A Second Gathering

By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown, or any of the characters in it.

Warning(s): Sexual implication, homosexuality, fluff, fluff, and more fluff.


"I can't believe you turned down the invite."

"I'm surprised they'd invite me after the fiasco at the Dolphin Gathering," Jack shrugged, "but, eh….I don't really want to get involved in what they're doing."

Chase smirked. "And here I was, thinking you a typical social member of your species who could not possibly want to segregate himself from the rest of his clan!"

"Honestly," the dolphin-mer said, "I might've been like that if I'd grown up normal, but instead, I popped out pink and mom wanted very little to do with me; same as everybody else in the pod." Jack sat up, nuzzling against his mate and lover. "I'm actually glad things happened like that, though: if I hadn't gotten used to relative isolation, I'd have hated you for killing my family or, barring that, I'd get lonely with just you for company and we'd never work."

The Megalodon's grin broadened and he happily nuzzled back. "Thank the gods that we do, indeed, 'work,' then."

Jack truly loved this; being the one and only recipient of Chase's affection. Perhaps it was just some sappy, fairytale notion that'd slipped into his head at some point, but with the shark-mer, things felt…real. Jack was comfortable with him and he could honestly picture spending quite a lot of time, maybe even forever with Chase.

For a dolphin, to whom monogamy had always seemed a strange and foreign concept, this was quite the huge deal and it was the main reason he'd accepted Chase's marriage proposal.

Unbidden, his hand went to his chest where the black pearl rested, the cord now replaced with a less-easily broken chain.

The physical token of their engagement was a real source of assurance to the dolphin, even if he wasn't quite sure why.

Chase, of course, noticed the motion of Jack's hand. "We've never had a formal ceremony," he murmured against the younger mer's neck. "Would you like one, Jack?"

Jack considered it briefly, but soon shook his head. "Nah," he decided, "I don't need to ceremony to tell me we're mates: we both know that. Besides," the dolphin quipped, "I wouldn't know who to invite!"

The shark snorted in amusement and resumed cuddling with his lover when a thought occurred to him. "Just what are your fellow cetaceans up to that you've no wish to be a part of, anyway?"

"Oh," Jack shrugged, "it's just a war-gathering. Basically, thousands of dolphins are gonna group together in superpods and train for battle. They've been talking about waging a campaign against humans soon, but I'm just not feeling it. Humans are my main source of entertainment!" He snuggled closer to his mate. "Why would I want to go to war, anyway? I've got a dead-sexy husband to copulate furiously with here at home."

"Furious copulation?" Chase echoed, sliding his cool, grey tail up against Jack's warm, pink one suggestively. "How strange, I was just thinking of that…"

Jack smiled mischievously, rubbing back. "That is weird," he agreed. "It must be a sign."

Miles and miles away, while a massive superpod of dolphins began battle exercises in preparation for the day the war would begin, a single albino dolphin remained at home, showing his beloved Megalodon just how deeply he was adored.


A/N: Another installment to the MerChack saga! :D

Well, anyways, the story behind this one was that Silvarbelle wasn't having the best of days back around Christmastime and I, knowing that she likes MerChack, decided to write her a little drabble of it to cheer her up!

I'm only just now getting around to posting it because where I am, it's not yet the new year and I figured this little oneshot could be considered my small gift to my fans. :)

And so, to all who have already rung in the New Year: congratulations! From my perspective, you are in THE FUTURE! XD

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