So! After many many months i'm finally finishing this story. Thank you to whoever is still reading this and everyone who's supported me with this story! :)

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I never thought I could feel happiness. Pure, amazing, happiness. I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Griffin and smiled at his sleeping form. We were holed up in the deep South, the perfect place to hide as it was mainly swamp and voodoo queens. We lived in a small little cabin on the swamp, far away from people and Paladins. They hadn't bothered us in months. I brushed my hand against Grffin's bullet wound and he smiled in his sleep, and I couldn't help but smile back.

My mind drifted suddenly to David, who was visiting his mother. A growl came out of my mouth before I could help it as I watched her shocked face take him in. She didn't deserve to be his mother, she didn't deserve anything. More then anything I wanted to jump there and slice her throat but I knew David would never forgive me. It was odd... caring about people again. David became a brother to me and one of the only people in the world I could trust. He knew I didn't trust easily and he was honored, still creeped out I could read his thoughts, but honored nevertheless.

Millie was outside of the house, waiting for him to be done. Her simple mind was filled with thoughts of leaving and going to a warmer place, like Malibu. David wouldn't be that stupid though. Florida hosted one of the biggest Paladin lairs in the world. Most major states in America did. She was more of an amusement to me. She knew our secret and kept it, but she was still a very simple mind, and it took her a while to get used to it. Her and Griffin argued like cats and dogs all the time, while me and David watched, greatly amused.

A sigh came from my boyfriends mouth and my mind couldn't help but look into his dream. He was dreaming about the future, and what it held for us. He thought of E.V., and the future he wanted with her. He thought of David and Millie, not sure if he wanted friends still, but I knew they had grown on him.

We were a family, and the only family we had left. I took Griffin's hand in his sleep and smiled, sure of the fact that, if nothing else, I had found what I intended to find. Griffin kissed my hand suddenly and smiled, and for a second I was sure he was a mind reader.

"Me too babe," Was all he said.

Well, thats it! I know, it was incredibly short and annoying. But I needed to finish it, and I really couldn't think of a more fitting ending :) Maybe its because i'm a huge sap.