Long Distance Romance

Long Distance Romance.

Summary: Bella and Edward are in a long distance relationship. Bella lives in Forks, and Edward lives in Portland, Oregon. ALL HUMAN.


Bella was lying in bed crying her heart out. She had just found out that she wouldn't be able to see her boyfriend, Edward, anytime soon. Edward lived in Portland, Oregon, while Bella lived in Forks, Washington. They hadn't seen each other in months and her father, Charlie, finally agreed to let her drive down to see him. But of course, things didn't go as planned. Charlie decided last minute to make her stay home.

So here she was, lying in bed crying, trying to figure out how to tell Edward. She knew he would be upset.

After about 20 minutes of thinking, she grabbed the phone and dialed his number. After about three rings he answered the phone.

"Hey!" He said happily knowing who it was.

"Hi." Bella mumbled back to him.

"What's wrong, love?" Edward instantly knew something was wrong.

Bella took a deep breath and thought for a moment,

"IcantseeyoutomorrowCharliechangedhismindandnowIfeelterribleandImissyousomuch," she quickly told him.

Edward paused for a moment, trying to understand what she said. "Wait?! What! Why did he change his mind? Does he realize how long its been since we have seen each other?"

"I'm not sureā€¦ he just told I can't go." Bella felt the tears in her eyes again, and she tired to blink them away.

"Well, its okay, love. None of this is your fault. I'm not sure when we'll see each other, but it will all work out," He sighed softly, "You should try to get some sleep, call me when you wake up."

"Okay, I love you and goodnight, Hun," Bella said before hanging up the phone.

That night she cried herself to sleep.

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That was the last time I ever saw her-
through a shop window, sleeves to her elbows.
I walked past and kept on walking
and lit a smoke with my hands shaking.