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Chapter One: Insane

Susan stared out of the foggy train window, listening to all of the screaming children, crying mothers, and Edmund's extremely loud snoring. She kicked Edmund hard in the leg. He jerked up and moaned, "Hey! What was that for?"

"Stop snoring."

He shot her evil look, and fell back to sleep, snoring less audibly this time. She focused her attention out to a small girl with short brown hair. She was holding a boarding ticket and a few tears were rolling down her pink cheeks. In her other hand, she gripped her mother's—quite firmly—and watched her mother kiss and hug a boy about Susan's own age.

The boy was tall, blonde, and charming. She noticed how gentle he was with his mother and sister, how he was reassuring his mother that everything was going to be alright, and that he'd take care of his sister. He picked up his sister and started walking to the train. Susan thought that their mother was having some sort of attack, because she was jerking around, flinging her arms everywhere, and wailing hysterically. Another woman standing close by grabbed her arms and walked her away, leaving a horror-struck little girl, and a sad looking young boy. A tear trickled down Susan's cheek. If only mum loved us as much. She basically pushed us on the train.

She glanced over at Edmund and noticed that he started snoring again. Rolling her eyes, she rustled around for her bag and pulled out her crossword and a pencil. Madness. I need another word for madness, and the letters are I—blank—blank—A—blank—E. She scrunched up her face in concentration, and never noticed the tall, blonde boy gazing down at her with a slight smirk on his face, for he used to love crosswords.

Just as he was about to ask her if he and his sister could share this compartment with them; she screamed, "Insane!" Then she hurriedly scribbled down the word on the sheet of paper.

"Well, I would have to agree with that. Did you see some of those women out there?" Susan looked up frightened and saw the same boy and girl she was looking at before. The girl was laughing, and the boy had a big smile plastered on his face. She could feel the redness creeping up to her cheeks and cleared her throat.

"Yeah." She replied shyly.

"Can we share this compartment?" He asked, and as if he needed an excuse, added; "The rest were full."

"Oh, of course." She moved her bag off the seat, and kicked Edmund's off his. The little girl sat next to Susan, and she couldn't help but be a little disappointed. The boy sat down diagonally from her, and was squished up against the opposite wall, for Edmund was taking up most of the seat. Susan reddened again because he was still snoring. She gently tapped Edmund, "Ed, wake up. You need to make more room."

Edmund shifted and mumbled what sounded like, "Mmyoucantmakemee." Susan opened her mouth, wondering how anyone could be so incredibly annoying.

"It's fine, don't worry about it."

Smiling, Susan glanced up at his face. He had green-blue eyes, and they were so full of something that was unreadable to her. His features were soft, but noticeable, and it seemed to her that he was trying to grow up too fast. But we all have to in these times.

"I'm Peter, Peter Pevensie." He said, shaking her from her thoughts. "And this is my sister—"

"—I'm Lucy, and I am perfectly capable of giving my own introduction, thank you Peter."

"Sorry Lu."

Susan smiled. She was so grown up and outgoing. "I'm Susan Evans, and this is my brother Edmund."

As if awakened by hearing his name, Edmund slowly sat up and looked around. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at Peter and asked rudely, "Who are you and why are you sitting with me?"

Peter looked unsure of what to say to this, normally people weren't that rude and blunt, but Susan quickly said, "This is Peter Pevensie and his sister Lucy Pevensie. There was no room in the other compartments, so they've joined us. And thank you for being so kind and polite to them Ed, I'm sure they appreciated it." The last statement was full of sarcasm and Edmund glared at his sister with such force, Susan thought he was going to fart or something.

She looked up at Peter's smirk and saw him mouth "Thank you" to her.

Yawning and stretching, Edmund asked; "Where are you two from anyway?"

"We're from London!" Lucy exclaimed excitedly.

Edmund rolled his eyes at her enthusiasm. There was a long pause, when everyone was unsure of what to do, so Lucy pulled out a small book and started reading, Peter took out a journal and started writing, Edmund fell back to sleep, and Susan worked on her crossword some more.

After about a half hour, she looked up to find Peter reading and Lucy fast asleep. Peter looked up from his book and locked eyes with Susan's blue ones. They stared at each other for about three seconds before they got embarrassed and looked down once more. Peter, after awhile was too bored to not say something, so he asked her, "Where are you going to?"

Susan fumbled with the tag around her neck and looked down. She said uncertainly, "Um, to Professor Kirk. How about you?"

"I don't believe it! We're going to Professor Kirk too." They both smiled, glad that there was going to be more time together and blushed.

After another long pause, Peter pulled out his journal again. "What are you writing? Is that a journal?"

Blushing slightly Peter said, "Uh, yeah it is."

"That's really cool that you do that. I don't think I'd be able to."

"Why not? All you have to do is write what you feel, and what's happening."

"Yes, but I can't express that…it's impossible."

"I highly doubt that a person who does crosswords wouldn't know how to express themselves, you must know billions of words!"

Susan laughed. "You make me sound so brilliant," then she added hopefully as a joke , "I only know a million and one."

They both laughed, and the subject died down when Lucy woke up from the train stopping. "This must be our stop." Peter said, standing up.

Susan lightly ruffled Edmund's hair, not really caring if he got out of the smelly trian or not. Soon, he pulled himself out of the deep green seat to drag his trunk out, with what seemed to be much effort. "Here, let me take that for you." Edmund sighed and handed Peter his trunk. Susan glanced up at Peter's face to see he hadn't been talking to Edmund at all, he'd been talking to her!

Susan held out her brown trunk, and muttered a shy "Thanks" to the tall boy grinning at her, then smirked at Edmund in victory. Poor, poor Edmund; it looked like his little shows weren't going to work around here. She sighed, this was going to be one hell of an experience.

When they pulled up to the "house" they were staying in, Susan was in too much awe to move. That was no house, that was a freaking mansion! She would get lost in there, she knew it. She would get lost, and no one would find her, and she'd have to spend her summer all alone in some forbidden chamber of the beautiful, but spooky place.

"Well child get a move on! You can't just expect me to carryyou into the house!" Mrs. Macready howled at her. She felt agian the coldness the woman showed toward them. How wonderful this was going to be.

Peter smiled, lending her a hand which she reluctantly took. Her stomach did flips when he held it, it was like her heart stopped a moment, and her voice caught in her throat. She'd never felt anything like it. Not even when John had plucked up the courage to kiss her last year, in front of the whole school. This was different, and yet it only lasted a few seconds for him to pull her to her feet. The rush left soon after, and she was very disappointed for it to leave.

She watched Peter's face carefully, looking for some trace of shock there too, but was crushed to find there was none. Maybe nothing interesting would happen here, and it would be like the normal, plain places mother took them to other summers...

...How wrong she was.

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