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I could feel the life of my victim slowly being sucked away with each mouthfull of blood I took from her. Her very essance filling me and taming the wild thirst. Her thoughts ran wild through my head as I tried to block them. I drank deeper now her thoughts becoming more hazy until they finally stop. Her last breath leaves her lips and her heart stops never to beat again. When I am sure she is completely drained I pull away and continue on my journey leaving her body in the alley where I found her.

Since I was reborn into this life I have always hunted humans. Whether they be drug dealers or stay at home moms it made no difference to me. They are nothing better than cattle. I had heard of our kind surviving on animals in the north but the idea didnt suit me. Why fight what we are? If we die we go to hell anyway no matter who or what we hunt.

I vaguely remember my human life. I was born Edward Anthony Masen on June 20, 1909. My family live on a large plantation somewhere in the south. When I was seventeen I was walking around our property when I was grabbed and dragged of somwhere thenext thing I know I feel a pinch on my wrist and then I felt fire buring me from the inside out the pain became so bad I held my breath until I finally blacked out. I woked up a couple days later on the outskirts of a small farming town in Oklahoma I was alone and I never found out who changed me.

Now about 80 years later I move from city to city staying in the shadows hunting whenever the thrist takes over. I stay until the police start getting a little to close then I find another large city to claim as my hunting ground. Right now I was headed to Seattle from Chicago. I chose Seattle because with its weather I could go outside in the daytime to blend in more if I needed to. Of course if a human were to stray to close to me they would notice my strange crimson colored eyes. But humans with their primal survival instinct shy away from my kind so that threat is unlikely.

I reached Seattle a little after sundown my senses on high alert I take a deep un-needed breath and I am glad to find no other vampires are in the vicinity. With my throat becoming drier I use my sense of smell to locate my prey and begin my hunt. Let the blood bath begin.

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