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Remy had seen his share of stars. From the blurry barely there stars of the big city to the intense mind blowing scattering that could only be seen in the most distant places. He'd never seen them quiet like this before though, laying back in the grass, dressed only in jeans watching the sun slip low as the air around cooled and one by one the bright lights twinkled to life. The moon shone in a sharp and perfect semi-circle.

Gambit sighed in satisfaction, his hands behind his head as he watched the sky, slowly identifying constellation as more and more stars appeared. He shivered slightly as a soft breeze brushed over him, cooling his sun kissed skin. The darkening night was filling with sounds. The various chirps, squeaks, and shrieks of nocturnal life rising with each passing breath, creating a soothing white noise broken only by the slam of a screen door.

"What ya doin out here Gumbo?" Logan asked gruffly, standing beside the relaxing Cajun.

"Not'in much. Jus enjoin' de view. Don' t'ink I'll get de chance ag'in," Gambit said quietly, watching a bat swoop across the speckled sky.

"Course ya will Cajun. Ain't like we got anywhere else to be."

Remy smiled and shifted to look up at the older man, his red on black eyes glowing softly in the dark. "Join me?" he asked sweetly.

Logan stared down at the slim mutant for a moment before shaking his head as he flopped down next to the Cajun. "We're gonna get ate up with ticks if we lay here to long," he grumbled.

"Jus gives y' a reason to strip me down."


"Je t'aime Logan."

"Je t'aime aussi."