Done for kinkfest on IJ.

Title: Getting Attention
Wordcount: 497
Rating: PG
Prompt: Tales of Symphonia - Zelos/Raine - tickling - "the one way he could actually make her laugh"
A/N: Hooray for my first Tales of Symphonia piece! And an odd one it is, too...

Oh would you look at these ruins? Incredible! The style of these arches is so intricate…

She frustrated him to no end.

Zelos could attract attention from any woman with a minimal amount of effort. Girls followed him, giggled at his jokes, gave him presents. He had known some to swoon when he simply walked into a room. Of course, sometimes they slapped him, but that was attention, right?

And these markings! Wow, I've never seen markings like this before!

That is to say, he could attract attention from any woman except Raine. Even tougher cases in the past could be broken in with jokes and witty comments, but not her. He knew he still came up with things that were funny because he would hear Collette giggle. Shiina would usually groan, but that was to be expected. But Raine, she returned his wit with a blank stare. It wasn't that he was especially attracted to her; truth be told, she wasn't his type (in as much as he had one). And it wasn't that she never laughed. She did, on occasion, but never at his provocation, and it was beginning to drive him up the wall.

Hmm, they could only be… Zelos, what are you doing?

It was thus that a stray feather on the ground had managed to tempt Zelos to a level of slight insanity. With a smug smirk, he scooped it up from the ground and delicately touched the tip of it to Raine's ear, then her cheek, then her neck. Raine looked utterly perplexed, but Zelos knew exactly what he was doing. If there was one thing that never failed to make someone laugh, it was tickling that person with a feather, and a small quirk at the edge of Raine's mouth was telltale sign that she was no exception.

"What in the… hah." The little twitch of her lips broke into a full smile as the feather wiggled over the back of her neck. "Ah, hahah, Zelos what in the world? Stop it, ahah." Zelos smiled charmingly back at her.

"I knew I would make you laugh one of these days," he commented, lightening up on the tickling a bit now that he had accomplished his goal. Unfortunately for him,

"Ooof!" Apparently in that second of lightening up, Raine had managed to compose herself enough to deliver a strong enough kick to knock Zelos off his feet. And knock the wind out of him. That was something he had forgotten about Raine; she was dangerous. At that moment, she peered down at him, one hand on her hip and one rubbing her neck where the feather had just been.

"If you want to make me laugh, tell a good joke for once," she told him, then returned to her previous preoccupation with the ruins.

Pushing himself back to his feet, Zelos chuckled quietly to himself. Alright, so that hadn't gone exactly as he had planned. But, well, it was attention, right?