Zack still sad about Maddie leaving The Tipton. That was five years ago. She still talks to Mr. Mosey once while like text messages, e-mails, and more. But last month it all stops. Nobody talks to the 21 years old for a month. But Zack wouldn't go to college. Until he find Maddie. On the day he start his search

"You sure you doing this?" 18 years old Cody said Zack's twin

"Yes, I have to do this!" Zack said

"Ok" Cody said

Zack leaves get in his blue mustang Convertible. And dives to Maddie's collage. Harvard. She was studying the law. He Park in visitor's parking. He gets out the car. He walks to Min Office. He walks to the desk. The lady at the desk said "How can I help you?" "Yeah you can. Where is Stephanie Marshall?" Zack asked. "Oh she is at the dorms lobby." The lady said. "Thank you" Zack said. Zack walk to dorm's lobby. He opens the front door and saw Stephanie with some friends. "Hey Steph" he said Stephanie turns around and said "ZACK "and runs to him and hugs him

"What you doing here?" she asked

"I here to find Maddie she stop write to everyone what happened?" he said

"Maddie is missing for two weeks now." Steph said

"What?! How?! "

"She went to hers boyfriend's house and didn't come back since."

Review – Dasey 4 ever 3