Chapter 7: The Explanation

Ayuki woke up about 2 hours later in Kureno's arms. "Midnight!" she suddenly exclaimed, hugging Kureno.

"Quit callin' me that!" Kureno slightly blushed then remembered, "Oh wait, never mind! That one's better!"

"Kureno-kun?" said Konoka, looking at them with sleepy eyes.

"Keep on restin'. I haven't talked to her yet."

Konoka snuggled back into Setsuna's arms and instantly fell asleep as Setsuna kept watch over them.

"You too Setsuna."

"I can't let anything happen to Kono-chan. Can't I listen to you two?" asked Setsuna, holding Konoka protectively.

"Fine, but don't talk until we're done." Setsuna nodded. "Yuki-chan, care to tell me what happened?"

"I don't really remember…last thing that I remember was you Choco-chan and Snowy-chan playing at my house….then there was fire…and…." Ayuki's voice trailed off.

"Ayuki that was over ten years ago." said Kureno.

"What?! That long?!" Ayuki's eyes went wide.

'She doesn't remember?' Kureno shook his head "Is there anything that happened after the fire?"

"Just saw some scary men then huge darkness…that's all. Everything else is all a blank." Ayuki's head went down, "I think that I was in a trance or something…I smell a lot of blood on my hands…"

Kureno pulled Ayuki into a hug and put his head on her shoulder, "It doesn't matter that much anymore…I'm just glad that you're safe and alive."


"Ahem." Setsuna slightly blushed, "Y-You're done right?"

"Yeah. What did you need to know?" Ayuki sat next to Kureno and laid her head on his shoulder.

"First: who is she?"

"Ayuki-jouchan….more like a little sister though." Kureno laughed a bit.

"Second: who or what was controlling her?"

"That I gotta find out and kill those guys." Kureno looked down, muttering to himself, "I have a feeling where this guy is..."

"Third: who is Snowy-chan and Choco-chan?"

"It's a nickname for some other friends….well it was based on the hair color though." Kureno scratched the back of his head, "She has a habit of giving at least 2 nicknames for her friends….or just adds 'chan' to the end of the name even guys."

"Yep! Fate-chan!" smiled Ayuki as Kureno groaned.

"Why does she call you that?" Setsuna raised a brow.

"What does that have to do with this? Never mind, my original name was Fate anyways…I changed it ten years ago after an accident." Kureno had a distant look in his eyes, "After that, everything changed…"


"Shut up Snowy!" Kureno put his hand over his mouth.

"Why'd you call me Snowy?"

"Who's Snowy?" Konoka rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah Midnight, why'd you call her that?"

"Forget it." Kureno got up to leave, "Need anything?"

"Not really. Hey is it safe to leave her here with us?" said Setsuna, not really trusting Ayuki right now.

"Don't worry about." Kureno was half way out the door, "Oh and don't blame her…she's been controlled for the last ten years…"


"Just don't blame her, it wasn't her fault." Kureno left the room, leaving the girls alone.

"Um…Ayuki-san, what's your relationship with him?" asked Setsuna.

"Like he said, we're like siblings and he's a really good big brother." Ayuki blushed a bit. "What are your names?"

"I'm Sakurazaki Setsuna."

"Konoe Konoka! Nee Ayuki-san, you really like Kureno-kun huh?" Konoka gave Ayuki mischievous eyes.

"Eh? I….T-Then what about you and Sakurazaki-san?!" Ayuki blushed furiously, "You've been in her arms since I woke up!"

"T-That's different!" Konoka got out of Setsuna's arms, and held her hand instead.

Ayuki and Konoka got into an argument as Setsuna slipped out of Konoka's grasp to get something to drink.

"They're acting like kids." Setsuna looked over her shoulder and smiled, "But then again, why do I feel like this happened before?" Setsuna put her hand on her head 'So tired…'

Setsuna collapsed on the floor, fast asleep. Konoka heard a 'thump' and looked at the kitchen where Setsuna was sleeping.

"Secchan!" Konoka went to her side and sighed in relief that she wasn't transparent.

"What happened to Sakurazaki-san?" asked Ayuki.

"…She's sleeping…hopefully she won't disappear from me…" Konoka cradled Setsuna's upper body in her arms, "If she disappears, I don't know what I'll do…"

"You really love her huh?"

Konoka blushed, "Yes…but I don't remember her…something made me forget Secchan and if I don't remember everything about her soon, she'll disappear…"

'Make them disappear!' a voice rang in Ayuki's head.

"W-Wha?" Ayuki looked around. Soon darkness filled up the room as Kureno burst into the room.

"I knew it…" Kureno's eyes narrowed, "Sorry, this might hurt a bit! Na sadaru Lotis ran!" Kureno disappeared with Ayuki, Konoka, and Setsuna, "Can't believe that actually worked!"

"You were testing it!?" shouted Konoka, making Setsuna stir a bit, but still asleep. "Where are we? What did you do?!"

"Nothing….just….went to the source of our problems…" Kureno looked around, nothing but darkness. He felt something inside him getting stronger 'Heh heh. Guess I can use my true form here but…never mind everyone should hate me anyways…'

"You failed me! I have no use for you anymore!" shouted a voice, making Ayuki clutch her heart in pain.

"Now…Can we meet you….Mr. Big Shot?" smirked Kureno.

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