Rough Waters

By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown, or any of the characters in it.

Warning(s): Homosexual interaction, but not of a sexy nature, simply fluff. Also, a teensy bit of cursing, but even 12-year-olds know the 'f'-word by now, these days, at least if they have parents, so I don't really see any harm in a bit of 'naughty language.'

Jack sat almost entirely still atop the isle rock, doing nothing more than breathing and staring out at the tempestuous sea.

How fortunate: it looked as if a storm was coming, a particularly nasty one. Perhaps the lightning and the wind and the waves would end up killing him and sparing him this pain in his heart.

Ah, that innate melodrama of his, but regardless...

He knew Chase was looking for him by now, probably furious he'd left without a single word, but he didn't care. A wave of dark water crashed against the rock, wetting his pink-tinged tail and causing the cut on his fluke to sting from the salt of it. More than enough of his blood had dripped into the water for the predator to find him already, but 'enough' was only a single drop.

Chase would've tracked him here from miles away with only that to go on.

And speak of the devil as big hands gripped his shoulders, a familiar mouth closing on his throat and nipping at his pale flesh with those razor-sharp teeth.

"Stop biting me," he demanded, but with a subdued tone, "I'm not prey, you bastard."

"Of course not," the shark replied, "I would never devour you, my little dolphin. You are far too pretty to waste your beauty as dinner. My lips and teeth are merely my sixth sense; I enjoy feeling the electrical charges in your body, particularly the beating of your heart."

"Oh, is it still beating?" the albino sourly questioned, "I'd thought for sure you'd broken it."

Chase went still behind him, and this made Jack admittedly nervous; the last time he'd gone this still, he had shifted into his true form.

As they were supposed to be extinct, the dolphin had never seen a megalodon before, and so actually being within a few feet of such a huge, dangerous predator, when it was angry, no less, was downright terrifying.

While he wasn't feeling amiable towards his lover at the moment, he wasn't so stupid as to want to risk another threatening by the creature whose sole diet was whales, other sharks, and dolphins.

"And what is it you mean by that, Spicer?" came the cold demand, "Is there something you'd like to say?"

"I..." he had to be careful with his words in order to get his point across without warranting a visit from the sixty-plus-foot moster-shark by pushing the megalodon's temper too far, "I hate that you won't even try to give the remote impression that you care about me. I hate having the constant feeling that I'm just a toy to you, and that when I get boring, I will end up as dinner. I just...I don't think its fair that you get to own my heart and you won't even fake some affection for me in return."

"You could not be further from the truth." Chase growled at him, thankfully not making any move to transform and intimidate him into shutting up and never mentioning this topic again, "You think because I don't nuzzle you, pose for you, court you as a dolphin would that I don't care about you? That will not happen. It is not in my blood. I am not a dolphin and will never court you like one because I am a shark and that is not what I know." Arms coiled tightly around his slender body, holding him firmly in place. "What I do know is how to provide for you, how to make sure you never go hungry, how to keep you safe from predators, and how to satisfy and please you. Spicer, what I know is how to make you my everything."

The far younger mer froze in his lover's grip at these words, heart in his throat, but the shark wasn't done yet. "Would you like to know why I am the last of my kind?"

Helplessly, Jack nodded.

"Very well, then. As most problems are caused, it was the fault of an extremely attractive female. You see, mating season tends to make us stupid, and it seemed that every last male wanted the highly-desirable female, and this is what ended up dooming our race just as Paris foolishly began the Trojan war because he thought with his genitals instead of his head. Regardless, a fight ensued to win the right to mate with the beautiful female. Do you know who won?"

"Wh-who?" the albino queried softly.

"No one," Chase answered, "every single one of them ended up killing each other over something as trivial as sex. I was the only male left. The females all begged and pleaded with me to mate with them, to save our species, but I refused. It wasn't long after that I was offered immortality, and the rest, as they say, is history. But do you understand the point I am making? I would rather condemn my own species to extinction than take a mate I did not want. Do you see the truth now, Spicer?"

"Yeah," the young dolphin answered stunned, leaning back into his lover's embrace, "yeah, I do."

Chase was comparing the albino's worth to every fellow megalodon that had ever been...

...and Jack meant more.

"Chase...I love you. I...I'm sorry I doubted you."

"Its alright, mate," the shark purred, yanking the slender body further up onto the rock in order to bring his tail close enough to examine the bleeding cut on his fluke, "I pride myself on being rather complex for a 'mindless killer'; I shouldn't have assumed you would know. How did you get this?"

"Oh," Jack blushed, mortified, "a swordfish jumped out of the water, like, an hour ago and sorta...nicked it..."

Chase laughed at this, ruffling the dolphin's white hair. "You are an impossible dork, Spicer; that sort of thing could only happen to you, though I'm glad it did: it helped me find you all the sooner."

"I'm glad, too," the albino admitted, showing affection his way by half-turning and nuzzling a strong, tan shoulder, "I guess those rotten, little fuckers are good for something after all." He'd never been a fan of swordfish, but the recent incident had not helped their case in the least.

"Come," the shark commanded, slipping back into the water, "it isn't safe to be above the surface during a storm."

Jack grinned, feeling a lot better than he had before as he slid down the side of the isle rock, splashing into the sea before moving back into the comforting embrace of his lover's arms. "Let's go home, then."

"Oh, and Spicer?" The dolphin's ears perked and he gave the megalodon a curious look. "You've no need for false affection in exchange for giving me your heart; I've already given you mine as payment."

As corny as it sounded, as he was pulled underwater by his mate and they began heading towards their shared dwelling, Jack's body may have been swimming in the depths of the ocean, but his soul was soaring high above the clouds.

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