Have another story; this one is about what used to be the Fabulous Five. It's a fanfic on the Fabulous Five series by Betsy Haynes and this is when they're sophomores in college. The year is 2002 to 2004 and several characters are involved in a HUGE scandal at Connecticut U., including Jana Morgan, Randy Kirwan, Keith Masterson, Sara Sawyer and Melanie Edwards.

I sprinkle in a bit of the BSC characters in the beginning and in addition, Logan Bruno, as you may have read in some of my BSC high school stories, is now hanging out with Melanie Edwards and gets involved in this messy scandal too.

The usual disclaimers: Fab Five fans, any character that's familiar to you is Betsy Haynes, not the current author's. Ditto for BSC characters...Logan belongs to Ann Martin, not to the current author. Sooo, let the games begin!

Homecoming Scandal



1: Prologue


I love skiing. I was becoming a pro enough to try to high risky slopes. I was a bit disappointed that my long-time girlfriend Jana Morgan had gone in so early.

I thought she liked skiing as much as I did, but apparently she didn't because once we got out here this morning, she complained about the slipperiness of the slope and that her ankles hurt and the cold, then said that she hated having chilly, dry wind blowing in her face and blotching up her face.

She wasn't that proficient at the skis, so I had to hold her arm a few times. She'd fallen once backward and I'd slid down with her and had laughed, but she didn't find it funny. Finally, we fell on our faces at the bottom of the hill and got snow all in our collars and Jana really hated that and said she was going inside.

I got the feeling her mood was getting worse by the minute, so I let her go. Oh, well, those are the breaks. Jana's never been much of an athlete, so I really wasn't that surprised.

I didn't see anyone else I knew; Melanie Edwards and Logan Bruno had gone home to Bridgeport for the long weekend to their parents.

Things at Connecticut U. were going great. Jana and I were the most popular couple on campus. Last fall, I'd been voted Mr. Quarterback. Melanie had been the Homecoming Queen while Jana had won the Ms. Connecticut U. title.

And Logan, who's not one of my favorite people, won the Mr. Linebacker title. But a bunch of us cool kids hang out together...Jana, Melanie, Logan, Sara Sawyer, Matt Zeboski, Keith Masterson, Derek Travelstead, Tammy Lucero, Gene Actbin, and several others and I hang out together and socialize every weekend.

I got off the gondola and as I started down the steep hill, I finally spotted someone who looked vaguely familiar. Someone from Burkeview High, where we'd graduated from almost two years ago? I wondered.

Once we both reached the bottom of the hill, she bumped into me and apologized as her hood slid down. Bits of snow clung to her dark, dark hair. Oh...it was Mary Anne Spier, who used to go to Stoneybrook High. Gross.

She was one of the biggest nerds I'd ever met, almost as bad as Curtis Trowbridge had been. Thank the stars neither one of them go to Connecticut U. as far as I know.

"Ex-eck-scuse me..." Mary Anne's large brown eyes widened and she moved away fast. I know she's not fond of me either.

"Heeeeey, Mary Anne!" another voice called. I then saw another of her friends, Kristy, I think her last name was Tomlin? No, it was Thomas, who was another strange one; she was really tomboyish and I could see that when Mary Anne came over to her, that Kristy hadn't changed even though we're all college sophomores now.

Did they go to college in upstate New York or Vermont around here? I wondered as I watched them laugh and fool around with snowballs. Bizarre seeing them here of all places.

Then I saw another familiar person and I realized that it was Mona Vaughn, who used to go to Burkeview until eleventh grade. Then she'd transferred to Stoneybrook High and I'd heard she's been buddies with Kristy and Mary Anne and that baby-sitting bunch that they'd had back in high school.

"So..." I asked the girl who was standing by me in the snack bar later that afternoon. "What's your name again?"

"Cokie Mason," the girl pouted up her pink lips. She really was pretty and almost as flirtatious as Melanie Edwards. We moved through the line and got our food, then sat.

Cokie told me that she'd gone to SHS, but had dropped out after junior year. "...that school really sucked," she finished with a disgusted sigh. "We had a crappy principal and rotten teachers." I laughed.

"At Burkeview, most of our teachers were lame too," I told her. She wasn't in college, of course, but still lived in Stoneybrook with her parents and was working at Washington Mall at a clothing boutique. She'd come here for the weekend with a group of friends.

As we talked, I remembered Mr. Brooke, the battle-ax of Burkeview's principal, who'd blamed Jana and me for an incident in May of eleventh grade where some kids caused trouble at a baseball game at Stoneybrook High and I'd tried to protect Jana, but somehow, Brooke busted and blamed us and lumped us together with troublemakers like Keith Masterson and Matt Zeboski.

To make matters worse, Logan and Melanie had been involved, but had fled the scene, then were too chicken to stick up for us. Melanie and Jana had gotten into a humongous fight over that and stopped speaking for several months.

He'd ruined my senior year of high school by getting me kicked off the football team. The others were booted off teams, but most of them had deserved it. Well, good riddance to that.

I was here at Connecticut U. with a real shot at being a college quarterback. I was sooo glad to be away from that weasel of an excuse of a principal.

A day later...

Cokie leaned closer to me on the couch in the ski lodge as the sky slowly faded into darkness. I had to admit, she was hard to resist, but I made sure not to get too close to her and thank God Jana hadn't seen Cokie flirting with me or she'd have Cokie's neck!

Maybe it was a good thing that the door opened then, but I still hoped it wasn't Jana. It wasn't because whoever it was was moving very quietly as if they were trying to avoid being heard.

"Ohhhh, Mary Anne," Cokie's blue eyes widened, then her mouth curled into a sneer. "Randy, look at what the cat dragged in..."

I looked up and sure enough, there was Mary Anne, looking like her last friend had died and skulking toward the stairs. In fact, her eyes were really red and swollen as if she'd been crying for hours.

"Ohh, god...damn..." she muttered under her breath, apparently even more upset that we'd seen her. Cokie and I snickered.

"What's the matter?" I asked her. "Lost your place in a book?"

"None of your business, Randy..." Mary Anne muttered, fresh tears welling in her eyes, her brows slanting.

"Ooooh, it's none of our business," Cokie snickered and she and I cracked up again.


I was still looking for Randy by early evening. I needed his help with some of the dance decorations for the dance that was being held in the main lodge.

I finally headed back to our own lodge. Sure enough, I heard laughing inside and recognized Randy's laugh.

I heard another voice, a girl's laugh and hoped that it wasn't that ditzy flirt, Cookie Manson or something flirting with him again. Honestly, that girl doesn't know how to keep her hands and her eyes to herself. On top of that, she's always giving me these snotty little looks.

"Randy..." I called, coming in. "Randy, I need you for..." I stopped right in the living room when sure enough, Cookie or Candy or whatever her ridiculous name was, fell from the couch onto the floor...from MY boyfriend's lap!

"What are you doing here?" I demanded, glaring at her, then narrowing my gray-blue eyes at her. She glared back, then lowered her powder-blue eyes at me in disdain.

"Nothing much," Randy told me, moving over to the chair, then helping Cookie or Candy up. I fought back a furious wave of jealousy and told myself that Randy's naturally very helpful. That's when I noticed someone moving toward the stairs. Mary Anne Spier. Oh.

Randy had mentioned that she and a couple of friends were staying here also. I didn't know she knew how to ski. She's so mousy, weirdly bohemian, and bookish.

Mary Anne glanced at me, then at Randy and Cookie fearfully. I saw that her eyes were really red and shadowed and that her hands were shaking. Her mouth opened, then quivered for a second, then without a word, she slipped upstairs.

I briefly wondered what her problem was, then turned back to Randy and told him that I needed his help with the decorations, ignoring Cookie...or whatever her name was.

"Hey, Cokie, you want to join us?" Randy asked. I shot Cokie a dirty look, then one at Randy also. He was kind of pushing it because he knows how I feel about Cokie.

Upstairs, I heard a door close, then a kind of gasp from one of the rooms and knew that it was Mary Anne crying again. That girl cries at the drop of a hat.

"No thank you..." Cokie apparently got my message, because she gave me one last scornful look, then headed up to her room. Randy and I headed out toward the main lodge.

"So...lucky you to run into Mary Anne Spier AND Cokie," I rolled my eyes. "So, what was Mary Anne's problem this time?"

"I dunno," Randy shrugged. "When Cokie and I were talking, she came in all upset and when she saw us, she cursed under her breath, I guess not happy to see us there, then I asked her what was wrong, she muttered None of your business. She looked like somebody died or something and when you came in, she was just about to start bawling again."

"Man, I have never seen a woman cry as much as that Mary Anne does," I shook my head and we both laughed. "I'm surprised she hasn't dehydrated herself."

"Maybe she has to drink a ton of water a day under doctor's orders to keep herself stocked in her waterworks supply," Randy quipped and we both laughed again.

Randy has such a great sense of humor and even though I was still a bit jealous of the sight of him sitting with Cokie, who is, much as I hate to admit it, pretty, I knew it was me that he REALLY loved. Randy likes a lot of people as just friends and a lot of those people happen to be girls.

Unfortunately, it's tough on me when those girls flirt with Randy. Oh, well, it's something I'll just have to get used to especially since Randy and I plan to get married as soon as we're through with college.