A/N: Ok this story takes place after Eclipse, but in the sense that Breaking Dawn never happened.

"Hello," Charlie grumbled from the other end of the receiver.

"Good afternoon Charlie, this is Dr. Carlisle Cullen." Carlisle spoke coating his voice heavily with grief. He stared out the back window into surrounding forest of New Hampshire, and sighed dreading the message he knew he would have to deliver.

"Carlisle? What's wrong is Bella. . . is everything okay?" Charlie knew something was wrong; he hadn't spoken to Carlisle- beside the occasional holiday and birthday card- in five years.

"I'm not quite sure how to start," Carlisle said after a long pause. There was an almost audible click on the other end as Charlie made the connection.

"No," he whispered incredulously, "Please tell me Bella's alright." Charlie's voice cracked on the last word.

"Short and to the point," Carlisle sighed. "No she's not." He waited while Charlie choked back a sob.

"What happened? I want to full story," Charlie demanded futilely trying to keep his voice from quavering.

"There was a car wreck," Carlisle spoke as if delivering well rehearsed lines. "Bella was driving and Edward was in the car. There had been a devastating rainstorm, in progress. They hydroplaned, spun out of control and crashed into a telephone pole. Edward died shortly after impact. Bella was taken to the hospital with many severe injuries to the head and neck. The outlook was not promising. In one of her few conscience moments she requested that, when the time comes, she be buried in Forks." With that Charlie's composure collapsed. "She died in surgery this morning. You don't need to worry about anything we are taking care of all the arrangements for Bella along with Edward's. I know he'd want to be buried alongside his wife." Carlisle let sorrow show clearly in his voice.

Charlie didn't say anything for the rest of the conversation- except for the occasional ragged breath- as Carlisle gave out the proper funeral information.

I lay my head against the wall with my back toward Carlisle. My staggered breathing made icy patches of fog against the back window. Edward rubbed his hand comfortingly on the small of my back. "You knew this day would have to come," he whispered into my ear.

"That doesn't make it any less hard," I sighed. Nothing could have prepared me to hear Charlie like that, broken and worthless, like he had lost the one thing that was worth living for. I knew how he felt.

"I could call Jasper if it would make it better," Edward promised quietly. I turned to look in his eyes- brilliant topaz after last night's hunt- shook my head.

With a quick kiss I ran out the back door. He knew I didn't want to be followed, so Edward watched as I disappeared into the trees. Just to be sure I covered my scent and ran deeper into the overgrowth.

Since, as a human, my mind was blocked from any form of penetration, as a vampire I can do almost the same thing with my physical body. I can shield myself from being perceived by anyone of the five senses (hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight). The most I've learned to do in the past five years is to shelter myself from two, sometimes three, senses at a time.

I finally reached the place I was looking for and stopped. It was a small meadow that Edward and I often went to get away from the rest of his family. It's not quite our meadow back in Forks, but it's ours nonetheless.

I sat lugubriously on a damp, moss covered tree stump and looked across the vista. At the far end was a small waterfall. The water cascaded into a thin brook that ran parallel to me. Bunches of purple lilacs were dispersed throughout the spindly blades of grass swaying in the breeze.

I wrapped my arms around my shins and rested my chin upon my. How could I stand and watch Charlie, Renee, and Phil mourn over my empty coffin when I stood, unscathed, only a few feet away? Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens would be there paying their last respects along with my family and showing newspaper articles of the cataclysmic event- Alice enjoyed totaling the car for the fabricated evidence. It was now, more than ever, that I regretted the increasingly scarce emails to Charlie and Renee. The constant excuses for not visiting were aching in my memory. Renee would plead for hours while Charlie would throw me for a guilt trip and hang up clearly dejected. The phone calls were the most I could give them on a rare occasion. My voice had changed so much I had to practice making it sound rougher and more nasally before I could call. We all knew that the fa├žade couldn't be kept up much longer. Jasper had been hounding me to end it with my parents ever since I was able to control my thirst in public, but I could never bring myself to do it.

After battling with myself for several hours, trying to justify not going back to Forks, Edward came to take me back home. We had to catch the next plane out to Seattle if we wanted to get in at a descent time.

When I got in my clothes had already been graciously packed for me. We grabbed our bags and silently trudged out to the garage.

Besides the occasional whisper from Rose of Emmett, no one talked the entire plane ride. I spent the trip leaning against Edward as he stoked my hair. Now and again he would, ever so lightly, touch his lips to my forehead. I watched to clouds roll by like puffs of smoke. Despite the crossing of time zones, I was still able to see the sunset. As it dropped below the clouds I knew we were approaching our destination and the only thing I could think was that this was going to be a very long week.

A/N: No not very long or very exciting, but I had to introduce the story somehow. In case you didn't get this here are some things to know: this is from Bella's POV, Edward and Bella are married, Bella is a vampire, and they are going to Bella's and Edward's "funeral" to break their ties to Charlie and Renee as it is too hard to keep up the pretext of still going to school at Dartmouth after five years.

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