered to see TenTen after he saw all her secrets, but it was the image of her naked when his eyes stared too long that kept him distracted. Although, when they walked through the business district he spotted an orange and black jumpsuit disappear into the theater. It was far too great an opportunity to overlook.

"I can't believe that yesterday we had a pervert attack at the hotspring, and now they only have half the space until the Hokage decides to assign a genin team to rebuild the fence," thundered his auburn haired teammate

TenTen was never one to admit it, but she had a large amount of modesty. She did consider herself less feminine than other girls, yet she dressed in her outfits to prevent showing off what she had. She continued on with her conversation, oblivious to Neji whose gaze had wandered. He squeezed his inner lip between his teeth. He enjoyed the conversations with his friend, but an incapacitated cousin took precedence.

"Would you like to see a movie," he asked confused by the abrupt jerk from his companion.

TenTen hadn't expected that. She was also unsure if there could possibly be another reason why Neji would ask her that. He was a Hyuuga and even if he was part of the branch family there were strict standards for anyone who wanted to date. She was unsure what it could mean, although she knew it was best to appear uninterested to see if she could gather any other information.

She broke the chain of her thoughts and decided to agree.

"Sure," she turned and offered a smile.

The pair walked right up to the window as the crowd had died down. Neji suddenly felt like an idiot, because there were two movies and he had no idea what Naruto would come to watch. It was a split decision while one was more of a dramatic film the other was a horror movie.

"Two for Tears of blood," TenTen's voice cut in before he could figure out where Naruto would be.

He turned to the auburn female and she immediately saw the question in his neutral features.

"Did you want to see the romantic movie with me, Neji," she questioned sarcastically, although Neji was sure there was a hint of curiosity behind it.

"No, it is fine," he confirmed, even though the blonde annoyance would more than likely not be in the same theater.

Neji gritted his teeth and pulled out a bundle of ryu notes from a wallet he kept hidden in his gi.

He would need to wait it out, and thankfully it seemed the romance was of greater length and would allow him to find Naruto once he was finished. It wasn't a problem and he decided it wouldn't hurt for him to enjoy the time he had with his friend. That and being in the dark with her would help him keep his mind off her bare flesh.

Tsunade lay back in her chair, relieved knowing that she had time to relax. There had been a bit of paperwork to do over the past day, but she had been able to push most of it off to her two apprentices. She closed her eyes tightly and relished in the peace of mind she felt as she attempted to sneak in a quick afternoon nap.

"Ah, if there were more days like this I could get used to this job" she thought, but the thud of an angry stamp brought her back to reality.

Sakura wrote with great exuberance and she worried that her strength would destroy some of the more delicate scrolls. Shizune seemed to have noticed too, but given her experience with her sensei she knew it was best to stay out of the way of anyone with ridiculous strength.


The pink haired girl didn't seem able to hear her master's voice as she pushed another scroll to the side and snatched a new one from the master stack between her and Shizune.

"Sakura," she demanded loud enough to blast the angry aura clear out the open window.

Sakura surfaced from the emotional deluge and cleared her head long enough to want to explain herself to her master. That was until the door began pounding along with a loud commotion.

"You're not allowed inside. The Hokage is busy at the moment," a muffled voice of Izumo started.

"It's an emergency, though," shouted loud and clear as a green clad Rock Lee pushed his way past the two Chunin and halted only when he contacted the Hokage's desk.

"Tsunade-sama," Lee was stopped when Izumo and Kotetsu wrestled him to the floor and covered his mouth.

"Sorry, Hokage-sama. He's surprisingly strong, we will..."

"What is the emergency?"

"Naruto-kun is dying," Lee announced at the top of his lungs

The room filled with a deathly silence, no one dared to speak after that comment. It wasn't something anyone took lightly, since all of them dealt with death frequently in their occupation.

"Sakura, based on your evaluation do you think this makes sense," Tsunade asked unconvinced by Lee's medical opinion.

Sakura had tried all day to get herself over the fact that Naruto had acted nothing like himself, since he normally was open about his problems as well as his successes. However, what bugged her most was when he acted closed off. It always reminded her of a particular black haired ex-teammate.

"He's perfectly healthy. The only thing weird is the person he's decided to date," she said without care.

Tsunade stood up from her chair and immediately came close enough to Sakura to make her feel slightly intimidated.

"Naruto has started to date," Tsunade asked not surprised that the little brat had found someone to love him, but more so in that she hadn't heard about it.


"I would like to meet her," Tsunade announced to everyone in the room.

It was finally time to get to business; he popped his knuckles and prepared himself. Jiraiya knocked upon the door to Naruto's apartment and knew he did owe it to Minato to give his only child the experience to keep him alive. However, it was a struggle for him. Every time he tried to train the kid, he would go on like a broken record to learn a new jutsu.


"What, Ero-sennin?"

"Don't call me that. Show some respect to the great toad sage, Jiraiya. A man whose very name makes women's legs weak, and who many would kill to have train them."

"Yeah," responded the clone as its eyes rolled about in their sockets.

"Naruto, come out and I promise to teach you a new jutsu," Jiraiya offered as bait to get him to open the door.

"I'm not feeling too well. I need to rest," he groaned and tried to figure out how to get rid of the pervert.

Jiraiya was a bit taken back. He knew the Kyubbi's chakra would allow for Naruto to heal quickly and not get easily fatigued. But, he was unsure if it would prevent illness. Either way he needed to get inside and get to work. After all, his opponents wouldn't wait for him to be healthy before they attacked.

The man formed a series of hand seals and placed his palm against the door.

"Keyless entry," he said as the wood of the door thinned and disappeared.

The clone panicked and decided to take on the offensive as it formed a henge hand seal and ran at the pervert in his Naruko form.

"Jiraiya-kun," it called and ran at the perv.

Jiraiya couldn't help himself as he opened his arms and prepared to catch the female. The clone had another idea as it pushed him hard enough to make him fall over the ledge of height made by the stairs. The toad sage had a large blush on, but recovered from his perversion before he struck the ground as he righted himself and landed on his feet.

The clone decided to take this away from the house as it leaped off the ledge as well and landed beside Jiraiya.

"Play with me, Jiraiya-kun," it called as it ran off and left streams of smoke to maintain its dignity.

Jiraiya couldn't control himself and decided to take off. He guessed Naruto must've felt better at his offer to teach him a jutsu, and became his counterpart as a way to thank him.

*One hour later*

The clone felt like it had finally run out of steam. It had been smart enough to lead Jiraiya to parts of the village where its user wasn't. However, it could keep this up as it started to get tired as it burned more chakra with the henge on. It tired out by some bushes in the village and had to catch its breath. It examined where it was and had an evil smile when it realized where.

"Where are you," Jiraiya called and came through the plants and spotted his target.

The clone waved its one finger to signal it wasn't about to be caught. It giggled and hopped through the brush behind it and was glad when it dispelled. Jiraiya on the other hand wasn't as fortunate as he jumped through the bushes to follow, only to land in water. The toad sage surfaced and shook himself to try and dry his clothes, but then he turned and noticed a rather large group of angry Kunoichi.

Jiraiya had to blink a few times and realized he had been so distracted in the chase of a female that he had forgotten where he was in the village.

"It's that pervert again," shouted a black haired female

The bathhouse appeared to suddenly explode as a large squad of twenty Kunoichi, still in combat gear, rushed out.

"Get him," echoed the collective females as they made Jiraiya start a new chase around the village.

Naruto blinked as the memories of his clone came to him. He felt a sweat drop rush down his head at the, so called, idea his clone had to distract Jiraiya. However, he couldn't argue with the results of it.

His mind refocused on the situation in the theater as the movie had started to come to its climax of the two lovers now about to be separated by a war that loomed on the horizon. He looked down and couldn't help his smile as Hinata appeared to have tears in her eyes in empathy for the lead actress.

"I don't want to leave, but…," he thought with no shortage of worry in the situation.

He brought his other hand up and poked her lightly on her cheek to get her attention. Hinata jumped at the sudden contact, but felt even more embarrassed at the tear drops that ran down her face.

"We have a problem," he whispered to her as they had to decide what was needed.

Neji felt bored out of his mind as he watched the film continue on. It had been better than he expected it to be. It was the standard horror where a certain item had a curse placed upon it by specific events in the past. Then some idiot is crazy enough to take the item and he and his friends started to die quite rapidly.

He was surprised at how well TenTen was composed, although they dealt with death on a regular basis so the sight of fake slaughter didn't do much for them.

He turned his head to the right side so that his companion couldn't see his eyes as he activated his Byakugan to see if he could locate Naruto. He smirked at how easy it was to locate the blonde as he had such a large amount of chakra. It was like a sun among candles.

He examined the male and noticed that there was something off about the distribution of chakra around his body. It was like he had a henge up, but his body wasn't any different than its usual appearance.

TenTen kept her eyes on the film, yet she couldn't help her gaze that slipped toward her companion. She noticed he was preoccupied by something so important that he didn't even want to focus on the entertainment on screen.

"What are you so concerned with," she queried and noticed how the movie were about to hit a climatic jump point.

It made her wonder if maybe she could do anything in particular to get his attention back. She grinned as silence set in and she prepared for the jump moment of the film.

"Maybe he wants a girl who is vulnerable," she wondered and prepared to cling to him as a helpless female.

*Tranquil Sonata theater*

Naruto had just explained the situation to Hinata and they both had agreed it was best if they got back to his home before someone else started to search for him.

He got up and left his seat, which was easy as the seats between him and the door were vacant.

*Tears of Blood theater*

Neji noticed Naruto leave and ran out to catch him.

Unbeknownst to him, TenTen pretend flinched and turned to grab him only to find air and fell into the seat next to her. She caught herself before she smacked her chin, yet she couldn't help feel a bit down at the disappearance of her teammate.

"I wonder if this is how Hyuuga's play hard to get," she deliberated with an abundance of anger and aggravation.

Naruto sighed in relief as he exited the business and began his walk out onto the streets, yet it felt like a hole was about to burn into the back of his head.

When he turned around he nearly swallowed his tongue at the sight of a pair of pale, Hyuuga male eyes that appeared rather angry by his guess. Although, he had to admit that Neji always appeared angry with his natural stoic facial expression.

"Uzumaki-san, we need to speak about…," Neji couldn't finish as Naruto almost seemed to vanish as he took off in a sprint toward the training grounds.

The blonde male didn't know exactly what he was up to, because he normally would've tried to talk his way out of trouble. However, with Neji he wasn't sure if he saw anything out of the ordinary about his body. He felt like he had only been at full sprint for a few seconds, but to his relief when he looked back Neji was nowhere to be seen.

Hinata felt like her heart were about to explode with the number and intensity of the shakes she had experienced. She thought it was to be a slow and casual walk back home not a run for their life.

Naruto came to a sudden halt when he faced forward and felt a hand smash into his chest and grab hold of his jacket.

It hadn't been a gentle fist strike by the best he could tell, but the force alone on that specific location was enough to knock all the air out of his lungs. He took a second to recuperate his mental faculties and was shocked to see the same set of pale eyes stare into him.

"Hello, Neji," he offered, although he was certain now if Neji hadn't been furious before, he was now.

Neji looked a bit sweaty from the short run, but he was thankful that Guy's ridiculous practice sessions had made him quite fast.

"Uzumaki, why did you run away from me," he inquired and tightened his grip to emphasize that he wanted an answer.

"Can't say," he partly laughed and felt a rush of relief when Neji released him and decided they could talk like civilized individuals.

"I wished before to speak with you about your personal relationship issues and also the effects it has had on Hinata," he stated and his facial features softened as he mentioned his cousin.

Hinata couldn't help it, but she gasped at the mention of her name and the possibility of a relationship with Naruto.

Neji's ear perked at the gasp, because it sounded like Hinata's voice. He stared about and tried to locate the source and his eyebrow slightly rose as he saw Naruto kept his right hand in his jacket pocket. He knew Naruto for only a few years and he never recalled a time, other than recently, where he kept his hands in a pocket.

"Uzumaki, may I see your right hand," he demanded more than asked and walked toward him

Naruto panicked and started to back up. He couldn't let Neji see Hinata like this and he couldn't exactly fight him off should he decide to use force.

"Why," he asked and didn't back down, which was just in hope that he could intimidate the male.

Neji wore a confused expression at the sudden forceful nature Naruto showed, but it wasn't enough to work on him.

"Show me your hand now, Uzumaki," Neji shouted only inches away from his face.

Naruto felt his blood run cold at the way the Hyuuga yelled at him. Neji was always soft spoken, as all Hyuuga had a power behind their words, even when they were quiet. However, the shout he had given off had almost a desperate rage and fury buried within it.

Naruto couldn't believe what he had decided to do.

Hinata felt her blood run cold as she was withdrawn from his pocket and revealed for her cousin to see.

"Naruto-kun, no," she shrieked in her mind

Neji had to stare wide eyed at the image he was sure had to be some type of illusion. There on Naruto Uzumaki's right hand was a miniature version of Hinata that appeared to have a little dress on that said she loved him. He had to blink a series of times to make sure his eyes weren't about to fail on him.

"Uzumaki, this kind of behavior is disturbing, I figured you wouldn't take after either of your senseis."


Neji looked at the small female and couldn't believe what he heard. Hinata had, only after the Chunin exams, started to call him by that name; but he had made her promise to only do so in private and she hadn't broken that. He moved in closely and couldn't help himself as he began to speak with a puppet.

"Hinata-sama," he offered

"We need to talk," they said in unison.

Neji felt a cinderblock form in his stomach and refuse to be dislodged from his body. They had spoken at the same time and that meant it wasn't a form of ventriloquism.

*One Hour later*

Neji had decided to sit and listen to the entire scenario thus far and couldn't believe what had occurred. In his entire life he could never imagine that such a technique existed, yet he figured that the technique would eventually stop. So it removed the fear of Hinata's death. Although, the predicament they were in seemed problematic from a mission standpoint.

"Neji, I don't know exactly how or what will make the jutsu end."

"Hinata-sama, can you remember any of the things that happened before you were attached to Naruto?"

"No, I just woke up like this after I performed the jutsu."

"Hinata-sama, we need to inform the clan of this matter so that something can be done to help you."

"We can't do that," Naruto interrupted and made the pair look at him in shock.

"Uzumaki, aren't you be concerned for Hinata's well being?"

"Of course I'm concerned, but this isn't my or your decision to make. Hinata should be the one who decides if and who we tell," he looked down at his companion and shared a smile with her.

Hinata felt her heart soar that Naruto wanted to let her decide. She knew that they needed help to undo the state they were in, but she wanted to stay with Naruto.

"Neji, please don't tell anyone about this. I don't want Naruto-kun to get into trouble because of me," she pleaded and was glad to see the look of acceptance on her cousin's face.

"I will accept your decision; however, I will do what I can to help you, if I may," he agreed and decided it was time for him to return to the clan compound with a burden lifted from his shoulders.

"Please make sure to take care of her, Uzumaki," he said as he left the training area.

Naruto and Hinata shared a sigh and gave an exhausted look to each other.

"Let's go home," Naruto said to her as he placed Hinata back in his pocket.