Title: Pillow Cases

Characters/Pairings: Fran/Balthier

Rating/Warnings: PG

Wordcount: 403

Other: Written for threewalls' request of Fran and Balthier, "Two of us."

Common, day-to-day chores on the Strahl were always a hassle. True, Fran never minded the technical things, the constant mechanical maintenance that an airship required, but it was the other things, like washing and changing sheets on the beds, that she found simply tiresome. Nevertheless, they were things that had to be done and in that case, she would rather focus on the task and get it over with as quickly as possible.

That plan would be easier to accomplish if a certain pirate companion of hers wasn't wrapped around her waist and making a highly intent effort at distracting her. Sighing, she set down a pillowcase that she would never get on to a pillow like this and gave a sharp look at the man who, while certainly nice to cuddle, was presently making her life difficult.

"What?" he responded, though a small impish smile betrayed his amusement at bothering her. She continued to glare at him.

"There is no one here but the two of us, nor is there going to be, so would you please just give me a chance to finish this task?" Balthier seemed to respond to the words, losing the smile and backing away slightly, but quickly changed his mind and flopped toward the bed, pulling her onto his lap.

"But you're so snuggleable," he rebutted, clearly amused. Fran sighed. Normally, she would be enjoying this immensely, but at the moment there were pillows cases to attend to, and if she didn't do so, there would continue to not be pillow cases probably for the next few days. Fran could only work herself into a chore-doing mindset so often. But it was clear that Balthier was not going to let her go, and she was slowly giving in to temptation, so the only thing to do was give up.

"Oh fine," she muttered in a tone of annoyance that was half real and half joking and pressed her lips into his. Almost immediately, Balthier's solid grip on her began to relax as he melted into the kiss and fell slowly backward onto the bed. When their lips parted, Fran could see that Balthier had effectively turned into a happy little puddle, and while he'd be begging for more soon enough, he would be perfectly content to just lie there for a few seconds, anyway.

With a self-satisfied smile, Fran returned to the business of the pillow cases.