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Let Me In

Too Little Too Late

"Man, dis dat ol' bullshit!"

"Boy! Hush!"

Thirteen-year-old Huey Freeman rolled his eyes, his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands as he, along with his granddad and eleven-year-old Riley Freeman sat in the cool theatre, along with everyone else who had come out to watch the current performance. Unlike himself, most of them had most likely ventured on their own, excited at the prospect of watching twelve thirteen-year-old girls dance across a stage for an hour and half. He himself had been dragged.

At least they were out of the summer heat, he supposed.

"Boo! Y'all niggas gay! Get off the stage!" Riley bellowed, his hands cupped around his mouth. Granddad smacked him in the back of the head.

"Damn it, boy!"

Huey sighed. Why did he even go out in public with them?

As if offering a response to his rhetorical question his eyes darted down towards the stage, where they singled out one of the thin, tutu wearing girls in the front, one from the center. The stage lights cast a glowing light over her flawless skin, her arms raised over her head and one of her trademark smiles lighting up her face. Huey swallowed.

Ah. That was why.

"You need some culture in your life!" Granddad was still yelling at Riley, ignoring the glances they were getting from everyone around them. "These girls have talent. Unlike you!"

"I hate you!"

"Don't think just because we in public I'll hesitate to beat yo ass! Let one of them call the police on me, I don't care-"

"They're still at it?" Huey's best friend, fellow thirteen-year-old Michael Caesar whispered as he slid into the empty seat on Huey's right, munching on popcorn. He offered Huey the bag. The young radical shook his head.

"No, thanks." He stared forward again. "I wonder when granddad and Riley will realize that their behavior is exactly what the common white man in today's society expect? That when they act that way no one sees them more than ignorant niggas and think they have no future, no prospects, and nothing they want more than the occasional booty call and paper stacks?"

Caesar blinked before popping another handful of popcorn into his mouth. "I don't think they care."

Huey snorted. "They should."

Caesar gave his best friend a knowing glance. "Are you sure that's what's really bothering you?" He asked. "Because you said yourself how they do that all the time. So you might as well be used to it."

"Wow. Thanks."

"Or is it..." Caesar's brown eyes darted towards the stage, where Jazmine was still dancing with the others. "...that you're mad your granddad dragged you here?" Noticing the slight flicker in Huey's eyes he chuckled. "Because I remember a certain Huey Freeman swearing how he'd get over Jazmine this summer."

"Shut up."

"You know," Caesar continued as if Huey hadn't even spoken. "Because, as Huey stated, it would be pretty hard to get through eighth grade when you're in love with your best friend-"

"Shut up!" Huey repeated in a louder, though still hushed tone, punching Caesar in his arm. "I don't love her. She's just..." He trailed off, choosing to turn towards the stage instead.

"Whatever." Caesar faced forward again, coughing into his fist; a strange cough that sounded oddly like "denial". "If you wanna be like that."

The two friends were silent, watching the show, when a sudden poke of Huey's shoulder by a pale finger caused them both to tense.

"Sorry, young man. is kind of in the way and I can't see. Can you move?"

Huey slouched down in his chair as Caesar burst into fresh peals of laughter.

Jazmine DuBois hadn't felt that excited about a performance since, well, ever.

Even though she'd been taking ballet lessons since she was six, she hadn't exactly told anyone about it. Sure, her parents knew. After all, they'd paid for it.

But as for her friends...why would she tell them when all they'd do was laugh? Well, maybe not laugh, but she knew for a fact Riley would just call ballet gay, Caesar would just shake his head, Cindy would roll her eyes and insist that there were better ways to waste time than that, and Huey-

Huey was Huey. he'd just raise his eyebrow at her, ramble on about some negative aspect of ballet, and leave it at that. Those were the reactions she'd expected.

So when the performance she and her friends had been practicing and rehearsing for so long finally ended and they lined up to bow, she was shocked to see Huey, Riley, Caesar, and Cindy standing up with the rest of the audience, who were all giving them an ovation. Not that they didn't deserve it. They'd worked their asses off.

Her parents, she'd anticipated. They came to everything, from her first spelling bee to her first volleyball game. Granddad Freeman, although pretty crazy, was also supportive of her and had jumped at the chance to see her perform the moment her parents had told him about it. But the others?

Yeah, Cindy was sitting a ways away from them, cell phone up to her ear and her head turned in the opposite direction. And Caesar was fighting off Riley's attempts to steal his bag of popcorn.

But Huey...was staring. Straight at her. And clapping.

For her.

Jazmine felt a surge of pride, mixed with some other hidden emotion, well up in her heart. She knew for a fact Huey had been forced to come, but she could tell some part of him was glad for her. And that made her all the more happy to see him.

She knew, deep down, it wasn't right. Falling for your best friend. Falling for the pessimistic, radical, revolutionary best friend, at that. They were so...opposite. She read The baby-sitter's Club for fun and he read the New York times. She watched cartoons, he watched CNN. Everyday to her was a day of possibilities, of growth and never ending change. To him they were all another day in shit-world, USA.

How could someone a mere month older be so different? Didn't he realize how inferior she felt to him sometimes?

"Jazmine! move!" One of her fellow dancers, Alicia, hissed as she poked her in the side. Jazmine's thoughts scattered and she snapped back to reality in time to see the line in front of her moving towards the edge of the stage, towards the back. letting out a small squeak she followed formation, tearing her eyes away from the crowd, and from Huey.

Huey didn't like her. At least, not more than a best friend.

Jazmine sighed. Even though she'd just been on top of the world, her current reality slammed into her, and she felt the previous feel of victory turn into one of defeat.

"Just tell her!"


"Do it!"

"Shut up!"






"Man, shut yo dumbasses up and buy me sum ice cream," Riley cackled, slamming his side into Huey as he walked past, the three boys heading for a concession stand while the judges tallied up the performer's scores. "I'm hungry."

"Me too." Caesar gave Huey a pouty look. "I'm hungry! Feed me!"

Huey rolled his eyes. "No."

"Huey's bitch ass. Always tryin to let people starve." Riley strode up to the concessions counter, slamming a five on the counter. "Aye!" He barked to the startled girl on the other side of the counter. "Don be starin into space! Now get me sum food!" When the girls continued to blink at him, her arm raised protectively in front of her, Riley leaned forward. "Bitch, can you hur?"

"Riley!" Huey dragged him back by his collar, letting go so suddenly he fell back on the linoleum floor beneath them. Stepping forward he sighed, digging in his jeans for his wallet. "Two hot dogs, please."

As he waited for the woman to get his food, he arched an eyebrow as Caesar nudged his shoulder. Turning around to see what his friend wanted now, he happened to stare in the same direction as Caesar. Standing against the opposite wall was a girl who appeared to be their age. A girl who was staring in their direction as well.

Huey looked away, jamming his hands in his pockets. Caesar stared at the girl a moment longer before turning around as well. "looks like you got a fan," He said out of the side of his mouth in a smug voice."

"What?" Huey glanced over his shoulder again; the girl's eyes still hadn't shifted. Quickly averting his gaze, he chose to give Caesar a funny look. "She ain't lookin at me! She's staring at you!"

"Think again." Caesar was grinning from ear to ear now. "As amazingly attractive and handsome as I am, I thought that as well."

"Yeah, right."

"Don't hate!" Caesar reached out for one of the hot dogs that the woman running the concessions was holding out, and Huey took the other. "Seriously though, I ain't the one she's looking at. But hey." he winked. "She is cute."

As if out of thin air thirteen-year-old Cindy McPhearson popped up beside the two, chewing on a piece of gum. "Hey, y'all!" She said brightly before glancing towards the girl as well. Her nose wrinkled. "Why is that girl staring at you, Huey?"

"Ha!" Caesar pointed his finger in huey's face. "Told ya so!"

"Whatever." Huey shrugged. "Let her stare. Not my problem."

The three began to make their way back to the theatre but the girl pushed off the wall, making a beeline for them. Being the first to spot her, Cindy elbowed Caesar, who elbowed Huey in response. Huey groaned.


"Strange girl at nine o' clock," Caesar whispered. Huey's eyes slightly widened at the girl but he stopped regardless, Cindy and Caesar coming to a halt as well. Riley, who had just picked himself up off the floor was stomping in the opposite direction. 'Probably trying to sneak on a bus and go home,' Huey thought to himself before his attentions were once again on the girl in front of them, who had opened her mouth to speak.

"Hi." Her voice, crystal clear and cheerful, was filled with a confident air that even Huey couldn't help but be impressed with. "I didn't mean to stare like that, but I was trying to remember your face." Her lips fell into a relaxed smile. "Huey Freeman, right? From Mrs. Callahan's math class?"

"Yeah..." Huey shifted his feet, Caesar and Cindy standing uncomfortably at his sides as well. It wasn't that she was being rude or annoying, no. She was just so damn gorgeous.

Her skin was a golden color, probably a few shades darker from the summer sun. Her long, raven black hair was straight and fell down her back. Her eyes, a rich hazel color, were locked on Huey's as if she'd never seen anyone more fascinating in her life. But that wasn't what got Huey.

No, what got him were her clothes.

It seemed like a vain thing, but it was true. Clothes were what society used to express themselves or at least emphasize who they wanted to be. And this girl was wearing dark sweatpants, along with a pair of beat up black sneakers and a black t shirt, the collar slightly worn. But the worn collar wasn't the only good part.

No, the best part were the three words that stood out among the black material, worn with age but still prominent none the less:

"Fight the Power".

She didn't try to make a statement with her wardrobe. No, she wore what she wanted because looks weren't a big concern of her's. And that was something Huey Freeman could respect any day.

"And now I'm just standing here like a moron and you don't even know who I am." The girl laughed, her tone airy and light. "You'd think after being new here I'd learn to be better at introductions." She extended a hand. "Maya Johansen. I just moved here in may."

There it was. A vague memory of the girl flashed in huey's mind; she was in his math class, and had actually sat in the usually empty seat behind Jazmine's. She'd been quiet, usually keeping her face hidden beneath her dark curtain of hair or reading a book. Huey had been so absorbed in his classwork that he hadn't even noticed her. Until now.

"Maya, you say?" Caesar cut in, sliding in between the two and shaking the girl's hand. Huey, so preoccupied with his thoughts, had forgotten about it. "I'm Caesar. And this-" he nodded towards Cindy, who was standing slightly to the side, her eyes narrowed. "-is Cindy."

"Hello." Cindy's tone was icier than the air conditioned air around them. Ignoring her Caesar put on a bright smile.

"Would you like to sit with us?" he asked. Maya blushed.

"Well, that's okay-"

"No, I insist!" Caesar glanced over his shoulder towards the stoetic Huey. 'Right, Huey?"

Everyone turned to look at him, and Huey felt the sensation that the entire decision lay in his hands. For something so insignificant, they sure were making it out to be a big deal. She wanted to sit with them, not marry them.

He shrugged, just ready to sit down somewhere so he could eat his hot dog. "Sure."

Maya beamed, falling into step with Huey as they started towards the theatre, her mouth already moving a mile a minute. Caesar began to follow them, but Cindy reached out and tugged him back.

"Ow! What-"

"What the hell is your problem?" Cindy demanded, tugging on the ends of Caesar's dreads, causing him to yelp in pain. "Why would you do that?"

"Do what?" Caesar grunted, jerking away from the livid girl and rubbing his head. "You made me drop my hot dog!"

"That ain't all that's gonna be dropping if you don't go after them and fix this!" Cindy snapped. Caesar sighed.

"Seriously, crazy." He shook his head. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about!" Cindy threw up her hands, her bright blue eyes hardening. "You're trying to set up Huey and Maya!"

Caesar shrugged. "So?"

"So? So-" Cindy slapped a palm against her forehead. "So don't do that! Jazmine likes him! You dumbass!"

Caesar's jaw dropped, and he slowly shook his head. "No..." He bit his lip. "Jazmine doesn't. That's why I said Maya should sit with us. Cause she obviously likes Huey and he needs to stop liking Jazmine and move on because she doesn't-"

"Wait." Cindy held up a hand, her own face scrunched up in disbelief. "Huey likes Jazmine?"

"Yeah!" Caesar scratched his head. "But I don't think Jazmine-"

"Shut up!" Cindy's small hands balled into fists. "Don't you notice anything? Jazmine's liked Huey since he moved here back when we were ten!"

"Then relax." Caesar snorted. "So I introduced Huey to a girl. Who cares? It ain't like he's just gonna choose to listen to me out of the blue and go for someone else."

Cindy sighed. "I guess you're right."

Caesar grinned. "Come on. I'm me." He brushed off his shoulders. "I'm always right."

"You did so well!" Tom DuBois yelled, beaming as Jazmine ran up to him, clutching her second place trophy. "I still think there was a fluke. You deserved first."

"You have to say that." Jazmine let herself sink into her father's embrace. "You're my dad."

"Well I ain't, so I don't gotta lie. That shit was mad wack."


"Well, it was! I mean, dey ain't even have no Weezy!" Riley snorted. "They had to go around playing that ol' classy shit or whatever dey be callin it. That shit put me to sleep."

"Why am I not surprised?" Jazmine remarked dryly, causing everyone in their circle to laugh. Glancing over Caesar, Cindy, and Riley, she straightened. "Where's Huey?"

"Huh? Oh, he..." Caesar scratched at the back of his neck, biting his lip. "Well, he-"

"Go ahead," Cindy pushed, giving him a glare. "Tell her where Huey is."

"Right! Well." Caesar took a deep breath. "He met one of our old classmates from school. Well, we all met her. But I mean, he met her and the awards were over, and she asked him if he liked health food. Which he does. I mean, come on. It's Huey. Which is why i don't get how come he got a hot dog when he don't even like them for real-"

"Caesar!" Cindy barked.

"Yeah! So, he said yes and she invited him to try out this health food place with her...or something like that..."

"And yo. Dat bitch was fine!" Riley cut in, cackling. "She had all that straight hair and those hips and-"

"Okay, Riley."

"And she dressed ratty as hell, but I guess Huey likes girls who dress ratty like he be doin-"

"Riley!" Caesar and Cindy shouted. Granddad, Tom, and Jazmine's mom, Sarah, all stared at them, confusion written all over their faces.

"I don't get it." Granddad's eyebrows knit together. "Huey's got himself a little girlfriend. What's the big deal?"

"She ain't his girl!" Caesar said loudly, a bit too loudly; a few other people stared in their direction. "I mean, he barely knows her," He explained to Jazmine. "It ain't like they doin anything special. Just gettin some food."

Jazmine nodded, although her heart had fell down in the pit of her stomach. "Right." She put on a smile. "What happened to my celebration dinner? I'm hungry!"

"Of course!" Sarah hugged Jazmine. "Red lobster, just like you wanted."

"Ooh! I got the coupons!" Granddad exclaimed.

"I's want me sum biscuits, son!" Riley added. "Hurry y'all asses up! I ain't tryin to take all day!"

"boy, you been askin for it!" Granddad yelled, whipping his belt from his waistband and cracking it like a whip. Riley's eyes widened.

"No! No, granddad! I was just playing- AH! NO!"

"Okay! Honey, let's go get the car. Meet you there, Robert?" Tom hurried before practically shoving his wife and daughter out the theatre doors. They got no reply other than the sound of granddad's belt whistling through the air and Riley's screams. Caesar and Cindy exchanged nervous glances.

"Oh, of course. You're never wrong," She spat before storming out the door as well. Caesar bolted after her.

"Cindy, wait!" He grabbed onto her shoulder, spinning her around. "Come on, get a grip! They're gone on one little date. Huey was just probably being nice!"

"That's all he'd better he doing, Michael Caesar!" Cindy growled. "Because Jazmine's liked him forever and I swear if he starts to like Maya i'm going to beat yo ass for everyday they're together!"

Caesar gulped. "Don't worry," He said, partially just trying to convince himself. "They don't even know each other. So they've got a couple things in common. Who cares?" He gave Cindy a wavering smile. "There's nothing going on."

Cindy sighed. "Fine." Rubbing her temples, she began for the Freeman's car. "You better hope not."

"There isn't." Caesar watched her go, feeling a lump of nervousness rise in his throat. "At least, I don't think so."

It was eleven thirty at night, but Cindy didn't care. Jumping up from her bed she ran over to the other side of her messy room, digging through the built up laundry on the floor until she reached her cell phone. Grabbing it with an inhuman seeming speed she flipped it open, thrusting it up to her ear.


The sound that flooded from her earpiece was a sound Cindy had been dreading; sobbing. Loud, deep, strong sobs that were pulsing from her best friend's throat as she cried her heart out on the phone. Cindy let her eyes close, shaking her head.

"Oh, Jazmine..."

"He-" hic "-has a-" choke "-girlfriend!" Words ceased, replaced by more sobbing. Cindy let out a soft groan, sitting down on the soft carpet and folding her legs underneath her.

"Jazmine, sweetie, calm down. It's alright," She said in a soothing voice.

"H-How?" Jazmine blubbered. "How is it going to be alright?"


"He doesn't just start liking girls out of the blue!" Jazmine wailed. "S-She must've been something s-special-"

"Jazmine, you're special."

"Then why doesn't he l-like me?"

Silence. Cindy sighed, feeling helpless. How could she tell Jazmine that Huey had liked her, but had just thought she didn't like him? How could she convince Jazmine that this was all due to mis-communication?

"Of all the times to listen to Caesar Huey picks now," She muttered. There was another loud sniffle in her ear.


"Okay, listen up." Cindy waited for Jazmine's sobs to subside before continuing. "Caesar and I talked about this before, and this is Huey we're talking about. He and this Maya girl aren't going to last. Middle school flings never do, especially not summer ones. Talk about cheesy."

Jazmine sniffled. "R-really?"

"Really." Cindy smiled, although she knew Jazmine couldn't see it. "Just get some rest. "Don't you have ballet practice tomorrow?"

Another sniffle. "Y-yes."

"Then take your mind off of Huey and focus on that. It'll be okay. I promise."

"You're right." Jazmine gave a nervous laugh. "I feel stupid."

"Hey, you love the boy. You couldn't help it."

"I guess you're right."

"I'm always right." Remembering where she'd heard the same line before she coughed. "Sorry, but can I talk to you tomorrow? I got an important call to make."


After Jazmine hung up the phone (but not before Cindy had reassured her again and again that Huey and Maya wouldn't last) she dialed an all too familiar number. It picked up on the third ring.


"You wait until I see your black ass tomorrow, Caesar!"

"What? Wait! Cindy, Jazmine asked!" Caesar was yelling in a blurred rush. "And Huey had told me earlier when he got home that he'd agreed to go out with Maya! I couldn't lie to her when she asked me-"

"I don't mean that you blockhead!" Cindy growled viciously. "You'd better pray that they break up before I see you again, because didn't I tell you what I'd do to you if this happened?"

There was silence as realization began to dawn on the boy. "Aw shit."

Without another word Cindy slammed her phone shut, tossing it back on the floor and jumping onto her head, screaming into her pillow. Stupid Caesar. he'd messed everything up.

And stupid Huey for deciding to move on.

And stupid Jazmine, for being too much of a wimp to tell him how she felt.

"Idiots!" Cindy yelled, before sitting up and brushing blond strands out of her eyes. "Okay, it's not that big a deal. Like I told Jazmine, it ain't gonna last." She lay back down. "It can't last."

She glanced out her window, staring up into the night sky. "At least I hope not."

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