Chapter 1: Who are you?

It was a year now since Konoka and Setsuna were together and they were happy. Since then, Setsuna was more open and social, but still had a dangerous aura around her if you got too close.

"Ok Secchan, I'll be back later. Gramps wants me to meet him." said Konoka, giving her girlfriend one last hug and kiss before she left.

"See ya Kono-chan." Setsuna laid on their bed, resting her eyes from the late night side-jobs and early morning trainings.

Konoka walked in the cold night, wishing that Setsuna would've joined her, but remembered that Konoemon wanted to meet her privately. After a few minutes, she went into Konoemon's office.

"Ok gramps, why did you call me here?" asked Konoka.

"Just to warn you." Konoemon stroked his beard, "There's something going here and you, especially, need to be carful. I don't know the details, but you'll forget someone that you love dearly."

"That's it? You didn't have to call me out for this!" Konoka turned to leave. "That's it?"

"There's that and a new student coming here tomorrow." Konoka already left before he said anything. "Konoka…I hope that you can still remember Setsuna-kun …."

"Mou! Gramps didn't have to tell me that!" Konoka huffed as she went back to the room that she shared with Setsuna. She couldn't wait to sleep with her warm and comfortable girlfriend. Suddenly, something hit her hard on the head, making Konoka fall unconscious.

By the next morning, Setsuna was worried that Konoka didn't come back from her trip to see her grandfather last night and went looking for her. After a few minutes, she found Konoka lying on the floor.

"Kono-chan!" Setsuna carried her back to the room, waited for her to wake up. Few more hours later, Konoka woke up to a strange room. "Where am I?"

"Kono-chan?" Setsuna sat on the bed, "How're you feeling?"

Konoka backed away from Setsuna, "W-Who're you?!"

"Eh?" Setsuna stared at her in shock, "K-Kono-chan, i-it's me Setsuna."

"Setsuna? I don't know you! Where's Asuna?! Negi-kun!" Konoka tried to get out of bed, but Setsuna had a grip on her hand.

"Hold on Kono-chan! I found you unconscious on the ground earlier!" Setsuna let Konoka go and got up from the bed. "I'll bring Asuna-san here. Just wait here." Setsuna left Konoka alone, and came back with Asuna few minutes later.

"Konoka! You seriously can't remember Setsuna-san?!"

"W-What do you mean 'can't remember?' You always told me to stay away from her!" said Konoka in a confused tone.

"I never told you that!" Asuna grabbed Konoka by the shoulders and shook her, "You don't even remember your own girlfriend!"

"G-Girlfriend?!" Konoka blushed. Setsuna just turned away painfully. "Asuna-san, just leave it. She can't remember me."

"S-Setsuna-san?" Asuna hit her on the head, "That's it?! You're just gonna accept this?!" Asuna grabbed her by the shoulders, "You're just gonna give her up?!"

"What else can I do?!" Setsuna got away from Asuna's grip, "She can't remember me and there might not be anyway to remember me again!" Setsuna fell to her knees, "The least that I can do is not interfere with her life since she completely forgotten me."

"I can't believe you?! So you spent one entire year with her just so that I can hear this BS?! What happened to the Setsuna-san that Konoka knew and loved?!" Asuna was about to hit Setsuna again but Konoka grabbed onto her arm. "Stop it!"

"Fine." Konoka let go of Asuna and knelt down next to Setsuna. "Se…Setsuna-san?" Setsuna looked at her with pain in her eyes. "I'm sorry, but even though you seem familiar to me, I can't remember you."

"Don't worry about it…you can't seem to remember how I saved you before or anything."

"You saved me?" Konoka closed her eyes and thought if she was in trouble and someone saved her. "About four months before I came here…was that you?" Asuna and Setsuna looked at her in shock, she remembered something!

"Yeah Konoka! Setsuna saved you from some thugs and left without a trace! Four months later, you came here just to see her and when you did, you started to go out with her!"

"Woah woah! Asuna-san! That's way too much information to give her right now!" Setsuna blushed.

"Go on." Konoka wanted to know more, and if she did maybe, just maybe, she can remember who Setsuna was to her.

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